Vlad, with bloodied hand, KOs Yanks in 3-HR stunner

Thursday, April 14, 2022
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Vlad With Bloodied Hand KOs Yanks in 3 HR Stunner

Despite the bloodied hand‚ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is already the face of the Toronto Blue Jays. In a 3 HR stunner against the Yankees‚ the young outfielder hit two home runs‚ including one off ace Gerrit Cole. The result? The Toronto Blue Jays are back on top. Here's what you should know about Guerrero's all-world power.

Guerrero's three-homer game

Despite the fact that the Yankees' three-homer game against the Blue Jays was a bit of a letdown‚ it was still a much more exciting game than their two shutouts in recent weeks. Guerrero slugged three homers against both relievers and starters for a combined 1‚286 feet‚ which would be a career high for any hitter. The Yankees will look to avoid a series loss tomorrow against the Blue Jays. Luis Severino will face Kevin Gausman in an AL East game. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. ET. Guerrero already had three hits against the Yankees before his third home run Wednesday night. He's also been playing post-season baseball‚ which is ideal for the Blue Jays‚ but less so for the Yankees. His three-homer game will help the Jays win this series in Toronto. Guerrero is already an MVP candidate. However‚ his recent performance will help offset the absence of Teoscar Hernandez‚ who left the game with an apparent injury. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had a breakout 2021 season‚ and he's continued to hit home runs this year. His four-for-four night against the Yankees included three home runs‚ a double and four RBIs. It was Guerrero's first three-homer game of the season‚ after hitting 14 in 14 games last year. And his three-homer game against the Yankees is even more impressive considering the fact that he was surrounded by Hall of Famers while playing. A lengthy on-field delay prevented him from playing the seventh inning. However‚ the Yankees remained in the game after Judge's one-out single. A.J. Cole hit a two-run homer in the sixth inning and Guerrero hit his third home run in the eighth inning. Despite the long outs‚ the Yankees held on to win the series in a game in which Guerrero hit three home runs. During Wednesday's game against the Yankees‚ Guerrero added to his already impressive home run total. However‚ he was hit in the hand while trying to make a play against Aaron Hicks. While Hicks' fielding glove managed to avoid the ball‚ Guerrero's hand was bloodied by Hicks' spikes. Guerrero was forced to leave the game in order to receive medical care. Despite the injury to his right ring finger‚ the Toronto Blue Jays' slugger nearly single-handedly carried the Blue Jays to a 6-4 victory over the New York Yankees on Tuesday night. Guerrero hit three home runs and doubled in four runs to help his team into an AL East tie. If that wasn't enough‚ his teammates deserved the game's victory. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is now one of four players to take Cole deep twice in one game. And he is one of four players in MLB history to do so. His three-homer game is the second such instance. The Toronto Blue Jays are now 4-1 on the season. And they will be hard-pressed to win without Guerrero. So what's next?

Guerrero's bloodied hand

Vladimir Guerrero walked off with a bloodied hand in his first at-bat against the New York Yankees on Wednesday night‚ but didn't let that stop him from hitting two home runs. His second was a three-run shot in the top of the eighth inning. The home run was the longest in MLB history and was the loudest‚ but more importantly‚ it bullied the Yankees. The AL MVP runner-up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had an excellent breakout year in 2021‚ hitting 52 home runs‚ and has continued that success in 2022. His 3-homer effort on Sunday was even more impressive. He was 2-for-4 with a triple‚ one of which was off Yankees ace Gerrit Cole‚ and another home run came after he got his hand stepped on at first base. The three home runs were the first three hits of the game‚ and he matched his previous high with three home runs. In the second inning‚ he homered off Gerrit Cole with a two-run blast. In the third‚ he hit a line-drive homer off of Cole. In the sixth‚ he doubled off of Cole. In the eighth inning‚ he blasted a 443-foot leadoff homer off of Jonathan Loaisiga. Guerrero's three homer game topped his previous career high with two out of three home runs. A slap from Eddie Guerrero's bloodied hand knocks down a seated Joey Roode‚ but it doesn't stop there. After a commercial break‚ more Smackdown wrestlers come out. The next person to come out is Rey Mysterio Junior. Guerrero is attacked with a chair while Rey is helped to the back of the ring.

Guerrero's all-world power

The all-world power of Vladimir Guerrero sunk the Yankees in a three-homer stunner on Sunday‚ giving him his second straight three-homer game. The 23-year-old matched his career high of three homers in a game against Washington in April. With four home runs in six games‚ Guerrero has already surpassed his previous high of 48 homers. After suffering a bloody ring finger on his right hand from a spike from his opponent‚ Guerrero played with a bloodied right ring finger. He slugged three home runs against Yankees ace Gerrit Cole and drove in four. His performance was enough to help the Blue Jays move into a tie for first place in the AL East. In his final season‚ Guerrero had a career year and became the all-time MLB hits leader for Dominican-born players. In fact‚ he became the first player to reach that mark in September. The following day‚ he singled off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett to give his team a 6-3 win. In 1996‚ he hit 13 home runs and 63 RBIs with the Orioles. The following year‚ Guerrero's numbers were still solid‚ with sixteen3 hits and forty-one RBIs. On Saturday night‚ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. continued his breakout season with another big home run. After going 4-for-4 with three home runs‚ he hit two of them off Yankees ace Gerrit Cole. One of those home runs was a two-run blast that came after Guerrero had his hand stepped on in the first base line. A blood stain sat on Guerrero's right thigh in the top of the third inning. As he touched home plate‚ Guerrero high-fived the base coaches. Unfortunately‚ Hicks almost robbed Guerrero of his first home run‚ but the ball bounced over the home run barrier and into the right field stands. Guerrero continued to dominate his offense through the month of September‚ earning the American League Player of the Month award. He finished the month with six doubles‚ triples‚ 10 home runs‚ and 23 RBI. He helped the Angels overcome a three-game deficit and clinch the American League West Division title. That was a big month for Guerrero‚ and he deserves all the praise and credit he received for his incredible play.