Tom Daleys Hell of a Homecoming: when is Comic Relief special on

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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If you are looking to watch a great comedy show‚ look no further than Tom Daleys Hell of a Homecomm. This special will follow the actor's journey from the Aquatics Centre in London to Plymouth. During the film‚ he will be faced with a number of challenges including a 30-mile ultra-marathon. He will be met by a crowd of fans at Plymouth's seafront as he finishes the film. In addition‚ the documentary will also feature a number of TV sketches and an interview with comedian Eddie Izzard. The comedy special features a host of celebrities including Tom Daley‚ who recently received an OBE. He is also an active campaigner for the LGBT community and has contributed to many charities. Regardless of where you live‚ you're sure to find a show about him and his epic journey. This one has been praised by audiences around the world for its humorous messages and positive messages about life and LGBTQ+ people. The four-day journey between London and Plymouth will feature a host of celebrities‚ from the stars of The Repair Shop to the stars of The Office.

tom daleys hell of a homecoming when is comic relief special on homecoming
Image source : hipshears

The special will follow Tom's fundraising efforts for Comic Relief and the charity Kinship. During the marathon‚ he will cycle‚ swim and row from London to Plymouth to raise funds for Comic Relief. The marathon is the biggest challenge since the Olympics in 2020‚ and he's taking on an incredible feat to make his team the most popular.