Trump must pay $110k to get out of contempt

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Letitia James and the Trump Organization

Letitia James‚ the attorney general of New York‚ has been busy investigating the Trump Organization's finances since the fall of 2018. She is the latest federal prosecutor to bring a civil fraud case against the former president. She is also looking into whether Trump used his business empire to get better terms from banks. The judge has dismissed the lawsuit. However‚ the investigation has raised some troubling questions. If she is right‚ she may get in trouble.

NEW YORK‚ (AP) -- Trump was held in contempt for failing to comply with a civil subpoena from New York's attorney General. Trump paid his fine on Thursday‚ but was required to submit further paperwork in order for the contempt order to be lifted. The office of Attorney General Letitia Jam stated Friday. Trump's lawyer received a message Friday seeking comments. A Manhattan judge. Trump declared in contempt by the court on April 25‚ he was fined $10‚000 per day after he failed to comply with James' ongoing investigation into his business practices. Judge Arthur Engoron ruled May 11‚ that the contempt order would be lifted if Trump submitted all affidavits‚ paid his fines‚ and provided a description of his efforts to find the records. He also explained his document retention policy.

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New York Judge lifts Trump's contempt finding‚ subject to certain conditions

In accordance with certain conditions‚ the New York Judge has lifted the contempt conviction against Donald Trump. Trump is required to obey the conditions by May 20‚ 2018. CBS News' investigative reporter Graham Kates joined CBS News Tanya Rivero to discuss the investigation. Engoron required that Trump's company HaystackID assist in the search. This company was to go through 17 boxes stored off-site and report their findings. They also had to turn over all relevant documents. James said that the process had been completed on Thursday. Engoron instructed Trump to send the money to James' office. The attorney general was to keep the money in an account until Trump and his legal team appeal the original contempt finding. Engoron stopped the May 6th fine accruing. Trump's attorneys submitted 66 pages detailing his efforts to find the records. If his conditions were not met‚ he warned that he would reinstate the fine retroactively to May 7. James is a Democrat and said that her investigation over three years revealed evidence that Trump Organization's financial statements had misrepresented the true value of assets such as skyscrapers or golf courses for more than a decade. Trump‚ a Republican‚. Denies the allegations james has been called racist by him and an politically-motivated witch hunt.

donald <strong>Trump</strong> letitia james the organization must pay 110k to get out of contempt

James is Black. Trump's attorneys have charged her with selective prosecution. Trump also sued James federally‚ seeking to close down her investigation. A James lawyer said last week that the evidence from the investigation could be used to support legal action against either the ex-president‚ the company he worked for‚ or both. Andrew Amer (the lawyer) stated at the hearing that Trump's suit against James had accumulated a lot of evidence that can support the filing an enforcement proceeding. However‚ a decision on whether to file such an action is yet to be made.