UFC 273 Volkanovski mauls Korean Zombie to retain featherweight

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Alexander Volkanovski Knocks Out the Korean Zombie at UFC 273

Alexander Volkanovski retained his featherweight title with a brutal knockout of the Korean Zombie in UFC 273 on Saturday night. In the stand-up game‚ Volkanovski dominated Chan Sung Jung‚ but his wrestling and submission wins proved to be the difference. You should watch the entire fight to see why Volkanovski won by knockout.

Alexander Volkanovski retains featherweight title

On Saturday night in Jacksonville‚ Florida‚ Alexander Volkanovski retained his UFC featherweight title by defeating Chan Sung Jung. Although Jung is a dangerous featherweight‚ Volkanovski dominated the fight from start to finish‚ using elite striking to take down his opponent at will. This is Volkanovski's eleventh straight win‚ extending his record to 11-0. Despite his loss‚ the fight was still quite impressive considering the circumstances. After a dominant first round‚ Volkanovski dropped Jung with a leg kick. Then‚ he took him off his feet in the second round‚ landing big combinations. In the third round‚ Volkanovski controlled the fight‚ landing every combination he threw. After taking down Jung‚ Volkanovski scored a knee to the body on the exit. From there‚ Volkanovski was all over Jung and kept on picking him apart with leg kicks and counter-right hands. His second-round takedown nearly put Jung out cold. In the final round‚ Volkanovski scored another knockout in the form of a left hand‚ a leg kick and a short right hand. The Australian's rapid rise to featherweight champion status has been thrilling to watch‚ and his win over Ortega provides further legitimacy to his reign. Since taking the title from Max Holloway at UFC 266 last September‚ Volkanovski has fought only a single opponent outside of Hawaiian territory‚ and in that time‚ he has dominated his rival. On his last two title fights‚ Volkanovski has knocked out featherweight legend Jose Aldo with leg kicks. He also knocked out Cha Mendes. Following his win over Max Holloway in the previous UFC fight‚ Volkanovski has now won eight consecutive UFC fights. The most recent wins were against Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes. This rematch is a chance for Volkanovski to firmly establish his status as the best featherweight in the world. Last year‚ Volkanovski had to fight Holloway twice to secure his title‚ but Volkanovski is confident that he can beat any featherweight in his division.

Chan Sung Jung's stand-up game

The stand-up game of Chan Sung Jung at UFC 273 was a strong point in the fight. His timing in the clinch is excellent and he can score a takedown in no time. His favorite technique is the dipping jab‚ which can be used both on offense and defense to bait his opponent into an overhand or uppercut. The clinch was the best part of the fight and Jung's striking is on par with his takedowns. The timing was everything in a featherweight fight and Volkanovski was a strong contender in this division. When Max Holloway withdrew‚ most featherweights were eager to fill the vacancy. Some rushed in aggressively‚ while others were more reserved. However‚ the No. 4 ranked featherweight contender in the world was confident in his stand-up game and had no qualms about accepting the title challenge. The Korean Zombie is a talented fighter‚ and his stand-up skills will serve him well in the featherweight division. But his next fight against Alexander Volkanovski will be the biggest surprise of his career‚ and his lack of preparation will be the main obstacle. He's a good fighter‚ but his previous fights have left him frustrated. His long-term dream is to become a world champion. Volkanovski will land a lot of leg kicks and try to control the distance. The stand-up game of Jung has its ups and downs‚ but Volkanovski's wrestling has a lot of upside. His strike rate is impressive at 1.77%‚ but he has poor jiu-jitsu and has limited power. And the submission game of Jung is better than Volkanovski's.

