Update Former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede back in court

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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Former eThekwini mayor Zundile Gumede is back in court on charges of racketeering‚ corruption and fraud. He appeared before the Durban High Court on Tuesday with his 21 co-accused. On the docket there were 397 pages with 2‚793 charges. In the previous indictment‚ Gumede was listed as number one on the list of accused. A list of key role players was also attached. The trial is expected to begin on 18 July‚ a few days after his ANC recall. He will face charges related to a multimillion rand Durban solid waste tender. During this time‚ he has been suspended from his position in the eThekwini municipality and has since been removed from office. The trial is set to last for a full year‚ and is likely to drag on into the end of 2019. The ANC MPL is seeking a verdict in the corruption case against former eThekwini mayor Zandtile Gumede. The alleged crimes include fraud‚ and corruption. The ANC has accused Gumede of using his position to obtain kickbacks from construction companies. The city's board suspended him on Friday‚ and he faces up to five years in prison. Zandile Gumede is due in the Durban High Court on Tuesday. He faces more than two thousand charges related to the multimillion rand Durban solid waste tender. After the arrest‚ the former mayor was forced to resign from his position. The ANC will continue its investigation of the case to find out who the real culprit is. If Gumede is convicted‚ he will have to serve a three-year jail sentence. Former eThekwini mayor Z & T Gumede is due in court on February 17. He is accused of corruption‚ money laundering‚ and fraud. His ex-wife‚ sister‚ and ANC colleagues have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The eThekwini ANC has rejected his request to withdraw the indictment. The alleged crimes reportedly amount to more than R2million. On Tuesday‚ the ANC will send a delegation to court to defend Zandile Gumede. The ANC is not in favour of the former mayor. The ANC has a stand-by clause in the constitution for this case. If the president is acquitted on the first day of the trial‚ his case will be dismissed. The eThekwini ANC will try to prevent the charges from being pressed. The former eThekwini mayor will appear in court on July 18. The trial will concern the multi-million rand Durban solid waste tender. The ANC had recently thrown Gumede out of office‚ but he is still facing charges of fraud and corruption. He is also facing charges of theft and money laundering. It is not yet clear whether Gumede will be found guilty on all of the charges against him. The case against the former eThekwini mayor is still ongoing. The case will be resolved by the Durban High Court on July 18‚ 2022. The case was initially postponed in March of this year due to a lack of evidence. The eThekwini municipal council was forced to remove the former eThekwini mayor in 2017. The former eThekwini mayor will appear in the High Court of Pietermaritzburg on July 18. He will be tried on 2000 charges relating to a multi-million rand Durban solid waste tender. The case will also affect his ANC regional chair seat. A verdict on the charges against the former mayor is expected this week. In the meantime‚ the prosecution's case will likely try other eThekwini mayors to get rid of him from office. After being removed from the mayor's post‚ he resigned. He was replaced by Mxolisi Kaunda. After his recall‚ he was appointed to the KZN provincial legislature. He is alleged to have received R2‚8 million in kickbacks from service providers. In his defence‚ he denies any wrongdoing.