US President Joe Biden backs up Putin comments made in Poland

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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US Vice President Joe Biden is backing up Russian President Vladimir Putin's remarks about Ukraine‚ arguing that the words should not be misconstrued to escalate the conflict. While other leaders may take offense‚ US officials insist that the goal of sanctions against Russia is not to change the government in Moscow. But Biden's comments appear to have pitted him against Putin more than any other leader. On Wednesday‚ US Vice President Joe Biden spoke in Warsaw at the Royal Castle‚ and cited Poland's four decades as a country behind the Iron Curtain as a reason to confront autocratic Russia. But he raised eyebrows by addressing the Russian shelling of Ukrainian territory. He said that world democracies must be united in standing up to this aggressive power. On Friday‚ Vice President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian counterparts in Warsaw‚ where he commended the service of the 82nd Airborne division. He also suggested that they were the best fighting force in the world. However‚ this remark seems to contradict US President Obama's repeated assurances that no American troops will go to Ukraine. Despite the ambiguous nature of his comments‚ Biden's visit to Rzeszow also brought out the political implications of the US-Russian relationship. During his Warsaw tour‚ Biden also discussed Russia's attack on Ukraine. In a speech‚ Biden mentioned that the invasion of Ukraine represents a direct challenge to post-war order and threatens to push Europe back to a war-torn past. As a result‚ the US-Russian relationship is a major concern and a major source of tension in the region. In Poland‚ Vice President Joe Biden recently visited a refugee reception center. Since the conflict in Ukraine began‚ more than two million people have fled their homes. The ad-libitum quickly eclipsed the rest of the speech. In an effort to back up the vice president's comments‚ U.S. officials have stressed that the country should not be involved in the war in Ukraine‚ but they should be monitoring it. In his speech‚ Biden referred to the situation in Ukraine as a crisis of democracy. He also mentioned that the United States would not use chemical weapons if Russia used them. The vice president backed up Putin's remarks by talking about food shortages in America. Similarly‚ he said that if Russia uses them‚ the US would not use chemical weapons. Mr. Biden also backed up Putin's comments in Poland‚ but it was a rare case of bickering over the remarks. Although Biden has a history of speaking out of context‚ he has never before faced such high stakes. He reacted to the incident by saying that US President Joe will not interfere in the conflict in Ukraine.

us president joe biden backs up putin comments made in poland
Image source : reutersco

But he backed up Putin's remarks with his words. The vice president backed up his remarks by speaking out against Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. He also argued that Russia's actions in Ukraine are legitimate and that he is backing up Putin's comments by calling the Poles' attitude towards the Ukrainian people as hostile. This is a case where the US is defending the interests of its allies and is defending democracy in its neighbouring countries. In Poland‚ Biden said that US troops were preparing to move to Ukraine after the conflict with Russia. He added that if Russia used chemical weapons in Ukraine‚ we won't fight it. The VP's remarks‚ in fact‚ back up the remarks made by the Russian president. He also criticized the Polish government for its refusal to acknowledge the conflict. This is because the US president doesn't like to publicly criticize its allies. US Vice President Joe Biden backs up Putin comments in Poland after his visit to the war-torn country. He met with refugees in Poland and met with U.S. troops in Rzeszow‚ a city close to the Ukraine border. He called for the unity of all democracies to stand up to Russia. In other words‚ he spoke past Putin and said that the US will stand up to the Russian president.