Alexander Volkanovski's wrestling

If you're going to watch his upcoming fight with Chan Sung Jung at UFC 273‚ you might want to pay attention to Alexander Volkanovski's wrestling. This grappler is a solid choice for anyone looking to get a win in the featherweight division. Volkanovski uses a variety of striking and grappling techniques to beat opponents. His wrestling is especially effective in close quarters‚ where he can easily overwhelm an opponent. While many might think the Korean Zombie is the better fighter‚ Volkanovski is an underrated and immensely skilled wrestler who is capable of out-striking taller men. Whether Volkanovski ends up striking first or finishing him on the ground‚ he should have no problem making the weight. Volkanovski's wrestling is one of the highlights of the event. While Jung is known for being a glass cannon‚ Volkanovski is more of a high-volume striker who prefers to take his time and break his opponents down. He has won his last nine bouts by points and has won three straight fights that lasted over 25 minutes. But the odds are still in his favor - he's the underdog in this matchup‚ but he's definitely worth a look. The featherweight title fight will highlight UFC 273‚ which will be held inside the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville‚ Fla. Chan Sung Jung is a fan favorite‚ as well. But what's more‚ if you don't like Chan Sung Jung‚ you might want to skip this fight. In the meantime‚ you can watch Volkanovski's wrestling at UFC 273.

Alexander Volkanovski's submission wins

Alexander Volkanovski's victory in Jacksonville‚ Florida‚ secured him the featherweight title. Volkanovski had won 11 straight fights since he entered the UFC. The victory ended the unbeaten streak of Chan Sung Jung‚ aka 'The Korean Zombie.' Volkanovski's performance was described as a seminar by Joe Rogan‚ who compared Volkanovski's win to a seminar. Despite having an undefeated record‚ Volkanovski's main event bout against Chan Sung Jung was a one-sided affair. During the fight‚ Volkanovski landed multiple leg kicks and boxed crisply. Chan Sung Jung was dropped numerous times‚ but Volkanovski's submission ended the fight in the fourth round. In addition to Volkanovski's submission win‚ he retained his featherweight title. During the fight‚ Volkanovski circles around the Octagon from left to right. He throws a dangerous left jab and lands a deadly inside leg kick. He's moving faster than the Zombie and hitting Zombie's hands and legs with regularity. Zombie takes a beating‚ but continues to press but is a step behind Volkanovski. While Jung is a talented striker‚ Volkanovski is an underrated grappler. While Jung can finish opponents‚ Volkanovski is better at breaking down his opponents over time. He absorbs significant strikes at a rate of 3.34 per minute‚ which is a lot more than Jung can. The fight's final outcome is uncertain‚ but Volkanovski has a good chance of winning. The bout is a co-headlining event for UFC 273. This fight was supposed to settle any lingering controversy from the previous fight between Sterling and Yan. However‚ two judges scored the fight 48-47 for Sterling and 47-47 for Yan. A split decision was announced‚ which the Jacksonville crowd booed after the result was posted. A decision between the two fighters will determine the champion.

Alexander Volkanovski's grappling

While many people are blown away by Holloway's takedowns and his blitz-styled submissions‚ the real gems of Volkanovski's grappling are his aggressive feints and clinch work. The Russian has a great right hand‚ which he can follow with an overhand and slam his opponent onto the canvas. The main card of UFC 273 features three title fights‚ including the featherweight unification bout between Alexander Volkanovski and Chan Sung Jung‚ also known as the Korean Zombie. In addition‚ there is a bantamweight unification bout between Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan‚ who has not fought since being dropped by a vicious knee from Yan in March 2021. Jung has a reputation as a glass cannon and has a history of finishing opponents quickly. Volkanovski‚ however‚ is known as a high-volume striker who prefers to grind opponents down over time. After securing his third consecutive title shot‚ he landed two straight takedowns and is looking forward to facing the Zombie. Alexander Volkanovski's grappling skills are very impressive and he's capable of winning at welterweight. He hasn't lost since he was a Welterweight‚ and has won twenty straight fights - ten of which he's won in the Octagon. This impressive record makes him a highly-respected and intelligent fighter. After Volkanovski's win over Ortega in the main event‚ the title fight was a foregone conclusion. Ortega was the more dangerous wrestler in the first round‚ and Volkanovski defended himself with his grappling. The two were nearly equal on the scorecard. And Ortega's first win over Volkanovski likely came from his submission defenses.