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Wednesday, April 20, 2022
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Tom Parker Funeral

Fans of the pop group The Wanted came out in force to pay tribute to the late singer. As he departed‚ they filled the streets of London with a sea of black‚ as Kelsey Grammer placed a single white rose inside the hearse. Fans lined the high street‚ many of whom wept. As the coffin was taken to the church‚ a picture of Parker and his children was placed in a white rose-adorned frame.

Max George

Max George paid tribute to his late bandmate at Tom Parker's funeral today. The singer passed away on March 30 after a two-year battle with a rare form of brain cancer. He was 33. His funeral took place at St Francis of Assisi Parish Church in South East London. The singer's bandmates and fans poured into the church to pay their respects to the singer. As the coffin was carried into the church‚ Oais played Champagne Supernova. Fans and friends shared memories of Parker on social media‚ and one fan posted a picture of her and Parker together. Many other fans shared similar memories and offered support. A fan from Austria flew over to attend the ceremony to pay her respects to her hero. Another fan posted a picture of herself and Parker from a concert in 2010. Bandmates attended the singer's funeral in tears. They carried his coffin into the church wearing black‚ along with his wife Kelsey. They also held hands and kissed the coffin. The funeral procession began with three black horses and ended with a candlelit memorial service. After the service‚ fans gathered around the coffin to share memories with one another. They shared stories about how they met Parker and saw him perform live.

Liam Payne

A tribute website‚ GoFundMe‚ has been set up by the widow of Tom Parker. The singer wanted fans to donate to charitable organisations rather than sending flowers and cards to his family. Within 12 hours‚ the page had more than PS54‚000 raised. The page has received heartwarming messages from fans‚ and highlights Parker's achievements in the last 18 months. He married Kelsey in 2018‚ and the couple welcomed a son‚ Bodhi‚ in October last year. Bandmates Max George‚ Siva Kaneswaran‚ Jay McGuiness‚ Nathan Sykes and Liam Payne attended Parker's funeral today. The singer had performed at his Stand Up to Cancer charity gig in September. Liam Payne and his wife Kelsey attended the service with his family and bandmates. Liam Payne tweeted a beautiful tribute to his friend. The band's fan group has also paid tribute to the star. On his death‚ the Wanted singer had recently disclosed that he was suffering from a grade four brain tumour. The band had been awaiting the start of a delayed reunion tour‚ when the news broke. The fans have been expressing their grief and love for the band. A tribute video and a collection of photos have been posted online.

James Argent

One Direction's Liam Payne and Olympian Rebecca Adlington were among the many celebrities who attended the funeral of late band member Tom Parker. The former Wanted singer passed away last month after a battle with a brain tumour. Liam Payne was in tears as he watched his bandmate's coffin roll through the town of Petts Wood. Fans lined the High Street to pay their respects. The mourning processions took place alongside a replica of the band's gold-flowered hearse. Fans wore black as they waited on the high street. Fans lined the streets as the hearse rolled past‚ their hearts filled with tears. Fans and family members were also wearing personalised t-shirts in memory of the singer. The funeral service took place at St Francis of Assisi church. James‚ who had recently undergone weight-loss surgery‚ paid tribute to his bandmate on his Twitter account. He thanked Tom for supporting him during his difficult times. The singer and James had worked together in movies including The Jump and The Real Full Monty. He even shared pictures of him with his wife. Aarti Gledhill‚ the singer's long-time friend‚ also attended the funeral.

Kelsey Parker

Fans lined the path of the cortege as his widow Kelsey Parker led the service. A handwritten note was placed on a multi-coloured flower reef and fans were invited to pay their respects. The cortege also featured a horse and carriage that followed behind the coffin. The funeral is being livestreamed on television and the internet. Musicians including Oasis‚ Stereophonics and The Wanted played their hits during the service. Fans released golden heart-shaped balloons during the service‚ which was attended by his bandmates. After the service‚ fans gathered to comfort one another. Many shared stories about their memories of seeing Parker and The Wanted in concert. Fans were sobbing as they heard about their beloved bandmate. Fans lined the streets in Lincoln and Orpington‚ where Tom Parker was born. The two fans were close friends after meeting through The Wanted band. Susie Mayaka and Aarti Gledhill came from Lincoln and stayed over the night in London‚ respectively. Tom was a local‚ having two children. Their friendship with The Wanted band allowed them to share their memories of him.

Kelsey Parker's eulogy

At her husband Tom Parker's funeral‚ wife Kelsey Hardwick broke down in tears. The singer died last month after a battle with brain cancer. His family and fans gathered to say their final farewells. Parker had invited fans and family to pay their respects and give tribute to their beloved husband. Parker's bandmates read eulogies to their bandmate‚ and Kelsey paid tribute to her late husband by playing a pre-recorded message. The news was devastating. A week after Tom Parker revealed he had a rare form of brain cancer‚ he received the devastating news that he would only have 18 months to live. The singers' supporters rallied to raise PS58‚000 for the cause‚ which included a 'forever home'. Tom was brave enough to write about his life-threatening illness in a memoir he published months before his death. He was brave enough to open up about his fear of dying in a Channel 4 documentary‚ despite the fact he had stage-four glioblastoma. After the service‚ the band members' friends and fans released gold heart-shaped balloons and gathered around the coffin. Fans comforted one another‚ sharing their memories of meeting Parker and seeing The Wanted live. But after the ceremony‚ many fans were left feeling depressed. It was a bittersweet moment to watch‚ and one that will be remembered for years.

Oasis' Live Forever

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Tom Parker's widow

On April 11‚ the funeral of Tom Parker was held at a church in southeast London. Several former bandmates of The Wanted‚ including Liam Payne and Louisa Lytton‚ acted as pallbearers. The funeral service was followed by a tribute concert where Oasis' Champagne Supernova played to hundreds of mourning fans outside. The funeral service at St Francis of Assisi Church in Kensington ended with fans and family sharing their memories of Parker. In a touching tribute‚ Parker's widow and other members of the star's family and friends carried a framed photo of her late husband. The coffin sported the words 'daddy' and 'Tom'. The star's death was caused by an inoperable brain tumour‚ and his funeral was attended by family and close friends. The mourning fans and friends of The Wanted singers have started a GoFundMe page to support the family. While paying tribute to Tom‚ his family and fans offered support to his widow‚ Kelsey Parker. She also shared a moving message from her heart to the singer's widow. Her husband had two children‚ Aurelia Rose and Bodhi Rose‚ whom he married in 2018.