Victorious Macron vows to unite France after fending off Le Pen threat

Sunday, April 24, 2022
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Victorious Macron Vows to Unify France After Fending Off Le Pen Threat

In a victory speech delivered to thousands of supporters at the foot of the Eiffel Tower‚ the victorious Macron pledges to unify France and steer the country through turbulence. Le Pen‚ however‚ has booked a convention centre in Bois de Boulogne to give her victory speech‚ but this may be too small a venue for the crowd of supporters expected to attend.

Victorious Macron vows to unite France

Despite holding a commanding lead in the polls‚ the victory was not a given. Macron had trouble convincing a fractured electorate to back him. The war in Ukraine‚ the COVID-19 pandemic and months of violent protests against Macron's policies had all served to polarize the French electorate‚ providing fertile ground for Le Pen. Macron is now vowing to unify France and unite the nation - and he has made it clear he will. While Macron won the election by a smaller margin than his previous victory in 2017‚ he was welcomed by European Union leaders after claiming victory. He also called the campaign a battle for Europe. He promised to unite France‚ but the question is how. Macron must appoint a president who can lead the country through a divided Europe. But that may prove to be a tall order. The victory of President Macron's election victory has thrown into doubt many predictions about the French future. Many observers believe he will win a majority‚ but the results are not yet clear. In early polls‚ Macron has a margin of about 16 points less than his opponent. However‚ this difference is sufficient to give Le Pen and her supporters reason to celebrate. The winner of the election will also be a major influence on the war in Ukraine. Macron's success could affect the future of the country's relationship with Russia. In the past‚ France has supported sanctions against Russia to prevent its involvement in that conflict. The election of Macron could complicate Biden's efforts to isolate Russia and aid the Ukraine. Meanwhile‚ the prospect of a nationalist in power in France reminds us that the recent U.S.-European solidarity on these issues may be fragile. Recent authoritarian governments in Poland and Hungary have taken steps toward authoritarianism‚ and Germany's response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine is drawing criticism domestically.

Le Pen's victory would be a political earthquake

A victory by Le Pen would cause a political earthquake in France‚ but polls are still mixed. Polls suggest the lead is close‚ but not by much. Macron is leading Le Pen by about 13 percentage points‚ according to the global deputy CEO of Ipsos and chairman of Ipsos France. But a Le Pen victory would be a disaster for the country's liberal establishment. Marine Le Pen's victory would also be a blow to Macron‚ who is trying to make a name for himself as the next president of France. Macron has promised not to run for re-election in 2017‚ but she has left the door open for another run. While she's 53 years old‚ Le Pen has no intention of giving up politics to spend more time with her cats. The political ramifications of Le Pen's victory are vast‚ and would extend well beyond the domestic situation. A victory for Le Pen would cause a political earthquake in France‚ and would destabilize the EU and NATO. Le Pen's campaign promises to pull France out of the NATO integrated military command structure. Such an outcome would be a mortal blow to Western unity. Moreover‚ many of her central policy proposals are incompatible with the principles of the EU‚ including a referendum on immigration. If Le Pen wins the election‚ the French government will need to consider the consequences of Le Pet's election. The party's stance on Europe is also unwise‚ since it could lead to a crisis of a different sort. The French government has repeatedly urged its citizens to consider Le Pen's political agenda before making their final decisions. It would be an enormous political earthquake for France if Le Pen's win is the result of a francaturate‚ and the country's liberal politics would be shaken. The election was not without controversy‚ but fortunately Macron has won the election and is now a sitting French president. In the runoff election on Sunday‚ Macron's opponents Marine Le Pen had a tough time attracting voters‚ as they had expected. Earlier polls had predicted a Macron victory‚ and he vowed to make amends. As the results came in‚ Macron supporters in the Champ de Mars park by the Eiffel Tower erupted in joy. Meanwhile‚ leaders in Brussels‚ London‚ and Berlin welcomed the result.

Macron's anti-immigrant program little changed

In the second round of the French election‚ Macron is widely expected to defeat his far-right rival Marine Le Pen. The National Rally party thrives on the fears of immigrants and Muslims. Despite the fact that only 8 percent of France's population is Muslim‚ the party's platform remains unrepentantly anti-immigrant. The election‚ however‚ is not without its challenges. In a series of interviews with Reuters‚ Macron made no mention of addressing the issue of Islamic terrorism or immigration. While he did not mention the economic roots of the problem‚ he did cite the fact that the hateful behavior of some immigrants can be traced to the economic situation. The government also emphasized that these attacks have a racial dimension. While Macron remained in the race for the presidency‚ Le Pen's rhetoric has shifted. While she no longer talks about abandoning the euro‚ she looks to Viktor Orban‚ who has a close relationship with the Kremlin. Macron's anti-immigrant program remains largely unchanged. Macron was able to marshal facts on economic issues and ask Ms. Le Pen to clarify how she plans to finance her reforms. Le Pen's campaign message shifted from the economic crisis to the cost of living. Le Pen focused on the cost of living and posted pictures of cats on social media. She also promised to bring back order as president of French unity. As president of the nation‚ Le Pen has effectively positioned herself as a leader that connects to the people. By contrast‚ Macron has been largely isolated. Aside from a change in tone‚ Macron's anti-immigrant program remains unaffected by the Le Pen threat. The Communist Party in Amiens‚ where Macron was raised‚ once ruled the town hall for 11 years. It now has a much stronger base of support and appeals to working-class voters. Le Pen's father founded the party in the 1970s on anti-Semitism‚ xenophobia‚ and nationalist nostalgia.

He warns of civil war if Le Pen is elected

As the French general election approaches‚ victory in the first round is a big step for a new president. In the first round‚ the turnout was low‚ reflecting the widespread apathy among the French population. A majority of young people opted out of the second round. In addition‚ far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon was highly critical of both candidates‚ claiming that they lacked the necessary values to rule France. Macron has been praised by European leaders as very pro-European. His election results have come as no surprise‚ but he'll face a tough task of attracting voters to his party and steering the country through this period of turmoil. While Macron will focus on uniting the country‚ he is also eager to mark his victory. He has gathered supporters at the foot of the Eiffel Tower for a victory speech. Le Pen‚ meanwhile‚ had booked a convention center in the Bois de Boulogne‚ which could hold 500 people. The election was framed as a referendum on Europe‚ ecology‚ secularism‚ and climate change. Macron said Le Pen's demands for EU treaty changes would push France out of the bloc. He also attacked Le Pen for his local weather sceptic rhetoric. Macron has pledged to unite France despite his critics. A recent poll found that 73% of French citizens supported Le Pen. While rights groups are relieved by Marine Le Pen's defeat‚ they urge Macron to act against racism. They are also critical of Macron's recent moves to enact a law banning head scarves for Muslim women. His nods to the far right weakened the unity of France and his presidency. If Macron does not do something to counteract these trends‚ the future of the French country is in jeopardy. After two weeks of campaigning‚ Macron has pledged to rebuild France. But his popularity is not limited to the urban areas. The economy is growing at a seven percent clip and unemployment is at its lowest in 10 years. Yet‚ despite Macron's efforts‚ many people in blue-collar bastions may still feel that inequality is a problem. Moreover‚ he is still attempting to make himself appealing to the undecided electorate‚ and attract those who previously gravitated towards his opponents.