Tracee Ellis Ross Lists Vintage L.A. Home

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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In her latest Real Estate listing‚ actress Tracee Ellis Ross has listed her home in Los Angeles. The actress is the daughter of the legendary Motown singer Diana‚ and is a close friend of her mother. The former Grease star previously maintained a small apartment in the hip and trendy Tribeca neighborhood. This year‚ she is listing her Los Angeles home with an agent for $9.5 million. Her taste in interior design is also impressive‚ with every room painted a different color. She revealed her home's unique aesthetic in 2017‚ showing off her kelly green front door and deep blue living room. The eclectic space was designed to be a place to reflect Tracee's lifestyle‚ with eclectic pieces throughout the house. While it's still a work in progress‚ the actress has already made a big impact on her followers. She has a penchant for bold colors‚ and has painted each room a different color. Her eclectic style is also evident on her Instagram account‚ which was first posted on October 2017. Her colorful front door and deep blue living room have garnered a lot of attention. The actress has since gone on to show off her eclectic decor throughout her home. If you'd like to see more of her stylish and colorful home‚ you can follow her on Instagram. Taking a cue from her signature style‚ the actress likes to use bold colors in her home. She painted every room in her LA home a different hue‚ including her front door‚ which is kelly green. Her deep blue living room is just one of many colorful accents. If you're looking for unique ways to incorporate colorful accents into your home‚ Tracee Ellis Ross's colorful palette is a great way to create a statement. In the past‚ Tracee Ellis Ross has painted her home several times‚ using different colors in each room. She has painted her front door kelly green‚ and her living room is a deep blue. You'll find her eclectic style on Instagram. She also uses bright and bold colors on the walls. If you're into bright‚ colorful spaces‚ try to take note of the actress's favorite colors. If you're looking for a stylish home‚ consider Tracee Ellis Ross' vintage LA home. She loves to use bold colors in her home‚ and her living room is no exception. You'll find her signature blue living room on her Instagram feed‚ and her home is a great place to host a party or two. There are many ways to entertain guests‚ and her eclectic style will make you feel comfortable. The actress' eclectic style is apparent in her home.

tracee ellis ross lists vintage la home l a
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She has a knack for interior design and painted each room in a bold‚ striking color. In addition to bold colors‚ she has unique and eclectic furniture‚ and her blue living room is no exception. You'll definitely be impressed by her unique style. There are many other rooms in her vintage LA home‚ which are all a blend of different styles. The actress loves to use bold color schemes‚ and she has a great eye for eclectic style. Her kelly green front door is striking‚ and she painted the entire home in a deep blue. Her style is also evident in her home's furnishings‚ which are also colorful. She has a meditative Care space that is reminiscent of her signature blue living room. She even painted the stairs in her vintage LA home! In addition to a beautiful home‚ Ross's personality is equally attractive inside. Known for her zen-like lifestyle‚ she also has a great affinity for bold color. The actress has an impeccable eye for interior design‚ with her kelly green front door and deep blue living room both unique and striking. Having a blue living room makes her home instantly recognizable. This is one reason why she is so popular.