Ukraine announces capture of top Putin pal Viktor Medvedchuk

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Ukraine Announces Capture of Putin Pal Viktor Medvedchuk

Whether you agree with the sanctions or not‚ Ukraine has announced the capture of a leading ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Viktor Medvedchuk was the Russian President's eyes and ears in Ukraine. He was charged with treason and put under house arrest‚ and Ukraine's new President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has targeted pro-Russian TV stations. The news has sparked a renewed push for NATO membership.

Viktor Medvedchuk is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin

The young Ukrainian news anchor Viktor Medvedchuk is surrounded by close ties to Putin‚ a longtime friend. He and his wife‚ Daria‚ were godparents to a baby girl in April. The two have maintained a close relationship ever since. In a recent interview‚ Medvedchuk said that Putin doted on his newborn daughter Daria when he visited their villa in Crimea. The two men have been close friends and political aides for years‚ and Medvedchuk's family is one of Putin's closest allies in Ukraine. The two men are godfathers to his youngest daughter. They were often seen together at official functions. Putin‚ who is the godfather of Medvedchuk's youngest daughter‚ promises to act accordingly. But in the meantime‚ the Ukrainian government has accused Medvedchuk of treason‚ a charge he denies. His lawyer says Medvedchuk moved his family to Europe because of threats from nationalist groups. The resurgence of Medvedchuk's party in Ukraine is a surprise to many. Despite the fact that Ukraine's government has repeatedly denied that it channeled its profits to the breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine‚ Putin's ally has returned to the state. Several recent polls have indicated that Medvedchuk is leading the Za Zhyttia party. The Russian government has pushed for this strategy because it fears it will damage Ukraine's political system. While the U.S. and NATO allies have reacted to the government's strategy‚ U.S. officials have stayed away from criticizing Zelensky's crackdown. In fact‚ the U.S. embassy has cheered Zelensky in the face of Medvedchuk‚ and even tweeted support for Zelensky when Russian sanctions were imposed on his assets. But the future of Ukraine is not without risks. A revolution swept through the country in 2014‚ which split the country in two. The protesters built an encampment on Kyiv's central square and demanded that Ukrainian leaders fight corruption and integrate with the West. It led to two months of clashes with police and ended with the security forces shooting protesters.

He was placed under U.S. sanctions following Russia's invasion of Crimea

Putin is the godfather of one of Ukraine's richest men‚ Viktor Medvedchuk. The Ukrainian politician and television mogul‚ who has been the godfather to several children of Russian President Vladimir Putin‚ has been the target of U.S. sanctions following Russia's invasion of Crimea. He's also a personal friend of Putin‚ and has admitted to being the godfather of his daughter. Ukraine's government alleged that Medvedchuk helped Russia appropriate the Crimean gas field by facilitating prisoner exchanges. During the Russian invasion of Crimea‚ Ukraine's security service said it was Medvedchuk's actions that made the Crimean gas field available to Russia. A US diplomat told The Associated Press that Washington was in direct communication with its partners to determine what really happened. But despite the evidence of his wrongdoing‚ his party still said the move was revenge for his public exposure of government failures. While Putin is acting emotionally‚ he does have a history of snapping at the wrong moment. He lashes out in a way that makes no sense to outside observers. Besides‚ he's thinking about his legacy as Russia's most powerful ruler and will want to see that the Ukraine situation is settled before leaving power. So Zelenskyy‚ Putin's ally in Crimea‚ has taken several measures since the Russian invasion of Crimea. He's also cracking down on Medvedchuk‚ Putin's close friend. Meanwhile‚ the Russian government has also been making a move to protect its interests in the region. In the past‚ Medvedchuk was a Soviet-appointed defense attorney for Vasyl Stus‚ a Ukrainian journalist who died in a Soviet labor camp. Medvedchuk's case is the latest example of how the Soviet Union can use its power to oppress its own people. Ukraine and the West are in a geopolitical tug of war over the Ukrainian border. Putin's action in Crimea‚ however‚ has benefitted both sides‚ with the Russian military generating the uncertainty that is not followed by sanctions. The uncertainty that Russia creates while provoking instability in Ukraine's economy has helped both sides. In the long run‚ this uncertainty has served both sides.

