Ukraine declares russia suffered'significant losses in the snake island airstrike strikes: June 22 recap

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Russian Forces Expand Air Defenses Around the Snake Islands

As the war continues to unfold in Eastern Ukraine‚ Russia has begun to reinforce its air defenses in the region around the Snake Islands. Meanwhile‚ the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian forces have deployed additional S-300 air defense battalions to Crimea. It's unclear what the Russians' ultimate plans are for the region‚ but it's important to note that the Russians may be relying on air and coastal defense to avoid being caught off guard by Ukrainian naval forces.

Editor's Note: This page summarizes news stories from Ukraine that were published on Wednesday 22 June. keep checking this page for all the news and updates from thursday 23 june as russia's invasion continues . Late Tuesday‚ Ukrainian forces claimed that Russian forces suffered significant losses from airstrike strikes on Snake Island in Black Sea. In a Facebook post‚ the southern Ukrainian operational command stated that it suffered significant losses from Russian forces through the use of different forces. The Washington Post reported. According to the New York Times‚ it was said by the military a russian air defense system was destroyed as well as cars on the island. U.S. satellite images of the island were released June 17‚ and June 21 by Maxar Technologies. They show newly-charred areas. Snake Island (also known as Zmiinyi Island) was where Ukrainian soldiers were stationed. Refused to surrender to Russian warships In the beginning days of war. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the ministry was still in process on its telegram channel the Ukrainian attempted to seize the island in a crazy move‚ and Russia countered and destroyed any enemy weapons. Russian-occupied islands play a crucial role in controlling shipping lanes in Black Sea. These include corridors that allow grain to be distributed in Ukraine‚ and access to Odesa port. A satellite image taken by Maxar Technologies on June 17 shows the southern end of Snake Island with a tower.This satellite image taken on June 21 shows the southern end Snake Island with its burned vegetation and a damaged tower. Latest developments Olha Stefanishyna (Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister‚ European and Euro-Atlantic Integration)‚ stated Wednesday that she is 100% sure all E.U. Ukraine's candidature for membership will be approved by nations as soon as Thursday at the E.U. Leaders summit in Belgium. Microsoft reported Wednesday that state-backed Russian hackers engaged in strategic spying against 42 countries in support of Kyiv. This coincides with the unrelenting cyberattacks on Ukraine. Russian forces are continuing to attack and take over villages in eastern Ukraine‚ in an attempt to advance on Lysychansk (the last remaining city under Ukrainian control in the Luhansk Region). The Russian military controls 95% square kilometers of this area. Reporters Without Borders claims that a Ukrainian photographer and soldier were with him during the Russian invasion. They were looking for the missing drone to take pictures in Russian-occupied forests. Video:Ben Stiller's praise for the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy during a U.N. Visit

Actor Ben Stiller lauds the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's visit to United Nations

As a United Nations ambassador of goodwill‚ Ben Stiller traveled to Ukraine in support of World Refugee Day.

To be published the diary of a 12-year-old Ukrainian girl

Yeva Skalietska is a twelve-year-old Ukrainian refugee who has released a collection of journal entries that recount her experiences during wartime and her escape. It is titled You don't know what war it is: Diary of an Ukrainian Young Girl. The book starts with her 12th Birthday‚ just before Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. When the bombing started‚ she was living with her grandmother in Kharkiv. October 25th will see the publication of this book. A portion of the profits will be donated by Barnes Noble to Union Square Co. Publisher.

As Russia gains in Ukraine's eastern Ukraine‚ there are no concerns about the West alliance being fractured

For weeks‚. Russian forces have taken over eastern ukraine it is gradually gaining ground.

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Although Western nations have provided weapons for Ukraine‚ the Donbass region of Russia still has its forces. Some are now questioning whether West's strategy and alliance in this war is splintering. Earlier this month‚ the French president Emmanuel Macron was criticised for saying that Russia should not be humiliated by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. Boris Johnson‚ British prime minister recently spoke out against Ukraine fatigue. However‚ President Joe Biden stated Tuesday that he has no concerns about the Western alliance breaking down. According to CNN‚ he said that he was not afraid. However‚ I believe there is a point at which this will be a wait game. That is the difference between what Russia can sustain and what Europe has to sustain.

During the ongoing Russian invasion‚ Ukraine's LGBTQ community is struggling

After a decade-long struggle for greater acceptance‚ the official Pride parade was cancelled in Kyiv. Ukraine‚ a predominantly religious country with a history of discrimination against homosexual and gender expression‚ was a refuge for Eastern Europe and an uncommon bright spot for LGBTQ rights before Russia invaded. Ex-Soviet LGBTQ people would go to larger cities such as Kyiv‚ Kharkiv and Odesa to enjoy a gay club scene. It was safer for them to openly be themselves. The ongoing war forced the relocation of what would have marked the 10th anniversary for the Equality March in Kyiv to Poland. We had a lot‚ and I hope that we can rebuild it‚" said Yuriy Divizhon (creative director at UKRAINEPRIDE). Read more here. – Tami Abdollah‚ USA TODAY Contributing to The Associated Press Original publication: USA TODAY ukraine invades snake island by russian forces: recap june 22