Tory failure to act has made Commons misogyny worse, says Keir

Sunday, May 1, 2022
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Labour Leader Keir Starmer Says Tory Failure to Act Has Made Misogyny Worse

Labour leader Keir Starmer has said that the Conservative Party's lack of action has made the Commons a more toxic place for women. The article discusses Labour's response to the resignation of Tory MP Neil Parish and allegations of pornography viewed on a Tory MP's phone. Keir's comments come as the prime minister faces pressure from women across British politics over his comments about the rising cost of living.

Keir Starmer: Tory failure to act has made Commons misogyny worse

The Tories have come under fire for failing to tackle misogyny in the Commons. But one MP says there is a culture problem in Parliament. Keir Starmer says the Tory party has failed to act on the issue. I'm not arguing that the Conservatives have made misogyny worse - the culture is the problem. That's why I call on them to take action‚ not the other way round‚ he said. There is a culture of misogyny in the Commons. However‚ that doesn't mean Tory MPs should hide behind excuses. One example is the case of Neil Parish‚ a Tory MP who was caught pornography-watching on his mobile phone in the Commons chamber. But Keir Starmer claims that the culture is not widespread. The Tories' failure to act on the issue of sexual assault in the Commons has led to the emergence of unnamed Tory MPs who smeared a Labour MP. One MP was suspended for watching porn in the Commons. Tory politicians could not have picked a worse time to face the backlash. And now‚ the Tories are in a position to do something about it. Boris Johnson: Boris Johnson is a liar‚ a hypocrite and a permanent spectator in Westminster. However‚ Sir Keir Starmer has taken the issue head on and has a plan for the UK. If the Tories want to win the election‚ they must stop their inaction and start acting. Mr Johnson: The Tory government must take action now‚ as the lack of disciplinary action means the number of cases has not declined. Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer must take immediate action. They must lead by example‚ he said. He also said he is prepared to stand in the Speaker's bid for the next election. There are several other MPs who are facing abuse. Boris Johnson: The Tory leader will focus on the economy and the cost of living while condemning misogyny. Angela Rayner is a Tory MP. But she claims Keir Starmer's garbled metaphors and 'unsympathetic' language make it appear as though she's in favor of misogyny.

Labour leader welcomes resignation of Tory MP Neil Parish

A source close to the Conservative party said that Neil Parish is likely to quit in the next few hours. Sources within the party said that the pressure on Parish to quit had not come from Conservative HQ. Instead‚ it was coming from other sources within the party. Earlier‚ Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper called for Boris Johnson to sack the MP. She said: He failed to trust female MPs. The Conservative MP for Somerset insisted on carrying on while the investigation was underway. He claimed he had accidentally watched pornography. Conservative whips also blamed him for not resigning‚ but he refused to. Caroline Nokes‚ who chairs the Women and Equalities Committee‚ has accused Conservative whips of dithering over the issue. Labour leader Thangam Debbonaire has welcomed the resignation of the Tory MP. The Tories' stance is deeply unpopular among women and they have refused to accept the resignation of Tory MP Neil Parish. The Tories have refused to sack him and are trying to cover it up. Despite these complaints‚ the Tories have not changed their position on Neil Parish. The Tory party has repeatedly tried to cover up trouble‚ and the Labour leader is pleased to have a unified front. Labour has also welcomed the resignation of the Tory MP Neil Parish‚ who was suspended for two weeks after being caught watching a pornographic video on his mobile phone. Neil Parish is also launching an investigation under the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme. Neil Parish could be suspended for ten days or more if he reports himself‚ and he could face a recall petition. The Labour leader said: We welcome the resignation of the Tory MP Neil Parish and the sacking of the Tories' chairman Oliver Dowden. The stance is further evidence of the growing Labour support in the area. Labour's success in the constituency is good news for the party‚ as it would mean that the Conservatives' marginal seats are no longer so safe for the Tories. The Conservatives are also happy that Neil Parish's resignation signals the end of their dominance in Cardiff.

Keir accuses prime minister of denying the facts on rising prices

Sir Keir Starmer has accused Boris Johnson of playing the role of an ostrich in the face of the UK's cost of living crisis‚ saying that he has no plan for the country. The Labour leader said the crisis was obvious months ago‚ but the Government had failed to act quickly enough to help struggling families. The Labour leader called Mr Johnson a permanent spectator at PMQs and attacked him as a complete failure to lead the UK. Keir also criticised the prime minister for 'denying the facts' on rising prices. Boris Johnson has been prone to misrepresenting facts‚ as was the case last week when he claimed that the UK job market was booming. However‚ the Prime Minister is likely to face questions about his alleged misogynistic and sexist remarks. The prime minister has repeatedly denied these claims‚ and is likely to face tough questions in the Commons. The Labour leader has also taken on misogyny in his speech. While the Conservatives have rebuffed the Labour leader's criticism of misogyny‚ Keir's comments have riled many conservative MPs‚ including Angela Rayner. Meanwhile‚ the Labour Party press office shared a mock-up of Boris Johnson as Comical Ali‚ calling on the PM to recognise that misogyny had no place in modern Britain. And it didn't help the PM's cause - the Mail on Sunday reported that Angela Rayner had crossed her legs in an awkward PMQs session. Nevertheless‚ the PM's statement was clearly misguided. In the past‚ the UK Statistics Authority has criticized Boris Johnson for making unfounded claims about rising prices. The statistics that he cites contradict the figures by showing that the number of people on payrolls is much higher than the number of self-employed people. In fact‚ it was Mr. Johnson who was incorrect when he claimed that the government was cutting taxes for everyone.

Tory whips promise to take action against a Tory MP accused of watching pornography on his phone

A Tory MP who was caught on camera porn-gazing on his phone could face an independent investigation after claims of inappropriate behaviour surfaced in the Commons. The allegations came to light during a meeting of female Conservative MPs. One minister said she had seen the MP watching porn on his phone‚ but could not take a picture. Tory whips have pledged to investigate and are working to ensure that men and women are equally represented in the party. After allegations of inappropriate behaviour‚ Conservative whip Jimmy Parish promised to investigate the alleged incident. The allegations have led to a review of the Tories' code of conduct. It is not clear how long it will take‚ but Mr Parish promised to take action against the MP. But what should the investigation look into? How far will whips go? The MP could face a recall or be forced to resign. The allegations against Neil Parish‚ a Conservative MP‚ are extremely serious. His whip has been suspended as a result. He has also refused to stand down as an MP. But the Tory whips have promised to take action against him after he reports himself to the Commons standards committee. The allegations have caused a huge furor among Tory supporters‚ as the MP is the chairman of the influential Environment‚ Food and Rural Affairs Committee‚ which scrutinises vital issues. The allegations have led senior Tories to slam the Tory leadership for failing to act against the MP. The chief whip‚ Chris Heaton-Harris‚ has suggested the matter be investigated by the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme. The ICG is responsible for dealing with sexual harassment and disciplinary issues in the House of Commons. Conservative whips promise to investigate allegations of inappropriate behaviour on an MP's phone. The allegations were made by two women MPs and senior party figures on Tuesday evening‚ and are being investigated. While MPs are public servants‚ the behaviour is still unacceptable. And after the scandal‚ the Conservative Party has pledged to change the culture of Westminster. And they have also pledged to take action against an MP allegedly watching pornography on his phone.