USMNT underwhelms vs. Costa Rica, but all eyes on World Cup

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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After winning the CONCACAF Nations League and the Gold Cup this summer‚ the USMNT entered the World Cup qualifying process as the favorites. However‚ after tying Costa Rica‚ the USA was only awarded third place on goal difference. Despite the victory‚ the United States was surprisingly unimpressive against the backup team of Costa Rica. That's a problem for the U.S.'s hopes for the tournament. The USMNT underwhelms v. Costa Rica but all eyes are on the World Cup: the team has been on a roll as of late and will need to win the game to get a spot in the tournament. The national anthems are played and the teams are ready to face each other. The USMNT is in a strange limbo as they watch the game. They are in the position to qualify‚ but they've failed to score. On the bright side‚ they were playing the best soccer they've ever played‚ and they've done well so far. The USMNT's performance compared to Costa Rica was downright disappointing. The team needed a draw or a loss by no more than six goals in order to qualify. Since 1985‚ the U.S. hasn't earned a point in Costa Rico‚ a team that includes most of the current roster‚ didn't even score in the tournament. The USMNT underwhelms v. Costa Rica‚ in contrast‚ is a mighty team. They've won CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup and were expected to finish atop the qualifying standings. Mexico and Canada both finished ahead of the U.S.‚ while the latter finished tied with Costa Rico and received the 3rd automatic berth by superior extremity differential. The USMNT's starting lineup was a shocker. After a stellar CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup‚ the U.S. was considered the de facto favorite to qualify for the World Cup. However‚ the team finished third in qualifying‚ with Canada and Mexico ahead of the U.S. in third place. This result gave the Americans a 3rd automatic berth in the World Championship. After the gold cup‚ the USMNT was expected to qualify for the World Cup with ease. They had won the CONCACAF Nations League and the Goldcup and were expected to finish top in qualifying. In fact‚ Mexico‚ Canada‚ and Costa Rica were all expected to finish ahead of the U.S. and qualified through a superior extremity differential. As of Wednesday‚ the U.S. had to settle for third place‚ as they have never beaten the Ticos in their previous match against them. The USMNT hasn't been at its best this season. The team had a strong season‚ winning the CONCACAF Nations League and the Gold Cup. But the World Cup qualification process wasn't as smooth as anticipated. The United States had to lose to Mexico‚ Canada‚ and Costa Rica in order to qualify for the World Championships. The USA's win over Costa Rica meant they would have to lose the intercontinental playoff to New Zealand. The USMNT is still hoping to make history‚ but they won't win this game. The opposition has three-quarters of the nation's population. The team is hoping to qualify for the World Cup‚ but the odds aren't in their favor. After the USMNT's win over Costa Rica‚ all eyes will be on the World Cup. The USMNT had to win a game against Costa Rica to advance to the finals of the World Cup. It had to defeat Costa Rica by six goals to make it the best team in the world. That's the last time the USMNT won a World Cup. In the meantime‚ the USMNT should focus on winning the next match in the intercontinental playoff.