Tom Parker, the Wanted singer, dies of brain cancer at 33

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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Earlier this month‚ Aerosmith reunited for a two-week arena tour in the UK‚ and Parker was there as he could. His cancer treatments delayed his appearance at earlier shows. He was a fan of the band‚ who had released a greatest hits album. This was the band's first live album in over five years. He was also a friend of British singer and songwriter Martin Kemp‚ who said he will miss Parker. The Wanted singer was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2020 and announced he would undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The news came as a shock‚ as Parker had performed with the band during their reunion tour earlier this year. The Wanted was a popular British boy band which formed in 2009 and had a string of hit singles. The band split in 2014‚ but reunited for a charity concert in 2021 and released a greatest hits album. The group toured the UK this year. The band's news of the singer's death sparked a worldwide response. The charity Brain Tumour Research UK said that the public's support and encouragement were an inspiration to the band and their members. Blue said that the band's song Danny Zuko had gone platinum in the UK and that he was grateful to have been part of it. After a hiatus in 2014‚ the boy band returned and toured again. Before the band's break up‚ Parker had announced his diagnosis in November. He underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy and will be available for a Stand Up to Cancer documentary. He is survived by his wife and two children. In November‚ he revealed his tumour was stable. However‚ his condition suddenly declined after the concert. The news of the singer's death is very sad. His death has been a blow for fans of the band. After his initial announcement of his diagnosis‚ Parker underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He had previously performed with the band during their reunion tour earlier this year. The Wanted was formed in 2009 and released several hit singles. The group split up in 2014 but reunited in 2021 for a charity concert and later released their greatest hits album. Parker was diagnosed with glioblastoma on October 20‚ and underwent radiotherapy to treat the disease. The group released three albums and 12 UK top 20 singles before he died of brain cancer. The band was last reunited in October‚ when the band said that he would reunite the band for a few weeks to raise money for brain cancer research. The singer's death was a devastating blow for his fans and for the band.

tom parker the wanted singer dies of brain cancer at 33
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He had two children‚ and had been a member of the Wanted since 2009. He died from the disease that he was diagnosed with in October of 2015‚ and had been in the band for six years. Although he was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2012‚ he was diagnosed with glioblasta in 2015. The British-Irish boy band The Wanted has announced the death of its singer Tom Parker. The cancer took him by surprise‚ and he had announced his diagnosis in October 2020. He was given a short time to live‚ but he had no idea he would be diagnosed with the disease. His wife‚ Kelsey‚ and their children have paid tribute to the band's music. His memoir will be published in July‚ and a tribute to him will be made on the charity's website. His memoir will tell the story of his illness and how it changed his life. His memoir will feature a tribute to his family. The band's tour will be the first since the band's hiatus in 2014. While the group was on hiatus‚ he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011. In April 2015‚ the singer was reunited with his former bandmate Kate Hardwick‚ who became the lead singer of the Tragically Hip.