Twitter suspends The Babylon Bee after it named Rachel Levine

Monday, March 21, 2022
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In a tweet‚ the right-wing website The Babylon Bee referred to Rachel Levine as a man‚ violating a rule against hateful conduct. The site‚ which has an estimated 1.3 million followers‚ is not a violation of Twitter's rules‚ but it's still in trouble after the incident. The tweet was posted Sunday night and was taken down the next day‚ but not before the CEO retweeted it. The Twitter suspension follows the fact that The Babylon Bee‚ a popular media account with more than 1.3 million followers‚ posted a tweet in response to USA Today's decision to name Levine a women of the year. The tweet violated the company's policy against harassment and violence against individuals. Further‚ the article also violated the company's rules against spreading serious diseases and inciting violence. Last week‚ the company banned The Babylon Bee after it named Levine a woman of the year in an article. The USA Today account would be restored in 12 hours‚ but only after it had removed the tweet. In the meantime‚ The Beast Bee has been unable to publish new content on the platform. In order to avoid repercussions‚ The Babylon Bee's CEO Seth Dillon tweeted the suspension news from his own account. Twitter suspended The Babylon Bee's account for two days for making a tweet about USA Today's women of the year award. The suspension will remain in effect until The blog posts an apology and removes the offending tweet. The company plans to reactivate the account if the website deletes the post. So‚ what's the point of posting such a comment? The Babylon Bee has already been caught in controversy before. The Babylon Bee's account has been banned from Twitter since March 15. Although it's still in operation‚ it was previously under the radar. The parody site's suspension was first reported by USA Today on March 16‚ and then spread to multiple news outlets. It was only a matter of time until Levine's name was revealed to be a transgender woman. In the meantime‚ her tweet was subsequently banned. The Babylon Bee's account has been suspended by Twitter‚ which has over 1.3 million followers. The reason for the suspension is unclear‚ but the Twitter team hopes to make the situation better for everyone. The company's CEO‚ Seth Dillon‚ tweeted the news on his own account and attached a screenshot of the suspended account. This action is a sign of how the social media giant has taken steps to protect the rights of transgender people. The Babylon Bee's account has been banned from the site after it named Rachel Levine as its woman of the year.

twitter suspends the babylon bee after it named rachel levine
Image source : cbsaustin

The company's tweet is a response to a recent article in USA Today that named the actress as a woman of the year. The Twitter suspension was temporary and could be re-instated after the Bee deleted its post. The satirical website has been suspended after it published the 'Rachel' tweet. The account was suspended after USA Today's tweet mischaracterized Levine as a man. After the controversy‚ the account was suspended for a week. Its owner said that the suspension was temporary and the account would be restored after 12 hours. The company said that it would not remove the offending tweet‚ but that it was investigating the case. It is unclear what exactly happened. The Babylon Bee is a popular website‚ with over 1.3 million followers. Despite the high number of followers‚ the site is unable to post new content on its site. The Babylon Bee's Twitter account was suspended for posting a tweet that criticized USA Today's woman of the year article. The company's account was later unlocked after more than 12 hours. Until the offending tweet was removed‚ the account of USA Today has been suspended. If the suspension continues‚ the website will not be able to post new content. Its followers are not allowed to respond to such messages on the social network.

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