Tommy Fleetwoods Four-Year-Old Son Stole the Show at The

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Tommy Fleetwoods Four Year Old Son Stole the Show at The Masters

The video went viral on the Internet as viewers and golf fans all over the world reacted to the moment when Tommy Fleetwoods four-year-old son‚ Jack‚ stole the show at The Masters on Sunday. The video has since become an enduring classic that has been viewed by millions. Tommy Fleetwood and his son Jack were 1 up through 15 holes‚ and after a 15-foot birdie putt at the 16th‚ they were able to shoot a bomb on the 17th. As the video went viral‚ the two players became instant Mollywood celebrities. Besides his four-year-old son‚ Tommy and Clare Craig are also the parents of two older boys‚ Connor and Jack.

Frankie Fleetwoods

The Par three contest is a fun way for golfers to spend time with their kids before the main event. Three years ago‚ Jack Nicklaus's grandson‚ Franklin‚ stole the show at the event. This year‚ Franklin has been assigned caddy duties and will hopefully be joining his dad on the tee field soon. Read on to learn more about the incredible moment! The father-son duo were one stroke apart through the last 15 holes. On the 16th hole‚ Fleetwood made a 15-foot birdie putt. He then blasted a bomb and was instantly dubbed Mollywood. After watching the video‚ the duo became legends. In addition to his son‚ Fleetwood also has two other sons from previous marriages. The father-son duo has a son named Frankie. Thomas Paul Fleetwood was born in Britain in 1971 and is a British national. His sons are not his biological children but are his stepchildren. His wife Clare is a professional golfer‚ who works for Hambric Sports Management. The couple's son was born in 2017‚ after which Tommy and Clare are training him to be a better golfer.

Tiger Fleetwoods

It seems like just yesterday that Tiger Fleetwood's four-year-old son stole the show at The Masters. After a long comeback from injuries‚ Tiger has been the focus of nearly laser-like attention. This week‚ he was on the golf course once again. And as if that wasn't enough‚ his son Tommy stole the show! When he finally finished playing‚ Tiger and Tommy embraced‚ and the crowd went crazy! Woods' pro-am performance in The Masters seemed to go well‚ but what really impressed the audience was the bonding between Tiger and his son. Tiger had never been completely engaged during a pro-am before‚ but his son is clearly helping his dad with his swing. The four-year-old also teamed up with Justin Thomas and Mike Thomas in the first round‚ and both players praised the youngster's performance and play. The Par-3 contest‚ held the day before the 82nd Masters‚ is an ideal time for golfers to spend quality time with their families. Last year‚ Jack Nicklaus' grandson captivated the audience with his golf skills at the tournament. Franklin Fleetwood was dressed in a full caddie's outfit and sprinted after his father's ball‚ getting a warm reception from the crowd. He was able to catch up to his father and the crowd cheered him on.

Tommy Fleetwood

A video of Tommy Fleetwood's four-year-old son‚ Franklin‚ stealing the show at the Par-3 Contest went viral‚ and the couple was quick to point out that it was not staged. The video‚ which was recorded over 21 seconds‚ was ad-libbed by Fleetwood. As a result‚ the European Tour did not fine Fleetwood or Craig for the video. It was Fleetwood's friend Reed who dubbed the moment hilarious. It made me laugh so much‚ Reed said of the video. Unlike other major events‚ the Par 3 contest gives golfers a chance to spend time with their families. The event is held before the first major of the year‚ and three years ago‚ Jack Nicklaus' grandson grabbed the attention of the crowd. Franklin Fleetwood‚ who is just four years old‚ has been assigned caddy duties this year‚ and he might join his father on the tee field someday. In the late 1980s‚ the band's line-up was changing. Nicks and Buckingham left‚ and the remaining members performed at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton in 1993. The band reunited four years later for the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas and at the T-Mobile Arena. Although Nicks and Fleetwood reunited for An Evening with Fleetwood Mac‚ Christine McVie remained with the band as a session guitarist.

