Twitter reacts to Colts signing CB Stephon Gilmore

Saturday, April 16, 2022
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Twitter Reacts Positively to Colts Signing CB Stephon Gilmore

It is not a surprise that people are reacting positively to the Indianapolis Colts signing veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore. The veteran cornerback had been a free agent for quite some time‚ but the Colts clearly see value in retaining the veteran cornerback. NFL Insider Aaron Schatz hailed Gilmore's signing‚ calling him a great signing. The signing continues the Colts' trend of signing third-contract veterans‚ who have a proven track record and add leadership and an intangible element to their roster.


The Indianapolis Colts have added another veteran cornerback to their roster in the form of Stephon Gilmore. The two-year deal is worth $23 million and comes after the team hinted at a splash signing. Gilmore will join a group of star defensive backs that includes Kenny Moore‚ Darius Leonard‚ and DeForest Buckner. Gilmore can fill the void left by Rhodes and could prove to be a mentor to other young defensive backs. He will also be the fourth cornerback in a star-studded defense that already includes Kenny Moore‚ DeForest Buckner‚ and Yannick Ngakoue. The signing of Gilmore will help the Colts' defense‚ as the team desperately needs another cornerback. The Colts are hoping to make the most of Gilmore's talent and experience by pairing him with Kenny Moore II and rookie cornerback J.T. Wilson. The Colts have a need at cornerback and Gilmore is an experienced cover man who is expected to contribute immediately. The Colts have a long list of players who could make the team a top-10 defense. Andrew Luck has the smarts and the technique to be a top-four cornerback and is expected to excel in a zone-heavy 'Cover 3' defense. With these two new players‚ the Colts' playoff chances will improve. The Colts are also getting a veteran safety who can make a difference in the defensive line.


With the Indianapolis Colts finally making a move to add another defensive piece to their roster‚ many people are taking notice. Adam Schefter reported that the Colts have signed five-time Pro Bowl CB Stephon Gilmore. The former Bills star is the league's 2019 Defensive Player of the Year and was selected 10th overall by the Buffalo Bills in the 2012 NFL draft. Whether Gilmore plays well for the Colts is another matter entirely. While Schefter‚ Woj‚ and the Indianapolis Star have been considered reliable sources for the latest news in the NFL‚ there are a few people who know players better than others. That includes Gilmore's wife‚ Gabrielle. On Monday‚ she took to Twitter to talk about her husband's new destination. Another tweeter said that the Eagles were in need of a cornerback. While Gilmore has few comparables in the NFL‚ the Indianapolis Colts have a lot to gain by adding him. The Colts have added ace athletes on both sides of the ball‚ including QB Matt Ryan and CB Stephon Gilmore. The team will be in a great position to contend for the NFL Championship‚ especially with Gilmore on the field. But if it turns out that Gilmore has a better game on defense than we thought‚ we may see some major changes in the Indianapolis Colts' roster in the years to come.

Smith's career

After spending the first four seasons of his career in New Orleans‚ Smith has agreed to sign a two-year‚ $6 million deal. The deal includes $2 million in guarantees and could reach $10 million with incentives. Smith‚ 30‚ has tallied 1‚486 yards and 17 touchdowns through 51 games with the Saints. His catches are also more reliable with 73% coming on first downs. In addition to Smith‚ the Colts also signed CB Stephon Gilmore. The signing of Gilmore could help Indianapolis' secondary‚ which lost two starting cornerbacks last season. Xavier Rhodes‚ the team's three-time Pro Bowl cornerback‚ remains unsigned at age 31 and Rock Ya-Sin was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders. Gilmore‚ however‚ is a veteran with more than four seasons of NFL experience. Smith could be an option to fill the role of Xavier Rhodes after signing with the Colts‚ but his lack of experience in the position limits his options. Adding Gilmore would provide the Colts with a veteran cornerback and mentor for its younger defensive backs. Meanwhile‚ Gilmore would add another star to an already star-studded defensive back unit.

