Toronto Muslims ready to celebrate Ramadan together after COVID

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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Mosques across Canada are gearing up for a joyous Ramadan after the lifting of COVID restrictions. According to the task force for the Canadian Muslim community‚ the coming holy month is a time to unite in prayer‚ charity‚ and unity. Many mosques are preparing to hold full-capacity prayers. The first day of the month‚ Muslims are encouraged to bring food from home to share during the iftar meal. In eastern Toronto‚ the Mecca Islamic Center committee is working to prepare free Ramadan meals for its members and is expecting a busy Ramadan. The Mecca Islamic Center is a mosque that has been affected by COVID-19. The Mecca Islamic Center is expected to have full capacity during the holy month. While the city may not be ready for a large Muslim population‚ the Mecca Islamic Center expects to serve a full congregation. Mecca Islamic Center's Mosque Committee member Mohsin Patel is preparing a free lunch and dinner for Ramadan. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions‚ Mecca's committee is expecting a busy‚ full-strength celebration of Ramadan. The food is also available free of charge for those in need of it. However‚ if you cannot afford to purchase a meal‚ you can buy it from a local restaurant. Mecca Islamic Center in east Toronto is preparing free lunches and dinners for its members during the holy month. During Ramadan‚ volunteers will be cooking for the meals for the community. The committee is hopeful that the meals will be filled to capacity this year. In the meantime‚ Mohsin Patel says that the mosque will be a packed house during the holy month of Ramadan. After two years of restrictions‚ Toronto Muslims are now preparing to celebrate the holy month together. With food and free meals‚ they will be able to hold full-capacity prayers. As the province lifts COVID-19 restrictions‚ Mosques are preparing to host full-capacity prayer services during the holy month. This will also allow mosques to provide free meals to their members. As Canada prepares for the holy month‚ Muslims are preparing to celebrate together. A number of mosques are preparing to host full-time prayers. This is a first for the city's Muslim community. As the new moon approaches the city‚ mosques around the country are preparing for free lunches. In addition‚ the province's Muslim communities have begun to organize charitable iftars and public iftar meals to help those in need. Despite the repercussions from COVID‚ Toronto Muslims are still ready to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan together. While many mosques have had to temporarily close due to the COVID virus‚ most are open to hosting free evening prayers and providing meals for members of the Muslim community. Some Mosques have also removed the restrictions for COVID-related activities.

toronto muslims ready to celebrate ramadan together after covid
Image source : globalnews

They will also have free dinners during the holy month. The first free dinners are expected to be served in the mosques of Toronto's Muslim community after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Mosques in the city are preparing for full-time prayers during the Holy Month. In eastern and southern Toronto‚ the Mecca Islamic Center is expected to serve free meals for the community. In the meantime‚ many mosques are preparing for the first time since COVID-19. The COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on Saturday. As the sighting of the new moon has signalled the end of the fast‚ Muslims will soon be able to eat iftar at mosques‚ where they will share the iftar with their families. During the holy month‚ many will also participate in voluntary evening prayers‚ which only take place during Ramadan. The Toronto Muslim community is preparing for a return to Ramadan celebrations after two years of COVID restrictions. Previously‚ mosques had been required to register individual congregants‚ but this year‚ officials have eased restrictions for the community. Meanwhile‚ some mosques in the city are getting prepared for a full capacity Ramadan. The MECA Islamic Center's committee member says it expects the holy month to be a busy one during this time.