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Friday, May 6, 2022
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Video Of Rep Madison Cawthorn Pushing Another Man's Groin Trends On Social Media

A leaked video of Rep. Madison Cawthorn pushing another man's groin for his head has made its way to social media. The 30-second video shows a naked Cawthorn thrusting his pelvis against someone. The person filming the incident is apparently a former supporter. Despite the video's dubious content‚ it's likely to garner attention and reverberate on social media.

Video of Rep. Madison Cawthorn pushing his groin for another's head

A 30-second video posted online shows Rep. Madison Cawthorn pushing another's groin. The video is one of several exhibits filed in support of a pending ethics complaint filed against Cawthorn. A political group called Fire Madison Cawthorn circulated the video‚ which was taken by a former supporter of Cawthorn. A spokesman for Cawthorn did not respond to a request for comment. However‚ he said he had no knowledge of the specific amount that the two exchanged on Venmo. A spokesperson for Cawthorn and Smith did not immediately respond to an Insider request for comment. The incident follows a series of controversies for Cawthorn‚ including allegations of sexual misconduct. Watchdog groups and lawmakers are investigating whether Cawthorn violated the STOCK Act‚ which outlines the rules for congressional ethics. Cawthorn has also criticized his Republican colleagues for allegedly observing sexual perversion among Washington Republicans. In the video‚ Cawthorn refers to Smith as his third cousin‚ once removed. He also mentions that Smith lived with him at Chick-fil-A and worked for him. The woman's identity was a secret‚ but Cawthorn made sure to protect his anonymity. During a recent debate on the ethics of gay marriage‚ he was attacked for being a homophobe.

Leaked video shows him with male scheduler's hand on his crotch

A new leak reveals that Rep Madison Cawthorn was caught on video with a male scheduler's hand on his groin. The footage was made public by the Fire Madison Cawthorn/American Muckrakers PAC and has sparked an ethics investigation. Cawthorn has denied any wrongdoing. A photo of the two appears in exhibits in support of an ethics complaint against Cawthorn. In one of the photos‚ Cawthorn is draped in a towel while Smith is sitting next to him on an ATV. The two appear to be having a sexual encounter. Smith is also a former employee of Cawthorn's office‚ and the two were cousins. Wheeler's revelation comes a day after a tweet by Cawthorn accusing the GOP of snorting cocaine and claiming to have observed a group of Republican lawmakers snorting coke. While it's unclear how much cash Cawthorn and Smith exchanged‚ Wheeler obtained screenshots of the payments using a suspicious source who isn't named in the tweets. The scandal is currently the most talked-about content on the internet. It seems as though the video was made recently and has been widely circulated. The video has prompted many people to make accusations about Cawthorn's sexuality. This scandal isn't over yet‚ however‚ as the Democratic Party has been busy investigating the allegations and seeking answers.

He carries a loaded handgun through a checkpoint

The incident in Charlotte‚ North Carolina‚ on Tuesday was a rare occurrence for a federal lawmaker. Representative Madison Cawthorn was stopped by TSA officers‚ but not arrested‚ despite being in violation of the law. She was released after officers seized her handgun. A TSA spokesperson did not comment on specific incidents. Cawthorn is scheduled to appear in court next month on misdemeanor charges of driving while license revoked. TSA officers found a handgun in Cawthorn's carry-on bag before 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Cawthorn was not arrested‚ but the incident has caused a rift between the Republican Party and the NRA. The congressman has been criticized for previous comments about guns‚ and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has threatened to punish him for it. His office did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment. After being cited for carrying a loaded handgun at a Charlotte Douglas International Airport security checkpoint‚ Rep. Madison Cawthorn has been cited for possession of a dangerous weapon on airport property. Cawthorn's ticket was released after she cooperated with the TSA officers. Police said that the incident occurred due to an incident with a city ordinance. A TSA agent identified the Republican as the owner of the bag. He was cited for Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on City Property‚ an infraction of the Charlotte city ordinance. In addition‚ the gun was confiscated by the police. Fortunately‚ the Democrat was not arrested‚ but instead issued a citation. He was not arrested and was allowed to continue on his way.

He speaks out against negative news stories

Democratic Representative Madison Cawthorn is speaking out against the negative media coverage of her race for U.S. Senate. In a recent podcast‚ the South Carolina Democrat spoke about orgies and cocaine in front of the camera. The stories and the subsequent fallout have cast doubt on his candidacy‚ and a number of party members considered supporting his opponent. But‚ in an effort to save his Senate seat‚ Cawthorn is getting the support of Republican Sen. Thom Tillis. But in spite of her popularity on Twitter‚ Rep. Cawthorn has not had much support from voters in her district. While her supporters have thrown their support behind her campaign‚ Donald Trump Jr. and his adviser Jason Miller have not spoken up in defense of her. Meanwhile‚ the elder Mr. Trump has endorsed the Republican candidate. Last year‚ he invited Cawthorn to a rally in Selma‚ N.C. But a lot of the controversy is still swirling around her. Cawthorn's name is already tagged in several negative news stories‚ including a photo of herself with a cryptocurrency creator. Cawthorn had predicted that cryptocurrency would reach the moon‚ which happened. But her victory is far from over. Those who follow her on Twitter have no doubt noticed her constant rants about anti-Muslim sentiment. The most recent example is Cawthorn's sexual harassment of students. A woman he knew in college had an encounter with the Democrat during a home-schooling trip. She was 17 at the time‚ but Cawthorn forced her to sit on his lap while he was talking. She had to remove her hair to get free. After a while‚ the two became close friends and Krulikas eventually endorsed him for a Democratic nomination. In August 2017‚ the same year Cawthorn made headlines‚ she was in a legal dispute with her father's insurance company. Ledford told the Post that Cawthorn was saying things because she was battling with him over insurance claims. In the end‚ the insurance company was unable to pay her the $30 million she had sought. She has not stopped trying to collect that money.