Justin Rose

In what has quickly become a tradition on the PGA Tour‚ Tommy Fleetwoods Four Year Old son stepped up and stole the show at The Wyndham Championship. Rose and Fleetwood‚ who were both back-to-back in the final group‚ played for psychological reasons and a chance to earn full PGA Tour status. While both players are aiming to get to the playoffs‚ Rose's performance at the Wyndham Championship has raised questions about Padraig Harrington's chances in 2021. The father-son duo's love for golf is evident in the adoration and respect between the two. Justin Rose‚ whose father Tommy is a three-time Masters winner‚ is regarded as the youngest player in the history of the tournament. He is a talented young golfer who has won numerous major tournaments‚ including the Masters. He has made a name for himself‚ tying for fourth place with Fleetwood in the 2008 British Open. During the 2017 Masters‚ Rose and Fleetwood's son dueled‚ but the latter fell behind the magnolia. They were tied for fourth place‚ but Justin Rose was the only amateur who made a birdie after a 65-hole score. While the PGA Tour has done its best to protect the reputation of its top stars‚ the two young players have been giving each other a hard time. In fact‚ Schauffele has even made jokes about Rose since his father's loss in 2016. One of those jokes is that Rose will take his gold medal with him to the Olympics. That joke is still going around‚ but it raises more questions than answers.

Justine Molinari

During the second round of the DP World Tour Championship‚ Molinari stole Tommy Fleetwood's four-year-old son's show with an incredible six-foot birdie putt at the 11th hole. Meanwhile‚ Lowry split the fairway at the 10th and will have 206 yards for her approach. After Tommy Fleetwood's three-wood shot under trees and into the greenside bunker‚ Molinari birdied the eight. The two European Tour superstars are back together this season after winning The Open at Carnoustie. Molinari teamed up with Tommy Fleetwood to win four of four matches at the event‚ giving Fleetwood his first major title since 2011. The two players' bromance was so strong that their friendship went viral‚ earning the duo the nickname Moliwood.

Lee Westwood

This year‚ Franklin Fleetwood‚ four‚ stole the show during a Par three contest during The Masters. Dressed in full caddie attire‚ the little boy took to the course and raced to chase after his father's ball. The crowd gave him a warm reception‚ and although he ran out of steam near the green‚ he stood patiently to watch his dad take his next shot. The four-year-old was not the only star of the Par-3 Contest. Franklin's parents‚ Rahm and Kelley‚ recently announced that they were expecting a second child this summer. The couple announced their pregnancy only a few weeks ago‚ and Kepa's first birthday was celebrated last Sunday in Augusta‚ Ga. On Wednesday‚ Kepa was on hand to celebrate the special day with her parents. The first-round of the Players Championship was delayed by an hour due to severe weather in the area. Although the event was delayed‚ Fleetwood was still on four under par after a birdie at the 11th hole. He shared the lead with fellow golfers Will Zalatoris and Harold Varner III. Tommy Fleetwood's son was playing alongside him‚ and he has begun to train him as a golfer.

Franklin Fleetwood

This weekend's Par 3 contest was a highlight for fans of the event. This event gives golfers a chance to spend quality time with their families. Three years ago‚ Jack Nicklaus' grandson captured the attention of the augusta crowd when he captured the par 3 title. This year‚ a youngster from Manchester‚ England‚ is stealing the limelight. He is dressed in a full caddie outfit and chased after his father's ball while the crowd cheered. He lost his steam as he got near the green‚ but the crowd cheered him on from the stands. The band's lineup consisted of eleven musicians. This included a backup singer and percussionist. During the concert‚ the band also featured a bongo drummer. However‚ this band's stage show lacked the same pizazz as their album. It was also the most self-indulgent show of the tour. And the crowd didn't seem to mind the band's self-indulgence.