UN rights chief decries mass execution of 81 people in Saudi Arabia

Monday, March 14, 2022
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Video/image source : youtube, foreignpol
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The UN rights chief has condemned the mass executions of 81 people in Saudi Arabia. The country has been executing people for a year and a half‚ with 41 of them being Shiite Muslims. The victims were arrested in 2011 and 2012 for participating in anti-government protests‚ and activists say they were targeted for their religious beliefs and political views. The High Commissioner has called on the Saudi authorities to stop the executions‚ implement a moratorium on the use of the death penalty‚ and commute the sentences of those who have been sentenced to death. Despite international condemnation‚ the United Nations' human rights chief said that the executions in Saudi Arabia had been brutal and inhuman. Some of those executed did not receive fair trials‚ while others were not convicted of the most serious crimes. The High Commissioner also voiced concern over the executions being linked to the ongoing conflict in Yemen‚ which pits the Houthi rebels against the Saudi-led coalition supporting the internationally recognized Government forces. According to international law‚ executing people without a fair trial is a war crime. The executions were carried out in Saudi Arabia without any due process or fair trials.

un rights chief decries mass execution of 81 people in saudi arabia
Image source : foreignpol

Most of the prisoners executed were believed to have links to Al-Qaeda‚ the Huthi rebels in Yemen‚ or other terrorist organisations. The Saudi government‚ meanwhile‚ has repeatedly denied these claims‚ and has failed to take any action to enforce international law. The UN human rights chief urges the Saudi authorities to halt the executions and implement a moratorium on the death penalty.