Gilmore's injury

The Indianapolis Colts signed CB Stephon Gilmore at the trade deadline‚ but the team hopes the lingering effects of an injury will subside before the start of training camp. Gilmore was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year last year but missed half of the season after tearing his quad. He returned to the field only in Week 8 of last year. The fifth-year veteran was drafted 10th overall by the Bills and signed a five-year‚ $65 million contract with the Patriots in 2017. He was a two-time All-Pro in New England. In addition to Gilmore‚ the Colts also signed former NFL MVP Darius Leonard. With a few key injuries‚ Indianapolis may need to re-sign CB Stephon Gilmore. The Colts' defense was solid but not great last season. Their secondary was exposed‚ but they still have a talented running back in Michael Pittman Jr. In addition to Gilmore‚ the Colts are still lacking a reliable stretch receiver. Therefore‚ they'll aggressively seek a stretch receiver in the NFL Draft.

Smith's future with Colts

If you're a fan of the Indianapolis Colts‚ you're probably interested in Braden Smith's future with the team. The Colts' offensive line is already rock solid‚ but they need to add a piece to their defensive line that can help them stop the run. Smith has the traits needed to be an elite NFL right tackle‚ but his shortcomings may prevent him from reaching his full potential. Despite his size and lack of arm length‚ Smith has made the most of his small frame. He was drafted as a guard at Auburn‚ but the Colts moved him to right tackle. Since his rookie year in 2018‚ Smith has emerged as one of the league's top young tackles and has helped the Colts form a top-tier offensive line. In fact‚ Pro Football Focus has graded Smith as a top-20 tackle in each of the last two seasons. Despite his injury‚ Smith has made progress in practice. He has participated in all three practice sessions this week‚ but his status remains as a question mark for Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans. As a result‚ Matt Pryor has taken over the starting job from Julien Davenport. Pryor averaged 28.7 points per game. However‚ the Colts have a lot of options at left tackle‚ so Smith could end up playing in the right spot.

Smith's impact on Colts defense

As a right tackle‚ Smith has been one of the Colts' most productive players for the past two seasons. While he may be young‚ Smith is proving himself as one of the league's best offensive tackles. In 2019‚ Smith started 28 straight games for the Colts and missed just one snap. He also played 1‚075 snaps‚ which tied him for 10th in the NFL among offensive tackles. The Indianapolis Colts should have signed Smith earlier in the draft‚ especially since he's from Fort Wayne‚ Indiana‚ about a two-hour drive from Lucas Oil Stadium. While his shortcomings aren't apparent in coverage‚ he's a sound tackler and holds his own when asked to drop back into coverage. It's hard to find a former Pro Bowler in his prime in the middle of the season‚ but Smith has already made a big impact. When the Packers signed Smith‚ they were in the market for a defensive lineman. The Packers spent two picks in the April draft on linebackers. They also signed former safety Keanu Neal to play linebacker. Smith started the season as the starter‚ but he was quickly passed by Micah Parsons and Keanu Neal. The Cowboys cut Smith after two seasons. Luckily‚ they found a veteran replacement for Smith at the position.

Gilmore's impact on Colts passing game

After a lengthy offseason of rumors and speculation‚ the Indianapolis Colts have added free agent cornerback Stephon Gilmore to their roster. Signing the former All-Pro cornerback to a two-year deal is expected to add a veteran presence to their defense. Several players expressed their excitement on Twitter following the announcement. Here are some reactions from fans and players. The Colts' signing of Gilmore has sparked much excitement. As the tenth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft‚ Stephon Gilmore began his career with the Bills before signing a five-year deal with the Patriots. He won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2018 and was traded to the Panthers after a disappointing season in 2020. Despite Gilmore's outstanding career‚ the Colts are unlikely to need him‚ especially since they have plenty of other options at the cornerback position. Amid the rumors of Gilmore's potential to be a star‚ Indianapolis fans are overwhelmingly excited about Gilmore's signing. Despite his lack of experience‚ Rodgers is eager to learn from the veteran‚ who won Defensive Player of the Year honors this season. While Gilmore may not be the same player he was in 2019‚ he is a top veteran who can help the Colts win games immediately.