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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Tricia Derges and Ryan Sorensen

In a recent article, I compared the case of state lawmaker Tricia Derges and Republican Congressman Ryan Sorensen. The case has sparked a number of debates in Missouri, with Derges calling her husband, Daniel, a female Patch Adams. In fact, her husband's name is Daniel, and her office administrator is Erin Tompkins. In the documentary, Derges faces charges of illegally writing prescriptions and lying to federal investigators. Congressional Democrats have a strong case in this case, as members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have called for his removal. However, Republicans are trying to block the nomination of Sorensen. A Republican senator, Brandon Powell, has endorsed Sorensen for the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, Sorensen was a candidate for governor of Colorado.

According to the trailer, a documentary about a lawmaker in state under federal indictment who is awaiting trial was released by Branson's film company. The

Contains clips from former associates and Daniel, as well as patients praising Derges'work. This includes selling false stem cells treatments and fraudulently using federal panademic aid. Derges is innocent and rejected four plea agreements. Targeted's title card: Tricia Derges Story. Rep. Tricia Derges: New malpractice suit against lawmaker to be brought up in the June trial of a judge Ryan Sorensen is a Branson-based director and producer. He also manages the Branson hospitality business. In an email, he stated that the film was his own idea and would appeal to people. Al Watkins was Derges'attorney and stated in a text that he did not have anything to do with the production of the video but that it clearly presented an obvious question. This will also be answered during the trial. Derges didn't respond to our request for comment. Sorensen stated that he spoke to Derges about the desire to make this film. Production began in March. He said that no one was able to stop me from asking for information about her patients or interviewing them. While I was interviewing her patients, she wasn't there. Trailer for the film begins with a looping of news footage from Derges's medical clinics in Southwest Missouri. This coverage focused on low-income patients and veterans, as well as the homeless. Earned her acclaim and awards. The trailer features several patients, including Brandon Powell and Chris Klier. Powell refers to her as a female Patch Adams in a voiceover. He is referring, of course, to the comedian, activist, and physician. Erin Tompkins says she would prefer to die rather than see patients suffer. Erin Tompkins is listed at Derges Ozark Valley Medical Clinic as the general manager. Ruby Weyrauch is listed on LinkedIn as the office administrator for the clinic. However, she doesn't appear in the trailer. Rep. Tricia Derges, R-Nixa This video shows the FBI's investigation into Derges and his arrest. Derges is also indicted on federal charges. Derges claims that FBI agents stole patient records from the clinic, which have never been returned. Daniel, her husband, told how Derges was being contacted by federal agents. He says they said that well were speaking to her. They weren't speaking to her. She was taken to jail. U.S. The U.S. Attorneys Office for Western District of Missouri did not respond to requests for comment. The trailer states that the persecuting continued at Jefferson City's Capitol, where the suspects were tried and arrested by media. Derges was barred from the caucus meeting, removed from her committee assignments and reassigned in a Capitol closet office. She is also barred by Republican candidates for reelection. Her appearance on the House floor was for the last day of this legislative session. Lynn Morris (former Rep.) was the Derges representative who resigned due to term limitations. She also appears in this trailer and criticizes House Republicans'discipline towards Derges. Morris is now a member of the Christian County Commission.

(AP Photo/David A. Lieb)">This May 1, 2017, photo shows Dr. Tricia derges and Missouri Rep. Lynn Morris standing together after testifying in support of Missouri's new assistant physician law. They were speaking at the hearing held at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. Although Derges'application was denied by Missouri because it took so much time to put into effect the 2014 assistant physician law in the state, she may be eligible for the new legislation that has been passed recently by the Legislature. (AP Photo/David A. Lieb) In the trailer's credits, Mark McCloskey (a St. Louis lawyer who, with his wife, brandished weapons at protestors outside of his St. Louis home in 2020) is listed. Sorensen stated that Mark had agreed to being interviewed for the film. We are still deciding on the questions that we'll discuss with Mark. The campaign didn't respond to our request for comment. According to Verum Films LLC filings filed with the Missouri Secretary of States, Sorensens'company is located in Branson. The company was founded in April 2021. Noncompliant is one of the other films produced by the company. It's a documentary that focuses on KrisAnne Hall giving a speech as a keynote. Florida neoconfederate hate group was addressed in 2019. A second Verum document, 2021s Notessential, examines the tyranny that surrounds COVID-19. Sorensen stated that the film has not been released yet. Galen Bacharier is a reporter for the News-Leader who covers Missouri politics and government. Contact him at [email protected] us at (573) 219-7440, or via Twitter @galenbacharier. The original version of this article appeared in Springfield News-Leader. Film documenting the defense of Rep. Derges, in production