US warns China will face consequences if it helps Russia evade

Monday, March 14, 2022
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In Rome‚ US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will meet with top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi to discuss the issue of sanctions and how Beijing should respond. He said China must not bail out Russia or provide it with a workaround to avoid sanctions. But Beijing has said it would not allow Washington to complain about Russian actions and has not yet condemned Moscow. The Biden administration believes Beijing knew about Putin's plans to invade Ukraine and warned Washington that it would be repercussions if China did so. Sullivan said that the United States will not tolerate any Chinese help in helping Russia evade sanctions‚ and said that Beijing must not do so. If China helps the Russians‚ the U.S. will impose harsh consequences. However‚ the U.S. will be very cautious in making the threats. The United States and EU will need to keep a close eye on China‚ if it tries to support Russia in the future. The US's foreign policy adviser‚ Jake Sullivan‚ will meet with the top diplomat of China‚ Yang Jiechi‚ in Rome on Monday. Sullivan is concerned that China is aligning itself with Russia in its attempt to advance Beijing's vision of the world. He is also concerned that the Russians are using chemical weapons in Syria to gain advantage over their neighbors. The United States has said that Russia used chemical weapons in its invasion of Ukraine‚ but it has not publicly condemned the use of these weapons.