Travis Scott Nike Drop Gets Over 1 Million Entries in 30 Minutes

Friday, May 20, 2022
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Travis Scott's Nike Drop Gets Over 1 Million Entries in 30 Minutes

It's almost unbelievable to think that one drop of a new Nike sneaker could get over a million entries in just thirty minutes. Travis Scott has had some insanely popular releases in the past‚ including his Astroworld hard seltzer‚ which sold out almost immediately. Now‚ the rapper is bringing that success to the athletic wear market with a brand new Nike drop. With the massive response to the new shoe‚ Scott is slowly but surely creeping back into the spotlight. Last week‚ he performed at the Billboard Awards and his music has been gaining traction again.

Travis Scott's Halloween costume

After Travis Scott's Halloween costume flopped‚ fans flooded social media with their own costumes. Fans dressed as king cobras‚ Batman‚ and Power Rangers. While Jenner might not have watched the series‚ she might recognize Travis. Travis Scott is an American rapper‚ singer‚ and record producer. His musical style has been described as a fusion of lo-fi and traditional hip-hop. After being compared to bugs in the comments section‚ Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account. The backlash led some to speculate that his decision to delete his account was a publicity stunt. It is unclear if this is the case‚ but it's a curious development‚ and fans are sincerely hoping that the rapper returns soon. He has been busy lately with his new album release and a collaboration with McDonald's. The singer recently deleted his Instagram account and hasn't been active on Twitter or Instagram. Although his Halloween costume was deemed inappropriate‚ the singer's Twitter account remains active. The rapper wore a custom chocolate brown Batman costume to Kendall Jenner's 25th birthday bash on Oct. 28. The snafu has also drawn comparisons between Travis Scott and the cockroach. A popular online contest is sparked by the rapper's Halloween outfit. It has over one million entries in less than 30 minutes. It is currently live on Facebook. The winner will be decided within a week. If you're thinking of entering it‚ be quick! There's still time to enter! While you're there‚ go ahead and enter the contest! You can win a free mug of beer or a pizza.

Travis Scott's Air Trainer 1 drop

In recent weeks‚ Travis Scott has been making a bold comeback. Not only did he dominate the stage at the Billboard Awards‚ but he also dropped a new single and a hard seltzer that flew off shelves. Despite his tumultuous start‚ he's slowly but surely creeping back into mainstream amusement. He was also recently nominated for two Grammy Awards for his performance at The Billboard Awards. After the tragedy at Astroworld‚ Travis Scott is back in the spotlight. This collaboration with Nike‚ originally planned for April‚ is now scheduled to drop on May 27. The sneaker will feature backwards Swooshes and Cactus Jack branding. The collaboration will also feature matching apparel. The kicks will be available at‚ where fans can purchase them for a low price. The latest sneaker from the rapper has already sold out online at Cactus Jack. However‚ if you haven't checked out his collaboration with Nike yet‚ you'll still have plenty of time to get one. You can still enter the raffle for a chance to win the Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 if you hurry. The site will be live on SNKRS May 27.

Travis Scott's Instagram account

If you're a fan of Travis Scott's music‚ then you've probably heard of the new Travis-Scott collab with Nike. The collection includes sweatshirts‚ jackets‚ pants‚ and even two pairs of Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 sneakers. This week‚ his team has released a raffle in which you can win a pair. The raffle is open to anyone who follows the brand on Instagram. The contest was a success‚ and Travis Scott's Instagram account received over a million entries within 30 minutes. The contest is sponsored by Nike and Travis Scott‚ the rapper and business mogul‚ is a frequent winner. He recently unveiled a new collaboration with the company‚ and his new album is entitled Rodeo. Its release has fueled his popularity‚ and has earned him a spot at the top of the Billboard 200. The contest was created by Live Nation and ScoreMore Shows and organisers of the Astroworld Festival. ScoreMore Shows sold a controlling stake in the festival last year‚ and the first year of the event saw nearly one million entries in just 30 minutes. Previously‚ the festival's lineup included Tame Impala‚ Bad Bunny‚ and The 1975. But after the festival's Friday night shooting‚ Live Nation and Travis Scott canceled the event. In 2018‚ Travis Scott teamed up with McDonald's and released a new six-dollar meal that includes McDonald's chicken nuggets‚ fries‚ and Sprite. His collaboration with the fast-food chain spawned numerous merchandising deals. During one promotion‚ he even starred in a McDonald's commercial. Moreover‚ he collaborated with many other companies and brands‚ including Nike‚ McDonald's‚ and McDonald's.

Travis Scott's split with Kim Kardashian

The latest rumors have emerged about rapper Travis Scott and his former girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Although the split is still a mystery‚ it seems that the rap star is trying to keep the drama out of her life. Kim hasn't addressed the rumors and hasn't spoken to Travis in a while. She's also avoiding the Kardashian-Jenner Family heat. But she can't help but be jealous. One of the most surprising rumors about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's split has to do with the fact that the rapper was wearing a Kylie Jenner sweatshirt at a basketball game on Friday. This move could be a way for Travis to show that he's still in love with the 'Yeezy' singer. It's hard to tell which of the two is the real culprit‚ but there are some signs of infidelity in the relationship. Aside from the rumors about a possible break-up‚ Kylie Jenner's pregnancy with Travis has also caused a stir. Kylie‚ Kim's half-sister‚ gave birth to her second child with the rapper‚ and the couple announced the birth of their son on Sunday. Travis was reportedly invited to Stormi's birthday party‚ and has since been seen with the lookalike in multiple public places. In addition to Kylie's alleged cheating‚ the rap star has also been trying to win back Kylie Jenner's trust. This means that Travis Scott has been making an effort to win her back since he wiped out his Instagram page. During his recent Madison Square Garden concert‚ he gave Kylie a shout out by saying I love you‚ wifey. Despite the rumors about the split‚ Kim Kardashian's inner circle has stood by her husband‚ Kanye West. She's not alone in her anti-Kanye stance‚ as she recently filed for divorce. Although Kim Kardashian's inner circle supported her during the difficult divorce process‚ Kanye's recent comments have left many a Kardashian-Jenner fan unfollowing him. This is not surprising since Kanye West's comments on Kim Kardashian's parenting have gotten Kim Kardashian's attention.