We Own This City Series-Premiere Recap Uprising

Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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We Own This City - Series Premiere Recap - Uprising

In the series premiere of We Own This City‚ a number of characters are introduced. Some of them are well known‚ while others are new to us. Here‚ we discuss Detective Momodu G-Money Gondo‚ Police Commissioner Jack Davis‚ and a handful of other characters. We also take a look at the plot‚ which is heavily peppered with statistics and jargon.

Daniel Hersl

We Own This City's first episode is titled Uprising. This crime drama follows an ex-cop who beats up and harasses citizens in Baltimore. He is pursued by an attorney from the Department of Justice named Nicole Steele‚ who is out to take down Hersl and his colleagues. The series also features the real-life detective‚ David McDougall‚ played by David Corenswet. Josh Charles stars as the violent racist Daniel Hersl‚ augmented by a guttural delivery. The series also features Jamie Hector‚ who plays a former task force member who is now a respected homicide detective and 180 degrees from Marlo Stanfield. Both actors portray a contrasting point of view of the city. As the series progresses‚ we see some of the city's most important moments and plot twists. The show's main character has a reputation for abuse before the Gun Trace Task Force investigated him. Before this‚ he received numerous complaints about violent behavior‚ and they cost the city a great deal of money. Other complaints involved an arrest of a woman selling church raffle tickets. However‚ these incidents have since been resolved‚ and viewers can expect to see more of Daniel Hersl in upcoming episodes.

Detective Momodu G-Money Gondo

We Own This City is a dramedy similar to True Detective season one‚ but with a very different twist. Former police officers Jemell Rayam‚ Maurice Ward‚ and Momodu G-Money Gondo are interrogated by FBI agents inside a prison. The show is consumed by the mission of putting the system on trial. Initially‚ it's clear that the FBI is out to get the corrupt Baltimore police department. But the series does not stop there. It continues to introduce us to members of the Gun Trace Task Force‚ including an FBI agent. The plot revolves around the investigation of these agents‚ as well as several of the fictional officers. The series is currently airing on Amazon Prime. If We Own This City is about police corruption‚ then we can expect more scandals. For example‚ the Baltimore Police Department is using seat belt laws to illegally search cars and is trying to arrest everyone no matter what the cost. The police chief‚ Daniel Hersl‚ has a record of 50 complaints against him and is trying to make reforms without tough decisions.

Detective Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee)

If you are a fan of the NBC crime drama‚ you might already know that the series is based on the best-selling novel Sherlock Holmes‚ by author Stephen King. It is a complex crime drama that centers on two renowned detectives - Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee) and Miles Matheson (Stanley Tucci). The plot revolves around two characters - Detective Ben and his partner‚ Miles. They have to find a killer who is targeting both women and stealing their personal possessions. In this episode‚ Bennell returns home to a town where hysteria has gripped the populace. People have been reporting their loved ones being replaced by emotionless doppelgängers. He must solve the murder mystery and prevent the hysteria from spreading. Ultimately‚ he must find out who's behind the mass hysteria and save everyone's lives. NBC is giving Revolution the best slot possible‚ airing the show after the two-hour editions of The Voice. It's set in a future where the Earth becomes completely without electricity‚ and the mastermind behind the disaster isn't Al Gore. In the meantime‚ the show is a solid drama that follows the lives of the Matheson family in Chicago. While Ben and Kate aren't all that great‚ they do have some good qualities. In the series premiere‚ Kate isn't all that bad either. It's a bit bland‚ but has a decent ensemble. It also stars Michael Urie‚ who made his name on Ugly Betty and now co-stars on CBS' Partners.

Police Commissioner Jack Davis

The police department of Baltimore has been under scrutiny since the recent riots‚ and the series' premiere has a few surprising developments. Despite the police's efforts‚ the police commissioner was ultimately fired and the city's crime rate spiked alarmingly. But is the entire city at fault? Or are the protests just a reflection of the police department's shady practices? We Own This City is based on Justin Fenton's nonfiction book‚ and it tells the story of the Baltimore Police Department's Gun Trace Task Force‚ which rose and fell with the rigid drug laws of the day. The task force was infamous for its high-level crime suppression‚ but its cops also pocketed drugs and violated human rights.


We Own This City is a compelling new TV show based on Justin Fenton's nonfiction book of the same name. The show depicts the uprising following the death of Freddie Gray‚ which left the city reeling. It paints a picture of institutional corruption and police brutality that is as disturbing as it is compelling. The show also features a charismatic central character‚ played by Jon Bernthal‚ and an engaging connect-the-dots plot structure. The show is a complex web of storylines‚ with one thread connecting them. Although the federal investigation into BPD corruption was not launched with Jenkins‚ the story arc eventually reaches him and ends in a consent decree. While the series is a complex and compelling thriller‚ there are moments of frustration‚ particularly when Simon is trying to save his career. It's also not always clear why Charlie's father was arrested. We Own This City is a fascinating show based on the true story of one Baltimore neighborhood. The show focuses on the dysfunctional police department‚ and the Gun Trace Task Force — a supposedly elite unit of plainclothes - operates with impunity. If you're familiar with the city and the Baltimore Police Department‚ We Own This City will likely frustrate and dishearten you. It may even make you question whether the police department is capable of reforming itself.

Ben Matheson's whole life changes twice

In We Own This City Series Premiere Recap: Uprising‚ Ben Matheson's entire life is turned upside-down by a mysterious event. In the year 2027‚ all electrical-powered technology on Earth is rendered useless by a mysterious phenomenon. As a result‚ people are forced to adapt to a world without electricity. With no government to enforce laws‚ militias and warlords rose to power. Ben Matheson's family holds the key to reverse the effects of the phenomenon‚ and now they must escape various enemies. In the flashback that takes place in the second episode‚ Ben threatens a food thief‚ but the threat is double-subverted when Randall orders the entire world to shut down. But did he mean to permanently shut down the world or only Afghanistan? The title of his car is $#! & Happens - a reference to a slogan he wrote before the blackout. In the following episode‚ Ben returns home to find a mysterious man holding Charlie captive. He threatens the man with a gun‚ but the man doesn't budge when he is armed with it. Rachel‚ however‚ is convinced that Charlie is being held captive by the man and shoots him in the back. This incident will cause the entire city to become inaccessible‚ but Ben is determined to free his sister.