Two helicopters crash yards away from beaches in California and

Sunday, February 20, 2022
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In Los Angeles, two police helicopters crashed yards away from the beach, killing one pilot and injuring another. The Huntington Beach helicopter was responding to a disturbance fight call when it crashed. The police department contracts with the Newport Beach Police Department to provide aerial support. A public information officer for the Huntington Beach police received a call about the crash about 6:30 p.m., and immediately called for assistance. Newport Beach police responded to the radio broadcast within minutes. The chief of the Newport City police department was at a news conference Thursday evening, and said that the investigation is ongoing. The Huntington Beach police helicopter crashed into the ocean Saturday night while responding to a fight call. The Miami Beach crash happened about a mile away from South-Beach, which was packed with swimmers and sunbathers. Both crew members suffered injuries, but it is unclear whether the faa has been notified about the crashes. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and Orange County Sheriff's Department are looking into the crashes. The Huntington Beach Police Department says the crash occurred while responding to a disturbance fight call.

The faa did not respond to an inquiry made Saturday evening. At the time of the crash, the faa has not released any details about the cause of the crashes. It's too early to say whether anyone died, but there were two people in the aircraft. Several emergency vehicles gathered along the shoreline.