Warriors vs. Grizzlies score, takeaways Memphis keeps playoff

Thursday, May 12, 2022
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Warriors Vs Grizzlies Score Takeaways

The game between the Warriors and the Grizzlies was one of the most exciting in the NBA. Memphis was hoping to avoid elimination‚ but the team lost both games in the series to the Golden State Warriors. Memphis had fallen behind the Warriors 3-1 after one game‚ and now they will have to face the Warriors in Game 5.

Memphis Grizzlies beat Golden State Warriors 134-95

The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Golden State Warriors 134-95 to remain in the playoffs. Many had thought that Memphis was done in this series‚ but the Grizzlies have proved them wrong. Game Five of the series was one of the Grizzlies' best ever‚ with seven players scoring double figures. Memphis had 37 assists‚ and their turnover total was only 19 as Golden State had 22 turnovers. That means half of those turnovers were steals. The Grizzlies' unselfish play allowed them to get 29 points off of Golden State turnovers‚ and they stuck to their game plan. Now‚ they need to win Game Six at Chase Center in Oakland. The Grizzlies won Game 5 by 55 points‚ despite the absence of star Ja Morant. Even though they were missing star guard Ja Morant‚ the Grizzlies had an unstoppable fan base. They beat the Warriors for the fifth straight season‚ reducing their series lead to three games. The Grizzlies also played without star center Kevin Durant‚ who is currently nursing a sore back. While the Warriors hold a 3-2 series lead‚ they are still far from being the best team in the league. The Warriors are 5-0 at home during the playoffs‚ but they've been plagued by constant turnover problems and wild swings in quality. They need to win Game 6 to advance. Otherwise‚ they'll have to face the Phoenix Suns or Milwaukee Bucks. Steph Curry said before Game 5 that his team's game plan was to Whoop That Trick and Beat the Grizzlies. The song‚ by Memphis rapper Al Kapone‚ featured in Terrence Howard's 'Hustle & Flow' movie‚ has become the Grizzlies' anthem in late-game moments.

Grizzlies hit 18 more field goals than Warriors

Memphis Grizzlies‚ despite their lackluster first half‚ battled through to beat the Golden State Warriors 134-95 on Tuesday night. Jaren Jackson Jr.‚ Desmond Bane‚ and Tyus Jones each scored 21 points for the Grizzlies‚ who forced a sixth game in the Western Conference semifinals. Grizzlies guard Steven Adams grabbed 12 rebounds to the Warriors' eight‚ and they out-rebounded the Warriors 22-5 on second-chance points. Memphis' defense was one of their best‚ with seven players scoring in double figures. The Warriors turned the ball over 14 times‚ but the Grizzlies' offense was a potent one and they feasted on their mistakes. Grizzlies hit six of their first eight 3-point shots‚ and the Warriors had 14 turnovers. Despite shooting 70.3 percent‚ the Warriors committed 14 turnovers and made just 17 of their field goals in the first half. However‚ the Grizzlies played better in the second half. Memphis led by as many as 28 points entering the fourth quarter. Game 3 was also the first game the Grizzlies have won by more than eight points in the playoffs. Memphis scored a game-high 73 points against the Thunder in December‚ but it took them until the end of the third quarter to get back into the series. Memphis' defense was not as potent‚ hitting 18 more field goals than the Warriors did. The Grizzlies should have had a greater defensive cushion to start the series‚ but the Golden State three-guard lineup is too strong to keep up with the Grizzlies. Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins started Steven Adams in Game 3 after a lengthy injury to star center Ja Morant. Steven Adams gave the Grizzlies a much-needed boost after the injury to star center Ja Morant. He finished with a double-double and looked capable of hanging on the court defensively. While the Warriors are favored on offense‚ they are outrebounding the Grizzlies in the rebounding department. Grizzlies averaged 35.6 percent in the second half compared to 24.4 percent for the Warriors in the first round. The Warriors are shooting 53% from the field and 44% from three. And while they have outrebounded the Grizzlies by only four boards in the first half‚ they still trailed by 21 points at the half.

Grizzlies hit 25 more field goals off turnovers than Warriors

Memphis hit 25 more field goals off turnovers than the Warriors‚ who committed 38. The Grizzlies shot 48% from the field and hit more free throws (16 of 20). The Grizzlies hit 48.8 percent of their field goals in the first half. Memphis also made 17 more free throws than the Warriors. The Grizzlies scored 77 points in the second half‚ led by Ja Morant's late bucket. The Warriors shot 39 percent and made only 16 of their field goals. The Warriors shot 44 percent‚ but made less than half of their field goals. Memphis was down 3-1 in the best-of-seven series‚ but they played with urgency and a new-found confidence. The Grizzlies were able to avoid elimination and force Game 6 in San Francisco. They could potentially draft Game 7 in Memphis if they win the series. Regardless‚ the Grizzlies' win over the Warriors will help the Grizzlies reach the NBA Finals for the first time since 2016. The Warriors' foul trouble was a huge concern‚ but their sloppy play wasn't enough to cost them the game. They were called for five fouls in the first half and didn't give the Grizzlies free buckets‚ which would have helped them. The Warriors' big men seemed to have spooked the team‚ as they shot just 50 percent from the field and nearly as many threes as two-pointers. The Grizzlies have a high rate of live ball turnovers. Their opponents prefer to have fewer live ball turnovers than Houston. The Grizzlies have the edge by causing more turnovers on the offensive end‚ where they can reset their defense. The Warriors' defense is more likely to commit more fouls in the paint and force the other team into half-court possession.

Grizzlies hit 33 assists on 41 buckets

Tyus Jones has the highest assists-to-turnover ratio in the NBA. He led the Grizzlies with nine assists in Game 5 and only one turnover. With those numbers‚ it's no wonder the Grizzlies remain in the playoff race. While Memphis may not be able to find a consistent scorer‚ they have been playing a deep roster all year. With a win over Boston‚ the Grizzlies will have a clear shot at advancing. The Grizzlies aren't giving up on their star guard. Despite a disappointing start in the first round last year‚ they've stayed alive with the help of a big man. McLemore averaged 7.5 points per game and was traded to Sacramento after one season. The team also signed Brooks‚ one of just two players to wear the No. 24. In his third season with the team‚ he became a fan favorite and improved his defense. He signed a three-year‚ $35 million contract with the team in February. While Rose won the Rookie of the Year award this year‚ Mayo's tenure with the Grizzlies was one of the most memorable of his career. The Grizzlies were down seven at halftime in Game 1‚ and they had lost the lead by 11 in the third quarter. Memphis was tied at the end of the third quarter in Game 2 before surrendering an 11-point lead to the Warriors. The Grizzlies' season ended up 20-5 when Ja Morant wasn't available. The Grizzlies had a strong advantage in the rebounding category. Memphis held a 46-25 rebounding edge and had 17 offensive boards compared to the Warriors' three. They shot 50% from beyond the arc and were 24-0 in second-chance factors. This helped them close out the third quarter with a narrow lead. It's also good news for the Grizzlies. If the Grizzlies can win Game 6‚ they will advance to Recreation 7. While the Sixers-Pistons game seemed to have more significance‚ this one was not as important. The Grizzlies struggled in the fourth quarter‚ and Boston looked to be in control of the Eastern Conference. However‚ Ime Udoka emptied the bench in the fourth quarter‚ and the bench mob carried the Celtics to victory. The Grizzlies may have been in the playoffs last season‚ but they won't be playing for the NBA title this year.