Waukesha man sentenced for lighting a flame at ex-girlfriend's home

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Judge Haughney of Waukesha County Offers to Recuse Himself

This is an article about the Judges Night for Milwaukee Young Lawyers, where Patrick C. Haughney of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, offered to recuse himself from the case. Judge Haughney had taken matters into his own hands by boosting Ary Jones'false claims of being a military hero. Hopefully, Judge Haughney will recuse himself and retry Jones.

In an arson case, a Waukesha man was sentenced to five-years in prison starting in 2018. On April 28, 52-year-old Mark Pitzka was found guilty by a jury of the crime. Pitzka, 52, was found guilty of the felony by a jury on April 28. He was sentenced to five-years imprisonment followed with 10 years extended supervision. Laura Lau, Waukesha Circuit Judge, ordered Pitzka to maintain total sobriety throughout his sentence. Pizka was also fined $12,978, and required to make $5,473 restitution for the victim. Mark Bowers (Pitzkas lawyer) stated that my client maintained his innocence, and would continue to pursue any legal recourses available to him. He sent an email on May 17 to confirm this statement. The criminal complaint states that Pitzka had been dating the victim for many years. They split up just days before the fire. She was currently renovating a Hartland house that she had been planning to turn into a home. On June 29, 2018, the victim found smoke in her home. The complaint stated that the victim discovered smoke in her home on June 29, 2018. According to the complaint, the fire was started two days later at Hustisford home of the victim's boyfriend. Pitzka is currently facing a separate Dodge County charge in connection to this incident. Investigating the matter revealed that Pitzka purchased six packs of starter logs for fireplaces from Blains Farm Fleet, Waukesha, several days prior to the fires. The Hustisford house contained two logs. One was burned while the other was unburned. According to the complaint, the color of the plastic log was identical to that of two plastic bottles with light petroleum distillate. This is similar to fuel used in lighters and other camp fuels. Pitzka was interviewed twice by police, one shortly after the fires had been lit and another in February 2019, as more evidence was presented. The complaint stated that Pitzka initially denied having ever purchased fireplace logs during the second interview. Investigators presented him surveillance footage that showed him buying the logs from a Waukesha shop. According to the complaint, he was reported as having become very quiet after that. However, he continued to deny any involvement in any fires. Drew Dawson is available at [email protected] or (262) 289-1324. This reporting is possible because of our subscribers. Subscribe to the Journal Sentinel and support local journalism. Jsonline.com/deal. DOWNLOAD THE APP: Find the most recent news and sports information Original publication: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Waukesha man sent to prison for arson at ex-girlfriends'home in 2018.