Were all thinking of you Rasta! Liam Gallagher sends best wishes

Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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Rasta Liam Gallagher Sends Best Wishes to Bonehead

Former Oasis guitarist Bonehead‚ who recently revealed that he is suffering from cancer‚ has received the best wishes of fans from Liam Gallagher. The guitarist and keyboard player from Manchester is battling cancer. The death of Bonehead comes as a huge blow to the rock band‚ as he had been set to join them on upcoming shows.

Paul Bonehead Arthurs diagnosed with tonsil cancer

Oasis guitarist and former singer Paul Bonehead Arthurs has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Arthurs‚ who was a founding member of the band‚ will take a break from the stage. He was recently confirmed to be diagnosed with the disease on Twitter. Arthurs‚ who left Oasis in 1999‚ will play with Gallagher's solo band in the summer. Following the news‚ Gallagher has written a message of support for the singer. Oasis guitarist Paul Bonehead Arthurs has announced his diagnosis of tonsil cancer on Twitter. The musician has already announced his temporary break from performing‚ announcing via Twitter. Known for his guitar playing‚ the singer and songwriter co-founded the band in 1994 and played on three albums. He left the band in 1999‚ when the band was recording their fourth album. In 2013‚ Bonehead reunited with Oasis for roughly a year‚ playing in his band as well as solo concerts. He was even scheduled to play in a few of Gallagher's shows this summer. Unfortunately‚ Arthurs' condition was more serious than he'd realized. Although there is no cure for tonsil cancer‚ doctors recommend surgery and radiation to alleviate pain and symptoms. The news that Bonehead Arthurs is suffering from tonsil cancer is tragic. As a founding member of the band Oasis‚ Arthurs has taken time out from the spotlight to care for his family. The singer's tonsil cancer diagnosis is likely the cause of his recent axiety and is a cause for concern. Hopefully‚ he'll get the support and treatment he deserves.

Rasta Liam Gallagher sends best wishes to former Oasis guitarist

Following the tragic passing of Oasis guitarist Bonehead‚ Rasta Liam Gallagher has sent his best wishes to the late musician. The former Oasis guitarist recently revealed that he is suffering from cancer. The guitarist and keyboard player‚ who is 61‚ is a co-founder of Manchester-based rock band Oasis. Gallagher's tweet was posted on the band's Instagram account and received over 50‚000 views in the process. Oasis' drummer suffered a heart attack on August 9th. The drummer's condition sparked concern from fans and followers alike‚ who sent him get-well messages. Several fans speculated that it was a heart attack and whether the band member had been against the COVID-19 vaccine. However‚ Liam Gallagher's response was far different. Oasis was an English rock band formed in 1991. It was originally called Rain. The band's members were Liam Gallagher‚ Paul Arthurs‚ Tony McCarroll and Steve White. Liam Gallagher's brother Rory joined the band as a fifth member. Although the band had many line-up changes‚ the brothers remained the core members.

Liam Gallagher worked with Bonehead since 1999

Noel Gallagher‚ the lead singer of the band Bonehead‚ has openly mocked his son Liam's music career. Until the late 1980s‚ Liam showed little interest in music. Then‚ he developed a lifelong love for John Lennon. One night‚ Liam was in the Hacienda nightclub and heard people playing Dalek Music. Angry at the obnoxious behaviour‚ he auditioned for a band called The Rain. The guitarist is now undergoing treatment for tonsil cancer‚ and has announced that he will be taking a break from the band. Gallagher has often worked with Bonehead on stage. In 2020‚ the two of them will play a live stream show in London. Bonehead is a former member of Oasis‚ and he has been working with Liam Gallagher ever since. Since leaving Oasis in 1999‚ Bonehead has been involved in other projects. He has played on some of the band's albums with Beady Eye and Noel Gallagher. In fact‚ they performed together in the same set at the 2019 Reading and Leeds festivals. In the end‚ Noel Gallagher dismissed this rumor as a no-brainer. In May 2018‚ Liam met his daughter Molly. The two of them have been together since their teenage years and met when he performed with The Rolling Stones. Liam met her during a tour supporting The Rolling Stones‚ and the couple later took her to Ibiza to celebrate her birth. In July 2018‚ Liam Gallagher announced on his Twitter account that his second solo album‚ Why Me? Why Not‚ would be released. Shockwave will be the first single off the album. Liam Gallagher was troubled as a child. He was expelled from school at the age of sixteen for shoplifting and attacked a student with a hammer. After a year of repression‚ he finished his education. Despite the hiccup‚ his brother continued to work with Bonehead‚ and performed together at the Reading and Leeds festivals last summer.

Paul Arthurs was a founding member of Oasis

Paul Arthurs is an English musician who was a founding member of the pop group Oasis. He left the band in 1999 but has continued to make music. He has collaborated with Liam Gallagher and has been a DJ at various London clubs. In 2013‚ he replaced Gem Archer as the lead guitarist in Beady Eye. The band is composed of former members of Oasis including Liam Gallagher. The group's name was first called The Rain. After the group failed to gain success‚ Paul Arthurs‚ a bassist‚ invited guitarist Liam Gallagher to audition. This lineup eventually grew to include Noel Gallagher as the lead vocalist. Noel joined later and became the band's chief songwriter. The name was changed again in 1995 to Oasis and the band's popularity grew. Oasis' members were originally members of a Manchester band named Rain. Paul Arthurs left the band in 1994 and Liam Gallagher replaced Arthurs. Oasis signed with independent record label Creation Records‚ and their debut album Definitely Maybe was released in 1994. The band went on to sell over 70 million records worldwide. They are now a part of the band called Beady Eye. A founder member of Oasis‚ Paul Arthurs‚ has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. The diagnosis will make it impossible for him to perform with his bandmate Liam Gallagher in the upcoming months. The band has several shows coming up in Melbourne and Madrid before their South American tour in November. Liam Gallagher is also planning a solo tour of South America in November. Oasis became famous after the release of Definitely Maybe. It was a classic album that launched the band's career. The band reunited in 2000 with a new lineup and released a number of hit singles. Their reunion would excite a new generation of fans. Arthurs‚ however‚ is keeping mum about the future of the band. And while he's a founding member of the band‚ he still refers to himself as the chief.