Two more universities sued by parents Missouri student accused of hazing which left his brain damage

Friday, June 10, 2022
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David Bia and the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

Several weeks ago, University of Missouri freshman Danny Santulli was injured in an incident involving the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. The fraternity had given him vodka and beer via a tube, and he suffered severe alcohol poisoning. Santulli is now unable to speak or move his body. Bia is representing the fraternity and his family.

A family of University of Missouri students aged 19 left Missouri with permanent housing. Brain damage After being made to consume vodka at a fraternity party, and then falling unconscious on the ground, the student is seeking damages from the two other students who were allegedly part of the hazing. On Wednesday, the family of Daniel Santulli named Alec Wetzler as the defendant in a civil suit originally filed against 22 students. The case was eventually settled by Phi Gamma Delta. The settlement terms were not disclosed. Santulli, an 18-year old freshman, was at a pledge event called Pledge Dad Reveal Night in October last year at Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. There, he was forced to consume a whole bottle of Tito’s vodka. Video from the surveillance camera inside the fraternity house shows this. Video also shows members of the fraternity pouring alcohol down Santulli’s throat using a tube, a funnel and while he was still part of the process of drinking the vodka. Every fraternity had their own alcohol and Santulli was Tito. David Bianchi was an attorney representing Santulli. He said that Santulli was given two hours to complete the drink. Santulli fell to his death at 10:55 in the morning. Fraternity members took him to a couch. He remained there for more than 1 1/2 hours before he was taken to a car. However, members dropped him onto his head. Santulli had stopped breathing and was already in cardiac arrest when they brought him to University Hospital. According to The, his blood alcohol level was.486, Columbia Missourian. Santulli is still blind, unable to walk and talk due to brain damage. Doctors have advised his family that he will require special care the rest of their lives. Bianchi stated that although a settlement was reached on May 10 with the fraternity and 22 students, the family chose to add Gandhi and Wetzler as defendants following the complete police report and surveillance footage. The lawsuit by the Santulli Family claims that Wetzler allegedly put the beer down Santulli’s throat and Gandhi, who was temporarily trying to help him, allegedly left an intoxicated Santulli. Wetzler's lawyer declined to comment on Friday. It was also unclear if Gandhi retained legal counsel. In an interview on Thursday's ABC News Good Morning America, Mary Pat Santulli, Santulli’s mother said that they knew the boy was in trouble and his lips were blue. It is like a 6-year old calls %. The Boone County Prosecuting Attorney's Office charged Wetzler with misdemeanors of possessing alcohol by minors and providing alcohol to minors on June 2. However, he was not criminally charged for hazing. Bianchi stated that the actions of the fraternity members on Oct. 19 were in line with the state's legal definition of "hazing". This includes forced drinking of alcohol or recklessly endangering a student's mental or physical well-being. This is called textbook hazing. This is not a dispute. Bianchi stated that you can be in jail up to one-year. It is also completely unsettling that no criminal charges have been brought against anyone. The prosecutor chose to ignore the law rather than enforce it, which is completely unacceptable. Friday's comment was not received by the Boone County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. Meredith Santulli is Santulli’s sister. Meredith Santulli told Good Morning America that it made her sick to see the people who harmed Danny walking around campus acting as if they had done nothing wrong. After the incident, the University of Missouri as well Phi Gamma Delta International closed the chapter. The university also imposed discipline sanctions against 13 of those students who were found guilty after an investigation by the University. We continue to think and pray for Danny and his family. Rob Caudill is the executive director of Phi Gamma Delta International Fraternity. Said in a statement After the incident. Danny shouldn't have been in this situation. The university had placed sanctions against Phi Gamma Delta for distribution and violation of university policies during the Aug. 24, 2021 fraternity event. This was thirteen days prior to the event. One of the sanctions was to ban Phi Gamma Delta hosting alcohol-related events until February 1. For hazing, sanctions were also imposed on May 20,21. The safety of our Mizzou community has been our top priority. We must address other issues holistically to offer education and support for safer behaviors, Mun Choi, the university president, stated in a statement May 5. Bianchi stated Friday that university sanctions aren't effective because these men don't care. You have to pursue it in a new way. According to him, Santulli's relatives just moved Daniel in and are now trying to care for him. Santulli's mother said that he is still unable to talk or walk. He is now in a wheelchair. His vision has been lost. He hears our voices and knows that we are there.