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Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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Jordan Poole Turning Into a Star - Warriors Vs Nuggets

If you were to ask me what makes a player turn into a star‚ I'd tell you that it's the fact that it takes a long time to get there. But for now‚ we can thank Jordan Poole for paving the way. While the Warriors are already stacked with talented players‚ it might take a while before Curry fully integrates himself into the starting lineup. But for now‚ Poole is in the game to score.

Jordan Poole

It's no secret that NBA playoffs are more popular than the regular season‚ but what makes Jordan Poole turn into a star? It's not just his newfound stardom‚ but his ability to dish out insane assists as well. Poole was selected in the 28th round of the 2019 NBA Draft. For his first 1.5 years‚ he split his time between the G-League and the back of the Warriors' rotation. Now‚ he's one of the biggest stories of the 2022 NBA Playoffs. Curry was expected to start in Game 1‚ but his minutes were limited because he was not 100% healthy. The injury had sidelined Curry since March 16 due to a sprained left foot. Despite his minutes being limited‚ he ended up shooting 5-for-8. He finished the game with a game-high 36 points. However‚ the Warriors' star is not fully healthy at this point‚ and it's not yet clear how much time the team can expect him to get back.

Klay Klay

It's a tough question to answer‚ but it's not as simple as arguing that Poole is a bad player. The young star has been a solid backup point guard this season‚ but he's not yet a true star. He's also been an average scorer‚ shooting just 34% from three. It's difficult to tell what will happen when Poole gets to the NBA Finals‚ but he's making strides. This game's matchup features a two-guard rotation. During the regular season‚ the Warriors' starting point guard was Trae Young‚ and he earned the trust of his coach when it came time to enter the postseason. Meanwhile‚ Denver's center Nikola Jokic was one of the most improved players this season‚ with 25 points‚ 10 rebounds‚ and six assists. But he didn't pack much of a punch in Game 1 and may not play the same way in the series. Steph Curry's absence was felt in game one of the Western Conference playoffs‚ and it was the Warriors' best chance to secure the series. Unfortunately‚ the Warriors lost‚ but Jordan Poole continued his impressive play. After the game‚ Klay Thompson praised Poole for the role he has played this season in Steph Curry's absence. This game will determine if the Warriors can continue to win the Western Conference.

Andrew Wiggins

The potential for an All-Star appearance for Andrew Wiggins surprised everyone and made him the first-time starter on the All-Star team. The former No. 1 pick averaged 17.7 points and 4.2 rebounds in 54 games before the All-Star break and shot 47 percent from the field‚ 41 percent from three-point range‚ and 66 percent from the free-throw line. In addition to his scoring production‚ Wiggins's versatility has helped him become a three-and-D role player for the Warriors' core of Steph Curry‚ Klay Thompson‚ and James Harden. The Warriors have implemented a new death lineup that includes Poole‚ Curry‚ Thompson‚ Green‚ and Andrew Wiggins. This lineup was able to outscoring Denver by 14 in five minutes. While Poole has been inconsistent this season‚ he is finally finding his rhythm. He averages 18.0 points‚ 4.1 assists‚ and 2.6 rebounds in his last eight games‚ and is shooting 52 percent from the field and 46 percent from three.

teph Curry

If Steph Curry can turn anyone into a star‚ so can Jordan Poole. The Warriors are in the process of finding ways to counter the constant attention Curry draws from his opponents. They have begun to draft role players with skill sets that can grow within their constraints. Blake Poole‚ meanwhile‚ spent the offseason tightening his handle‚ extending his range‚ and preparing to run routes like Curry and Thompson. He has succeeded in stepping into that role and putting up impressive numbers. It's all very Curry-esque‚ and the comparison is dangerous. Curry did not play in his return game until the sixth quarter. He scored 16 points‚ going 5-for-13 from the field. His first five shots were all misses‚ but he warmed up as the game went on. He ended up shooting 5-for-8 after missing his first five shots. In fact‚ Curry's first shot attempts were all off. But as the game went on‚ he went on to go 5-for-8 for the rest of the game.

Klay Thompson

It's no secret that the Warriors are getting tougher every season‚ and one of those struggles has to do with defending a rookie. This season‚ however‚ the Warriors are squaring off against the Nuggets‚ who have been a dominant force in the league this season. In fact‚ the Warriors' first-round matchup against the Nuggets is the toughest of them all. Despite the Warriors' struggles against the Nuggets‚ Poole continued to impress by averaging more than 20 points. After the game‚ Thompson praised the young guard for his performance‚ saying‚ We've got to find a way to make him a star. After the game‚ Klay Thompson praised the youngster's play and said‚ Jordan has taken over without Steph‚ and he's doing an amazing job. Even without Stephen Curry‚ Klay Thompson‚ and Derrick Poole‚ the Nuggets' starting lineup has to look good to stay competitive. The three superstars have combined for 149 points in the first two games‚ shooting 56% from the field and 51% from beyond the arc. It's a good thing that Jordan Poole has stepped up in recent weeks. He's a solid player‚ who can keep the ball moving and open up wide for a teammate.

Klay Iguodala

The Warriors' first-round series against the Denver Nuggets will be a major test for Jordan Poole. It will determine whether the duo can stay healthy and continue to build chemistry together. After all‚ Poole is a young star and has been a consistent performer for the Warriors this season. But is he ready for the big stage? It was encouraging to watch the play of the newcomer. His play in the Play-Ins last season inspired coach Steve Kerr‚ who compared the development of the young center to that of players in the playoffs. But Poole remained patient‚ despite the attention of the media‚ and played more aggressively in his first game. Andre Iguodala is another player who has become a star. His versatility will give the Warriors an edge in this series. Andre Iguodala compared Jordan Poole to Tyler Herro last season‚ and they have both had a successful rookie season. Andre Iguodala has praised Poole's passing abilities. In addition to scoring well‚ Poole has improved his assist numbers this season. Last season‚ he averaged just 1.9 assists per game.

Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors guard Donte Poole is putting up solid numbers. He's averaging 17.6 points on the season and shooting just under 37 percent from three. Since the All-Star break‚ Poole has improved and has now surpassed his season average of 17.1 points. He's second on the team in three-point percentage (46.2) and points‚ and third in assists (4.6). While many questioned his ability‚ the Warriors have put him in position to become a star in the NBA. The comparisons to Curry have been inevitable‚ though. With Kevin Durant turning into a star‚ his confidence has skyrocketed. But Poole hasn't just become a star yet; his IQ has increased as well. He is a game manager who has improved with more playing time. He's becoming the kind of player who will make his teammates and opponents dread him.

Steph Curry

For the most part‚ the Warriors have been successful in creating synchronicity between the players and the system. By targeting role players who have a wide range of skills‚ they can develop their game and fit within the system. One of the key pieces in that equation is the imitating of other star players. For example‚ Blake Poole spent the offseason tightening up his handle and increasing his range. He prepared himself to run routes like Curry and Thompson. The result has been an impressive performance from Poole. With Curry out‚ Channing Poole is becoming a star. He scored at least 20 points in each of his last 17 games‚ including Game 1. Channing Poole has been a consistent and dominant force since Curry and Thompson have been out with injuries. The Warriors are now able to take advantage of his dominance‚ which creates mismatches on the other end. Having three superstars on the court is a plus for both teams.