Wendy Rieger Dies Longtime NBC4 Washington News Anchor Was

Sunday, April 17, 2022
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Wendy Rieger Dies Longtime NBC4 Washington News Anchor

Before joining NBC4 Washington as a news anchor‚ Wendy Rieger was a radio personality and a rising journalist in the area. She also co-anchored a popular 5 p.m. newscast. After her diagnosis‚ she battled glioblastoma for nearly a year. The cancer returned aggressively a few weeks ago. In her last hours‚ she passed away‚ holding her husband's hand.

Wendy Rieger was a journalist before joining NBC4 Washington

Wendy Rieger‚ a longtime Washington‚ D.C.‚ news anchor‚ died early Saturday following a short battle with Glioblastoma‚ a fast-acting brain cancer. After receiving a diagnosis in July‚ Rieger underwent a brain surgery to remove a tumor‚ and later underwent open-heart surgery to correct two cardiac problems. After completing her treatment‚ Rieger retired from her job at NBC4 Washington in December of 2021. In tribute‚ D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared Dec. 17 as Wendy Rieger Day. Before joining NBC4 Washington as a news anchor‚ Rieger worked as a journalist. She graduated from the American University in 1980 and began working at NBC4 Washington in 1988 as a reporter. During her time there‚ Rieger worked as an actress at local theaters and on the news. Her father's job as a newsreader led to a chance meeting with a fellow NBC4 Washington news photographer. Later‚ Rieger married retired NBC4 news photographer Dan Buckley‚ and briefly married CNN producer Sol Levine in the early 1990s. Before joining NBC4 Washington as a news anchor‚ Wendy Rieger was a journalist for newspapers‚ TV stations‚ and radio shows. She has won several local Emmy Awards for her work in Washington. In 2017‚ Wendy Rieger was admitted to the hospital with a detached retina. She shared a photo of her operation on Facebook and assured her fans that she would recover in time. Her successful surgery left her with no problem with her eye. After being diagnosed with glioblastoma last summer‚ Wendy Rieger underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor. She was treated at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. She also underwent open-heart surgery in July 2021 to address two heart conditions. She was a native of Norfolk‚ Virginia. She began her journalism career at radio station WTOP before joining NBC4 Washington. In December of 2021‚ Wendy Rieger retired from her position at NBC4 Washington. Despite having a family of her own‚ Wendy Rieger was very close to her younger siblings. She cherished her younger sister‚ Shelby Rieger. She often showed pictures of Shelby Rieger to her friends and followers on social media. She said Shelby was the epitome of her younger self and was an inspiration to her. She also had a brother whom she mentioned once when listening to blues.

She battled glioblastoma for nearly a year

After a courageous fight with glioblastoma for almost a year‚ longtime news anchor Wendy Rieger has passed away. She died clutching her husband Dan's hand. During her illness‚ Wendy was smart‚ compassionate and true to herself‚ something that we'll miss. She worked for News4 for 35 years. She also loved wine and the culture of Washington‚ D.C. Before retiring from NBC4‚ Wendy Rieger had a stellar career as a reporter. In 1988‚ she joined NBC 4 Washington as a reporter and quickly rose through the ranks‚ anchoring afternoon and weekend newscasts. Later‚ she worked at WAMU as a writer and news anchor‚ and at WTOP as a morning and evening news host. NBC4 and the Fox 5 newsroom extended their condolences to her family. After earning a Bachelor of Journalism degree from American University‚ Wendy Rieger became a reporter for NBC 4 Washington. Throughout her career‚ she remained a fixture in Washington‚ D.C.‚ and the media industry. In fact‚ she began anchoring weekend evening newscasts at WTOP in 2000 and was promoted to anchor in 2001. Wendy also worked at radio stations and the Washington bureau of CNN. In 2015‚ Rieger was honored as Washington's Best Local TV Personality by the Washington Blade. She also made a cameo in a production of the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington in 2017. In 2018 she was awarded a Harmony Award from the Washington gay community. Rieger married former NBC4 news photographer Dan Buckley in 2021. Previously‚ she briefly married CNN producer Sol Levine in the early 1990s.

She was a rising radio star

In the 1990s‚ Wendy Rieger was a rising radio and TV star. She started her career as a writer at Washington's NPR station‚ WAMU‚ and went on to host the morning radio show‚ Morning Edition. She has since anchored numerous newscasts for NPR and WTOP radio. Her career on TV began in the Washington Bureau of CNN. Here‚ she tells us about her experiences. The acclaimed American journalist and anchor Wendy Rieger is a rising star in television and radio. She was a writer for Washington's NPR station WAMU‚ where she hosted the popular radio show Morning Edition. After that‚ she worked as an anchor on several newscasts‚ including NPR's Morning Edition. She was married to CNN producer Sol Levine for eight years‚ and the couple is now separated. Before becoming an anchor on WRC‚ Rieger had been a rising radio star in Norfolk‚ Virginia. She was an anchor on WRC's 5 newscast in Washington and covered breaking news for News4 at 11 p.m. Before anchoring her own end-of-week reports‚ Rieger also hosted Morning Edition for WAMU in Norfolk‚ Virginia. Wendy Rieger has been active in the community for many years‚ having been involved with three D.C. AIDS Rides. Rieger's broadcast career spanned over four years‚ and she was recognized with several native Emmy Awards. For her reporting on the Vietnam War 20 years after it occurred‚ Rieger won the Emmy for her piece. In the fall of 2020‚ Rieger underwent an open heart surgery to repair her heart's mitral valve. The same year‚ she was diagnosed with a brain tumor‚ which was surgically removed. Rieger's cancer-free life ended on May 20‚ 2021. In addition to her acclaimed radio and television work‚ Rieger was a popular figure in Washington‚ DC for the last 40 years. The radio and TV star was born in Norfolk‚ Virginia‚ and began her career as a news reporter there. She was a rising star in the Washington‚ DC market and devoted to the audience at WRC. In her later years‚ Wendy Rieger suffered from a brain tumor that eventually caused her death.

She co-anchored the popular 5 p.m. newscast

Since the fall of 2011‚ Wendy Rieger has been co-anchoring the popular 5 p.m. newscast on NBC4 Washington. She was previously married to CNN producer Sol Levine. It is unclear if the couple is still married or if Wendy Rieger is single. Her relationship history reveals numerous breakups and relationships. In the past‚ Wendy suffered a heart attack and underwent open-heart surgery. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and was previously undergoing several procedures on her heart. The newscaster began her career at several Washington-area stations in the 1980s and later joined CNN as a weekend reporter. She once said her career in television news was all about being yourself. But sadly‚ on April 16‚ she succumbed to brain cancer. She was only 65 years old when she passed away. Sadly‚ Wendy Rieger's death was unexpected. Her death was a shock to many who loved her work.