Warriors reach humiliating new low as Storm rack up 70

Monday, April 25, 2022
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Warriors Reach Humilating New Low As Storm Rack Up 70 Points

The Warriors reach a new low as the Storm rack up 70 points‚ and their two tries in the first half were just icing on the cake. But when Melbourne scores 10 unanswered tries‚ you have to wonder if the game will ever get better for the Warriors. Is this the Widowmaker's trial of absorption or annihilation? Read on to find out.

Warriors' two tries in first half

The Warriors trailed by 16-10 at halftime and could not stop the Storm from racking up another century. They only managed two tries in the first half and they were quickly overwhelmed in the second half. After a poor kick off by the Warriors‚ the Storm ran in two tries with a combined distance of 240 metres. The first came in the 26th minute when winger Nick Meaney intercepted a pass from Shaun Johnson and went over the line to score. In the second half‚ the Warriors managed to break through the Storm's defensive line before the visitors scored a contested try. The Warriors were dragged down by scrambling defenders but eventually found themselves back in the Storm's half. The second try came after a try from Dallin Watene-Zeleaniak‚ who received a skip pass from Chanel Harris-Tavita. Several other tries were scored by the Warriors in the second half‚ including two by Coates. The Warriors' back row were the best on the day. Reece Walsh and Adam Clune were the best in the back row. Reece Walsh scored in the 38th minute‚ while Matt Lodge and Taniela Otukolo played well in the second half. The Warriors' playmaker Cameron Munster was in outstanding form throughout the match‚ making 12 tackle breaks and racking up 40 post-contact metres. The Warriors started off well‚ as they are now on a seven-game winning streak. The team has won five straight games to close out the regular season. They were able to overcome a 41-31 deficit early in the second quarter. However‚ Denver made the first six free throws and went on a quick 4:0-run to make it 42-31. With nine minutes left in the half‚ the Warriors went on a 16-0 run to lead 59-47. Klay Thompson added 21 points for the Warriors. With just over a minute to go‚ the Warriors sparked a roaring crowd.

Melbourne's 10 unanswered tries

With 10 minutes left in the first half‚ the Storm leads the Warriors by 10 points. Both tries came from Warriors mistakes. First‚ winger Edward Kosi knocked on the ball with the try-line in sight. In the following play‚ Papenhuyzen scooped up the loose ball and Jahrome Hughes scored a 70-metre try. Then‚ Dallin Watene-Zelezniak's try from the restart. Finally‚ winger Xavier Coates threw an intercepted pass to the winger and scored from a short range. Nikorima's pace created space for Ken Maumalo's try‚ which came from a Blake Green grubber. Later in the half‚ Hughes' try was a controversial one‚ with Bunker ignoring claims of a Finucane obstruction on Issac Luke. Despite conceding the two first-half tries‚ Melbourne's late dominance continued as Suliasi Vunava‚ Jesse Bromwich‚ and Cameron Smith crossed for tries. The Storm dominated the first half of the game‚ but the Warriors were not far behind. They had over 80 percent possession and a 14-16 lead at half-time. Melbourne's 10 unanswered tries in the second half sparked a comeback‚ and the Storm are now undefeated against the Warriors. But the Storm suffered a double setback as Josh Curran limped off after colliding with Dallen Watene-Zelezniak. Papenhuyzen scored the first try in the 22nd minute‚ and the Melbourne Magic added another three points in the final eight minutes. The Storm had 66% of the ball and Xavier Coates kicked four tries‚ including one of his first tries in the NRL. The Storm have scored 50-plus points on the Warriors in the last three clashes‚ and their seventy-point haul was the most in the Warriors' history. In addition to Coates‚ Ryan Papenhuyzen shared the superstar tag with him. His double try in the 47th minute proved crucial as it gave the Storm the lead for good.

Widowmaker's trial of absorption

The grueling trial of Absorption proved the inadequacies of the Clan Widowmaker. It was the worst defeat for a Clan since it had never ruled before. Widowmaker warriors were left without food and water for days and were almost completely wiped out. The 66th Scorpion Dragoons announced their intentions to the enemy when they first entered the hostile system. The Widowmakers had almost no time to plan and were unable to communicate with their allies in the Clan. The transmission delay was less than a second.

Widowmaker's trial of annihilation

The Widowmaker's trial of annihism was a resounding defeat. Their trial was the final step in a long battle for existence. In the year 2834‚ Clan WidowMaker was faced with an internal conflict. The merchant caste blamed the military arm for the loss of the clan's metal ore mines. Widowmaker Khan responded by ordering mass arrests and executions of the merchant caste members. The Wolf Clan proposed the absorption of Clan Widowmaker. Jerome killed Nicholas Jorgensson and destroyed two of the Widowmaker's 'Mechs with particle cannon shots. He also crushed the canopy of a third 'Mech. The Widowmaker 'Mechs did not begin to attack Jerome until two more 'Mechs were rendered into slag. In the end‚ the Widowmakers were annihilated. The Widowmaker is an ideal assassin‚ both patient and ruthless. She was married to Gerard Lacroix‚ the leader of Talon's terrorism operations. Gerard had targeted Amelie to be one of his sleeper agents. She was subjected to neural reconditioning and a series of operations to break her will. She was also reprogrammed into a sleeper agent‚ a role she's used for the rest of her life. In the Trial of Absorption‚ WidowMaker and Clan Wolf battled it out on a neutral world‚ Ironhold. The Clan Widowmaker and Clan Wolf star squads were dueling while Nicholas Kerensky‚ the Grand Council's umpire‚ was tasked with judging the battle. As the Widowmaker‚ you have the ability to equip various weapons that help you eliminate targets with a wide range of skills.