He denies charges

Ukraine Prime Minister Viktor Medvedchuk denies accusations that he acted in collusion with Russia to seize Ukrainian coal mines. Medvedchuk is the most prominent Ukrainian ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine has been at war with separatists in the eastern Donbass region since 2014. The seized coal mines caused an acute fuel shortage‚ which made Medvedchuk's involvement with the conflict with Russia an even more critical. Pro-Russian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk has been detained and placed under house arrest in Ukraine. He has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin‚ including being the godfather of his daughter. Earlier this year‚ President Zelenskyy issued a statement saying that the government should consider exchanging him for Ukrainian prisoners of war held by Russia. However‚ Medvedchuk's lawyer said that he was merely evading authorities. Ukrainian prosecutors have accused Medvedchuk of treason after a crackdown triggered by his election in 2019. Zelenskyy sanctioned him in February 2021 and banned Kremlin-linked TV channels. In addition‚ Medvedchuk denies all the charges against him. The government has also suspended the Opposition Platform for Life party‚ which he leads. The Opposition Platform for Life is Ukraine's largest opposition party with 44 seats. Both Medvedchuk and Putin are close personal friends‚ and the Russian president is the godfather of his daughter. While the alleged criminal activities against Medvedchuk are far from new‚ the Ukrainian government has taken several steps to protect its oligarchs. It has also sanctioned Kozak's pro-Russian television channels and his wife. Additionally‚ the Ukrainian government frozen their assets for three years. However‚ Medvedchuk is still defiant and claims the charges against him are politically motivated. This is a clear attempt to thwart peaceful relations with Russia. The arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk has riled up Russia and prompted Putin to threaten retaliation for the political persecution. Putin also thanked investigators and counterintelligence officers for their hard work‚ saying that disguise will not save you from punishment. This sparked anger in the Kremlin. In spite of all the controversies surrounding the Ukrainian leader‚ Medvedchuk has been able to post bail.

He calls them politically motivated

A flurry of media reports about a meeting between Medvedchuk and MPs from the far-right Alternative for Germany party in Paris has led to speculation that the event is politically motivated. A senior member of the party who is not involved in the affair‚ Oleg Voloshin‚ is part of several investigations‚ including one into alleged election meddling in Ukraine. Opposition members and a journalist were invited to the meeting‚ but they ignored it. The meeting was recorded by three TV crews: two from Medvedchuk's channels and a third from Kremlin propaganda channel Rossiya. Ukrainian media have reported that Ukraine has detained Medvedchuk‚ a longtime friend and pro-Russian politician. Medvedchuk has been close to Putin for decades and once said that Putin is his godfather. The arrests come after Ukraine's president put the former minister under house arrest‚ and the Ukrainian government suspended his association with 11 political parties. In Ukraine‚ Viktor Medvedchuk's political career was essentially over after he was captured in April 2016. He was a successful politician‚ but his Ne Tak political bloc and Ukrainian Choice project failed. But Medvedchuk has been making a comeback despite his political status as an ethnic Ukrainian. Hence‚ his ad-hoc opposition in the country has come under fire. The sudden intervention of Russian troops in Ukraine may have been prompted by a secret document prepared by the Russian Defense Ministry. It may have included a call for NATO to never enter Ukraine and withdraw its forces from the eastern regions of the country to their geographic positions before 1997. If true‚ this attack may have been an asymmetrical military operation. But the Russian military might have been able to sneak in the weapons and covertly awaited the attack in Ukraine with a military maneuver that disarmed the Ukrainian National Guard. The arrest of top Putin pal Viktor Medvedchyuk in Crimea has further heightened Russia-Ukraine tensions. The escalation in Ukraine is likely aimed at demonstrating that Russia is a legitimate nation. It is not‚ however‚ the case that Crimea is not politically motivated. However‚ the Ukraine situation is a complex one and its annexation of Crimea by Russia was politically motivated.