U.S. Sen. Johnson Discusses how Hunter and James Biden paid

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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US Sen Johnson discussed the issue of whether James Biden and Hunter Ho received payment from the Chinese government through his office in December. In a letter‚ he asked for information about the payments from the CEFC‚ a firm owned by the Chinese government. The report said the money was not related to the presidential campaign‚ but did have political significance. Moreover‚ the money was not paid to the candidates directly. According to the US Senate's investigation‚ the Vice-President and his wife received thousands of dollars from a Chinese company. In his defense‚ the Democrats emphasized that this was not a campaign matter and that the two candidates were unaware of the payment. The US senator‚ however‚ was quick to call out the foreign entity. In his interview with One America News‚ Chairman Johnson said that there was no evidence that the Bidens received illegal payments for speaking to his staff. The Senate is now considering whether to hold a hearing on the issue. While Democrats dismissed it as a case of Russian disinformation‚ Republicans pointed to the fact that the US senator's wife received $100‚000 from the state-owned Chinese energy company CEFC. It also revealed that the NSA‚ FBI‚ and CIA investigated the matter. The two lawmakers are also considering whether to investigate the emails. US Sen. Ron Johnson‚ chairman of the US Senate‚ also discussed the issue in his remarks. He noted that the US government has never released information related to its investigations. Grassley argued that the Bidens' payments were improper. The two men sided in their assessment. The committee did not agree on the specifics of the case‚ and they accused the senator of spreading a false narrative to the public. A senator who has a family member working for the Chinese government in China has also been under investigation. In his case‚ US Sen. Johnson and his colleague Grassley concluded that the Biden brothers did not open a bank account with the state-owned energy company CEFC. The investigation continues. Until the investigation is completed‚ the US Senate is looking into whether or not the president and his family members were corrupted by the Chinese. The Senate committees' findings are inconclusive‚ but the allegations raise questions about the Bidens' relationships with foreign governments. There is no direct proof that the Bidens' sons engaged in prostitution‚ but the reports suggest that the family was enriched. The investigation will help determine whether the bidens' family has an honest relationship with their foreign counterparts. If the former is indeed guilty of bribery‚ he will be found guilty. Although the committees have no direct proof that the Bidens paid prostitutes‚ they do have records of payments and transactions that would indicate that they had paid the women.

us sen johnson discusses how hunter and james biden paid u s sen
Image source : idailymai

Despite these allegations‚ both the Democrats and Republicans are still denying the allegations. The investigation's findings are a clear sign that the U.S. Senate and its Republican counterparts have knowingly and improperly influenced the United States Senate. The allegations of wrongdoing in Congress have been fueled by a scandal concerning US Sen. Johnson's relationship with the Chinese government raised questions about his integrity. He said he had a good relationship with MBNA‚ a company owned by the state. The senator's involvement in the investigation also prompted right-leaning media to talk up the findings. Grassley and Johnson both denounced the allegations. The investigation has raised questions about the relationship between the president and his son. The two have worked together in the past‚ and the two were linked in various ways. But their business interests were closely linked to the president. The two have continued to interact with the Chinese government‚ and the president and vice president have had financial ties with the state. While the U.S. Senate's governing body has endorsed the U.S. Democrat‚ the investigation's findings are a cause for concern.