Villanova heats up in 80-60 NCAA Tourney first round win over

Saturday, March 19, 2022
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Justin Moore scored 21 points and handed out six assists in an 80-60 victory over Delaware. The Wildcats' big game will be a must-see game in the NCAA Tourney. Five Villanova players scored in double figures. Andrew Carr and Jayre Davis each added thirteen points for the Blue Hens. Both teams are down to their final lineups. The final score is still up in the air. After a shaky start to the game‚ Villanova took over. After holding off a scrappy Delaware team for most of the first half‚ the Wildcats shot the ball well and were well-defended. However‚ their defense couldn't sustain the pressure and Villanova pulled away for an 80-60 victory. Despite their size‚ the Wildcats' frontcourt was suffocating. After a 10-minute hangover‚ the Orange and Blacks rolled past the scrappy Devils and swept through to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Collin Gillespie and Justin Moore each had 21 points. The Orange and Blacks were also able to knock down the 15th-seeded Delaware in overtime. So‚ the rest of the tournament is still in question. With the upset win‚ Villanova will now move on to the second round of the NCAA Tourney. The No. 2 seeds will face the No. 3 seed‚ Ohio State‚ in the next round. The Orange and Blacks have a strong chance to advance to the second round. This year's Big East championship could be their last‚ as they are the best in the country. The Orange and Blacks got a good start against Delaware‚ but they slowed down after that and were outscored in the second half. They were only down for ten minutes and had to fight back late to gain the upper hand. But Villanova's hot start continued to lead in the second half and continued to push through to the NCAA Tourney's second round. The Wildcats have a good chance to advance to the second round. The Blue Hens have a good chance of advancing. The Orange and the Purple have won three of their four previous games. The Yellow Jackets had an outstanding season‚ and the homecourt advantage will be the key to advancing to the semifinals. Its offense was the difference-making factor. The Orange and the Purple had a hangover from another Big East title. But that didn't last long. The Orange and the Black rolled past a scrappy Delaware team‚ scoring eighty points and claiming a 76-70 victory. The purple and the White had a hangover. But after a 20-minute stretch‚ the Purple and the Blue finally heated up‚ but Delaware couldn't escape. The Orange and Purple have a lot of momentum heading into this game. But the Orange and Purple are undefeated through the first round of the NCAA Tourney and are the only team to advance. In fact‚ they've already won three of their last four games. Until now. It's a big night for the Blue Hens. While their loss against Villanova was not a big deal‚ it was an impressive start to the season. The Purple and Black were also undefeated in the NCAA Tourney first round. The Wildcats were undefeated until the final 10 minutes. The game featured a long stretch of low-scoring basketball. With the help of the Purple and Black‚ they dominated in the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. They also won the third-round game against the No. 7 seeded team in the PPG Paints Arena‚ which is the home of their next opponent. The Purple and Black have a great season‚ but they'll have to win their first two games to get to the Final Four. The Orange and Blue are the favorites‚ and they'll have to overcome the Blue Hens and the Orange. So far‚ the Elite 8 has a great chance to advance in the NCAA Tourney and reach the Final Four. While the Wildcats have lost their first two NCAA Tourney games‚ the Purple and Black have the most success against the top teams.