Trevor reed recounts his harrowing time in Russia and says he could not sleep because he was afraid he would be murdered

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Trevor Reed and Viktor Bout Have Been Released From Prison

President Obama and his cabinet members welcomed the news that Trevor Reed‚ a former White House aide‚ has been released from prison. During the visit‚ Joey and Paula Reed talked with their son Trevor. They were also informed of the release of Viktor Bout‚ a Russian who was convicted of selling heavy weapons to a Colombian terrorist organization. They have also spoken with President Obama and his cabinet‚ which includes Vice President Joe Biden.

Trevor Reed is a former Marine and was held in Russia during a prisoner swap. Reed‚ 30‚. In his first interview with cnn he told them since his return‚ he was placed with seven others in a cell in a mental treatment facility.

Trevor Reed would like to assist Paul Whelan

All of them had serious‚ mental health problems -- the majority. Over 50% people were there to commit murder. Reed stated that Reed was talking about multiple murders and sexual assaults as well as murder. The interview will be broadcast on Sunday. You know what? That cell was not a safe place. He continued to state‚ "There was blood everywhere there -- prisoners who had either killed themselves or tried to kill others." Trevor Reed is a former Marine and was held in Russia nearly 3 years ago. This interview marks his first since his return to the United States last month. (CNN) It's just one hole in the ground that houses the toilet. There's also a lot of crap all over the floors and walls. You can also see people walking around there that look like they are zombies. After a Russian night‚ Reed was taken into custody. He was accused of assaulting a officer while being transported to a station. He was sentenced in 2020 to nine years imprisonment. While the U.S. claimed he was unfairly held and demanded his release‚ his family denied all charges and stated that his health was declining. Reed said he believes he was sent there to appeal the conviction. He said that he didn’t sleep well for several days while in prison because he worried that his fellow prisoners might murder him. Reed was arrested in 2019‚ accused of assaulting officers and standing inside the cage for defendants at a Moscow court hearing‚ July 2020. (Maxim Shemetov/Reuters) He said that he believed it was possible‚ and he shared his thoughts with CNN's Jake Tapper. Russia released Reed in April as part of a prisoner exchange. Konstantin Yaroshenko was released by the Biden administration. He had served a 20 year sentence for conspiring to smuggle drugs into America. Trevor Reed's parents Joey Reed and Paula Reed said that they were shocked and overwhelmed when Trevor was released by the State Department after almost three years of being in Russia. Joey Reed stated that Trevor had told him that he was being flown from Moscow‚ Turkey to the moment where the exchange occurred. Reed is taken to court in preparation for a March 2020 hearing in Moscow.

trevor reed russia paula joey reed recounts his harrowing time in and says he could not sleep because was afraid would be murdered

(Tatyana Makeyeva/Reuters) Joey Reed stated that the American and Russian aircrafts pulled up alongside each other. They walked the prisoners simultaneously. His son had a strange walking style‚ he said. He was unable to get on an airplane without help. Paula Reed stated that he looked terrible to her at the time. We know that he is not well-looked after being raised by his parents. He is very thin. Reed's parents claimed that they were called by President Biden. Joey Reed said that he was completely gracious‚ wonderful‚ and kind. Russia has detained WNBA superstar WNBA player‚ according to the Biden administration. According to U.S. officials‚ she was. Dylan Stableford reported on this story.