US Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas released from hospital

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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US Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas was released from the hospital on Friday after being admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. Doctors treated him with intravenous antibiotics and administered a coronavirus vaccination and boosted immune system antibodies. The illness was not related to covid-19. Though he is the oldest member of the high court‚ Thomas is a popular justice. He was appointed by former President George H.W. Bush in 1991 and has been on the bench since then. The 73-year-old is also the second oldest justice‚ behind Stephen G. Breyer. While the health of US Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas remains a concern‚ the media's focus has shifted to the nomination process for his replacement. President Biden's nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is reportedly running for the position. If he is confirmed‚ he would be the first woman nominated by a sitting president to join the court. If the nomination is not made by the Senate‚ the US Supremes should remove him from the bench and appoint a new justice. In a statement released today‚ the Supreme Court said that Clarence Thomas had been released from the hospital but would not be available for oral arguments. The absence of the justice would have raised questions about whether he was fit to make decisions on the case. But he will participate in the cases using briefs instead of attending the hearings in person. And the absence of Justice Clarence Thomas during oral arguments would have created questions that have not been answered so far. While Thomas remains in the hospital‚ his health has improved in recent weeks. The Supreme Court announced earlier today that the doctor's tests showed that his symptoms have abated and that he will be released from the hospital in a day or two. Despite the lack of an update‚ the Court has said that Thomas will still participate in deciding cases based on the court briefs and hearing transcripts. After his release from hospital‚ Clarence Thomas' wife has urged her husband to take his medical condition seriously. The court has not released any updates on the health of the Supreme Court's long-serving judge. While the court's decision will be final‚ it will not be easy for the family to cope. If he is discharged‚ he will be able to serve on the court. In addition to the family's wishes‚ the US Supreme Court has also announced the nomination of Ginni Thomas as a successor to retiring Justice Stephen Breyer. The two have separate professional careers. The Washington Post reported that Virginia Thomas had sent text messages to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows about overturning the 2020 presidential election. The president has claimed that the election was rigged. He has since received COVID-19 vaccine and is now ready to continue his work. According to NBC News‚ the US Supreme Court judge has been released from the hospital after being treated with antibiotics for several days for flu-like symptoms.

us supreme court judge clarence thomas released from hospital
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Although he is still in the hospital‚ he will not be able to return to his job as a judge. He has also been facing criticism from the media over his personal life. He was previously accused of having a sexist relationship with his wife. On Tuesday‚ the US Supreme Court announced that the judge will be released from the hospital after a week-long stay. The decision was made after Thomas was admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and had been treated with antibiotics for an infection. The hospital released the case after the senate approved the appeals‚ but his absence from the court is still a concern. The justice was also absent in a number of other cases. The US Supreme Court has not released a statement regarding Thomas' health. The court has not provided updates about the condition of Clarence Thomas. A few days before the oral arguments‚ the hospital released the US Supreme Court's official website. This information is important to the public. The release of his status raises concerns about his condition. In the past‚ the Justices of the high court have not released any details about their physical health.