Travon Martin, a black teen who was racially profiled in the same community as trayvon martin, was berated and killed

Thursday, June 16, 2022
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George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

The man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has come under fire for his actions. Although Zimmerman is not the only person who has felt the heat following the case, his actions have also caused people to take notice of the broader social issues involved. Many of them have taken to the streets and called for more justice in the case. Trayvon Martin was a high school student from Miami who had gone to his father's home in Sanford, Florida. He was wearing a hoodie and was on his way to visit his father's fiancee. When he noticed that Martin was walking alone and was carrying a gun, he called the police to investigate. He reported Martin as suspicious and ignored the dispatcher's advice to pursue him.

An attack on a Black teenager while driving through Sanford in Florida was committed by Racially Profiling and Attempted. This is the same place George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. Newsone reports. Jermaine was identified as the teen and shared a clip of the incident via social media. Three white men and one woman harass him in the video clip. Jermaine was also behind the camera and showed Jermaine footage of his rear window being smashed into.

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Jermaine shared the video with his father on Facebook. The teen then posted it to Twitter. Instagram This post has been viewed thousands of times. The caption of the photo describes what he said. Revolt reports. He wrote that I had been racially profiled as I drove through the neighborhood of a friend. The way they were driving was not what they liked so they decided to smash my car with cones and then throw rocks through my windows. Because I was not about to be charged for nothing, I just wanted to de-escalate the situation until police arrived. Jermaine's car was also seen with dents in the footage, although it is unclear whether the damage was caused by his berating group. While he was recording the audio, the band continued to yell at him and approach him aggressively. According to Newsone One of Jermaine's men raced through his neighborhood, claiming he was a blazer. One of the other men shouted at Jermaine to leave my neighbourhood. One of the teens asked him to move [his face] from another. A gun was briefly discussed by the group as well as being allowed to carry a firearm. Jermaineโ€™s sister posted the video to Twitter.

She said that the group attempted to harm her brother physically and thanked him for his actions during and after. Yesterday, my brother (16 years old) was race profiled in Sanford Florida in the same neighborhood as Trayvon Martin.

Wrote. He was fortunate to have a different ending. My brother's reaction to the circumstances is admirable. He was thrown a brick, but they failed to hit him. Donald Eugene Corsi, Howard Oral Hughes were the men implicated in this incident. Heavy reports. Both were taken into custody and face felony charges. Corsi was accused of weapon offenses, including the firing of a missile at a vehicle. Hughes was also charged with battery in the first degree. For causing property damage of more than $1,000, both men were also charged with criminal mischief.