Ukraine war: everything we know on day 19 of the Russian invasion

Monday, March 14, 2022
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On day 19 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine‚ there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding this crisis. There is no clear reason for the invasion and the main objective of Russia's intervention is destabilization‚ not control. But it seems that the military is using random violence against Ukrainian civilians‚ grabbing land in the south while ignoring their plans. And there's no sign that they'll back down‚ even though they're already shelling civilian residential areas in Kiev‚ Kharkiv‚ and Odessa. On day 19 of the Russian invasion‚ the Ukrainian government has alleged that Russian forces have committed war crimes. There have also been reports of the shelling of a kindergarten and orphanage outside of Kyiv‚ and thousands of civilians have joined the Russian army to fight. Meanwhile‚ officials in Ukraine have called on residents to make Molotov cocktails and enlist in the military. The United States and NATO are stepping up their support for the Ukrainian people.

ukraine war everything we know on day 19 of the russian invasion war
Image source : iguimco

The US announced that it would add additional troops in Germany. U.S. President Donald Trump scrapped his plan to withdraw its troops from Europe‚ and Vice President Joe Biden urged Moscow to de-escalate the situation. Despite these warnings‚ however‚ the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has yet to meet his Russian counterpart.