Tn rescuers tell 5-year-old that he was trapped in a pool for several hours. Please hurry to get me out!

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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The Franklin Fire Department Has a New Swimming Pool

The Franklin Fire Department has a new swimming pool‚ but safety is still a top priority. On Tuesday afternoon‚ a five-year-old Chapel Hill boy's hand became trapped in a jet in the swimming pool. It took hours for firefighters to free him. A fire chief attributed the lengthy rescue operation to the boy's age and to the fact that he was not wearing a life jacket.

Officials said that a 5-year-old boy was swimming in the neighborhood pool and his hand became stuck in a jet. He was trapped for several hours. WTVF's Lydia Johnston‚ a Tennessee mother said it was difficult. At first‚ he was having trouble and asked everyone for help. "Please hurry‚ get me out." Rescuers raced to a sub-division.

Crews reported that it was Tuesday‚ June 21.

FFD‚ several agencies and the Chapel Hill Fire Department received mutual assistance yesterday. To help a five-year-old child‚ whose hand had become stuck in a jet at the community pool. It took approximately. The operation took approximately 3 1/2 hours. Fortunately‚ the injuries to the child were not serious. Https:// Franklin Fire Department Franklin‚ TN (@FranklinFire).
They tried to use (Dawn)‚ baby oil‚ and other things to free him‚ but eventually it was clear that the concrete would not come out of his hands without extensive work. Matthew Stout from Tennessee's Chapel Hill Fire Department‚ said WTVF. According to reports‚ it took over a dozen emergency responders three hours for the child's arm to be removed. Officials stated that the procedure required draining the pool. Break through concrete on a day

According to WKRN‚ and the National Weather Service‚ it will reach the 90s. Firefighters wrote that multiple rescue agencies joined forces because of the severe temperatures. Officials said the boy got. Stay put at your local pool in the Spring Creek Farms subdivision about 45 miles from Nashville. The Franklin Fire Department posted photos showing the hole and the debris poolside. “Thank you for rescuing my son johnston posted a comment on Chapel Hill Fire Department’s Facebook Page. Many heroes have helped him succeed. Officials say rescuers were led by nightmarish cries of marsh to enter the NC wetland. Rescuers in South Carolina find 8 dogs trapped by the loud whimpering of a burning shed.