Trump is fined $110,000 after he failed to obey subpoenas in civil probe-New York ag

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Trump Organization in Contempt of Court Order

A federal judge has ruled that the Trump Organization has failed to comply with a subpoena issued by Letitia James‚ the attorney general of New York. The case centers on Trump's alleged pattern of misleading tax and banking authorities. The Trump Organization has maintained its innocence‚ and Habba's attorneys have said that they did not withhold documents from the federal government.

NEW YORK‚ (Reuters) – Former President Donald Trump was fined $110‚000 for failing to comply with a subpoena for a civil investigation into the business practices of his company. A spokesperson for New York Attorney General said Friday. Trump had to pay the fine as one of three actions to get a contempt order lifted by a judge last month. It was for the lack of cooperation with Letitia Jam's probe into Trump Organization misleading tax officials and banks. Arthur Engoron was the judge and he held Trump contemptuously. He fined Trump $10‚000 each day beginning last month. Engoron lifted the contempt notice and the penalty stopped accruing after Trump provided details about his records search. Engoron stated that he could start fining Trump once again if Trump didn't pay the fine by May 20. Additionally‚ he required that an outside firm review the Trump Organizations records in order to find relevant documents. He also requested that Trump's employees submit statements on their handling of records. The spokesperson stated that the first condition was met‚ but not the second. Alina Habba (Trump's lawyer) did not respond immediately to our request for comment. James stated that her investigation has revealed evidence that James' probe found the company‚ which owns and manages properties around the globe including hotels and golf courses‚ has misvalued assets to obtain tax and loan benefits. Trump‚ a Republican‚ denies any wrongdoing. He also called the probe politically motivated. James is a Democrat. The fine money will remain in escrow while Trump appeals the contempt order to a higher court. Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York and Luc Cohen; Editing done by Noeleen Walder‚ Nick Macfie