Wellingtons Tawa College locked down, one person injured after

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Lockdown at Wellingtons Tawa College lifted after stabbing

A stabbing at Wellingtons Tawa College has led to a lockdown and police investigations. One person was stabbed and the incident is under investigation by Wellington police. The NZ Herald reports the stabbing may have been gang-related. However‚ a police spokesperson says the incident was not a threat to the wider community. It's unclear whether the stabbing will affect students or staff at the College.

Stabbing at Wellington's Tawa College

Lockdown at Tawa College in Wellington has been lifted after a stabbing has left one person with serious injuries. The stabbing occurred shortly after 2pm. Police were called to the school but the lockdown only lasted 90 minutes‚ according to reports. The incident has been investigated by police. A parent was among those who were left worried by the lockdown. The person injured is currently receiving treatment in a hospital. The stabbed victim is a female student at Tawa College. Three others have been stabbed‚ with one in a critical condition and two others in moderate condition. The attacker was stopped by a witness who told him to drop the knife before police arrived. He is currently being examined in hospital. The incident has prompted police to close Tawa Faculty and Wellington's College for her Ladies. The unidentified attacker was a person of interest for police for five years. The knife was found by a detective 60 seconds after the attack. The attacker went into a supermarket in New Lynn and picked up a knife from a display and began stabbing people. The woman who was shopping at the time‚ Michelle Miller‚ told Stuff‚ an online news outlet‚ that the man was crazy when he attacked‚ and that he shouted Allahu akbar. Police also said the attacker was a single‚ male‚ and acted alone. The police are confident that there is no other threat to the public.

Lockdown lifted after 'incident'

The lockdown at Wellingtons Tawa College was lifted on Friday afternoon. The incident is believed to have been linked to a local gang. Students were let out of the school after 3.30pm. A staff member said the lockdown had caused no harm and was a 'procedural measure'. A spokesperson for the school had no further comment. Parents were kept updated through a family Snapchat group‚ with the school providing regular updates to parents. The school was locked down shortly after 2.30pm after an alert asked parents not to contact staff. The school was also requesting students to cover themselves under their desks. The lockdown was lifted at 3.30pm. A person was taken to hospital for medical treatment and the school has been notified. While the school is safe and unharmed‚ the incident has caused confusion for some students.

Student injured in stabbing

A stabbing has shut down a Wellington school for an hour. Police have arrested one person and are investigating. One student was injured and taken to hospital. Police say the incident is isolated and posed no threat to the wider community. The incident occurred just after 2pm on a Tuesday. The lockdown was lifted at about 3.45pm. A spokesman for Wellington Hospital says the person has been taken to the emergency department. Students and teachers acted quickly and went under desks after hearing the commotion. The students quickly began lockdown procedures and the incident was subsequently cleared up. However‚ a parent says that panic and horror set in when she heard the commotion in the school. The stabbed student was a first-year student at Tawa College. The incident is a sad development because there are no signs of a motive. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening‚ but are unsettling. Police said the student stabbed another student in the courtyard of the middle school. A lockdown ensued‚ forcing parents to pick their children up early. The girl was rushed to the hospital by helicopter. Parents were sent letters and text messages containing updates on the situation. The Palm Beach County School District said it was an isolated incident.

Students and staff onsite safely accounted for

Police have confirmed that students and staff at Tawa College in Wellington have been locked down for more than an hour following a suspected stabbing. The incident happened on Duncan St shortly after 2pm. While the lockdown was a precautionary measure‚ a school spokesperson said that all students‚ staff and anyone on-site were safe. The lockdown procedure was communicated to parents and caregivers via email at 2.22pm. Students and staff at Tawa Intermediate were not affected by the lockdown. Security at Tawa College was put on lockdown shortly before 2.30pm after a suspected stabbing. Police say one person was taken to hospital and one person has been arrested. The lockdown was lifted at around 3.30pm after the incident occurred. While it is still unclear if the suspect was involved in the incident‚ the school's website says all students and staff are safe and accounted for.