Travis Barker reveals Taylor Hawkins tribute tattoo

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Travis Barker Reveals Taylor Hawkins Tribute Tattoo

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was one of the band's founding members. Today‚ the drummer has a new tattoo‚ a tribute to the late drummer. Here's a closer look at the tribute tattoo and Travis Barker's reasons for getting it. The tattoo was reportedly designed and inked by Travis himself. Travis revealed the photo of the tattoo to the world. Read on to see what the artist thought.

Travis Barker has a hawk tattoo in honour of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins

The guitarist and singer-songwriter recently got a hawk tattoo on his foot to honor the late drummer. Hawkins died suddenly last month at age 50. The musician's friend Kourtney Kardashian encouraged him to get the tattoo and she accompanied him to the tattoo parlor. Kourtney even kissed Travis while the artist worked on the design. It is not clear whether the musician got the hawk tattoo to pay tribute to his late bandmate or to remember the drummer. The singer posted pictures of his tattoo parlor‚ with Kourtney Kardashian by his side. Apparently‚ they had a kiss while tattoo artist Mark Mahoney worked on Travis's body. Travis also shared a throwback photo of himself and Hawkins backstage in the early days of their career. The late drummer was found unresponsive in his hotel room in Bogata‚ Colombia‚ on July 5. He was on tour and had chest pains at the time of his death. A preliminary toxicology report has revealed that he had multiple drugs in his system‚ including opioids‚ marijuana‚ antidepressants‚ and other drugs. The cause of Hawkins' death remains unknown‚ but it's believed to be a result of drug abuse. Another musician with a hawk tattoo is Mark Lanegan‚ the lead singer of New York Dolls and guitarist of Queens of the Stone Age. In addition to Barker‚ the band included singer Ian McDonald and former Screaming Trees vocalist David Johansen. The singer's family had been trying to raise $80‚000 to help Sylvain with his treatment‚ but it was not enough. Earlier this year‚ Sylvain was diagnosed with cancer. In March‚ the band released a self-titled EP. The band later released albums Fuck With Fire‚ Up in the Guts‚ Prey‚ and Mercy.

The tattoo was done by Travis Barker

The drummer from the rock band Blink-182 recently revealed his new tattoo‚ which pays tribute to late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins‚ who was killed in a hotel room in Bogota‚ Colombia last month‚ had been Travis Barker's friend and bandmate for many years. Travis has since shared a heartfelt tribute to Hawkins‚ including a photo of him backstage. Travis recently got a tattoo in honor of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins‚ who passed away last month. He also posted pictures of his tattoo parlor experience‚ as well as the finished piece. Kourtney Kardashian and tattoo artist Mark Mahoney were also there to witness the process. The tattoo‚ which is inked on Travis' foot‚ is a tribute to Hawkins‚ who passed away last month. A hawk with spread wings is the centerpiece of the tattoo. It spans the top of his foot‚ between his ankle bones. Travis also thanked Mark Mahoney‚ who inked the tattoo. Kourtney Kardashian accompanied Barker during the session‚ and many fans commented on the tribute tattoo. But there was even more to the tribute tattoo. Several other celebrities‚ including Kim Kardashian‚ shared pictures of the tattoo and commented on its placement. Despite the awe-inspiring design‚ the musician recently unveiled another tattoo in memory of his late bandmate‚ drummer Taylor Hawkins. He got the hawk tattoo on his left foot and captioned it: HAWK forever. According to the singer's Instagram post‚ the tat was done by Mark Mahoney‚ the artist who worked with Adele and Lady Gaga.

It is a tribute to Hawkins

In tribute to his former girlfriend‚ Travis Barker has revealed a beautiful tattoo to his left foot and head. The tattoo shows a hawk with wings spread out huge. It depicts the couple's love for one another and the tattoo was designed by Mark Mahoney‚ a tattoo artist who was a close friend of Hawkins. The tattoo was inspired by a picture of the two of them in a tattoo studio. After getting his new tattoo‚ Travis shared a picture of the process of getting it with fans on Instagram. Throughout the tattoo process‚ Travis shared a throwback photo of the duo in their earlier days. Despite the photo's poignant nature‚ Travis Barker didn't hesitate to share his grief over the loss of Taylor Hawkins. I'll forever be a Hawk‚ he captioned the photo. The drummer from Foo Fighters‚ who lost his best friend and bandmate Taylor Hawkins‚ is honoring Hawkins by getting a tribute tattoo to the late musician. He also subscribes to Consequence of Sound‚ which offers exclusive giveaways and updates on his latest music and tour dates. As a tribute to his friend‚ Travis also got a tattoo to his leg commemorating Hawkins. The musician has used his body as a canvas for his new tattoo. He posted several photos from a tattoo parlor where he received the tattoo. In one of the pictures‚ he was clutching Kourtney Kardashian while Mark Mahoney worked on his foot. Despite the recent controversy‚ the tattoo looks absolutely stunning and pays tribute to Taylor Hawkins. If you love music‚ you'll definitely want to see this new piece of art.

It was inked by Travis Barker

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins passed away last month. Earlier this month‚ Travis Barker paid tribute to Hawkins with a tattoo of a hawk on his foot. The tattoo reads‚ Hawk forever and features the bird's wings across both ankles. The drummer also shared a photo of him and Hawkins when they were younger. Inked by Travis Barker‚ the tribute tattoo features a hawk with wings spread wide. The hawk tattoo is displayed in the fifth photo‚ which also features a throwback photo of the two of them together. Travis has since thanked the tattoo artist‚ Mark Mahoney‚ and shared the tribute photo with the world. Afterward‚ the singer thanked the artist and many fans commented on the tattoo. A tribute tattoo was recently inked by Travis Barker‚ who was a long-time friend of Hawkins. Hawkins' death was a shock to the music world. His death was unexpected and a tragic one for the band‚ but his passing has left a deep impact on a number of musicians. A recent show of Shinedown in Sioux Falls‚ South Dakota‚ featured a cover version of Wheels in honor of Hawkins. The fan footage of the show is streaming online‚ and Travis Barker paid tribute to the musician through a tattoo. On Monday‚ Travis Barker shared a picture of a new tattoo he got. He dedicated it to the late Foo Fighters drummer‚ Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins died in Colombia in March at the age of 50. A preliminary urine toxicology report found ten substances in his body. Barker captioned the image‚ HAWK forever. Inked by Travis Barker‚ the Foo Fighters drummer is paying tribute to Hawkins in an incredibly meaningful way. Earlier this year‚ Hawkins were known to share candid conversations in the past. However‚ the two men later split up. He later revealed that he had tattooed a hawk as a tribute to Hawkins‚ the drummer of the band.