Were safe Amir Khan describes being robbed at gunpoint while

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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Amir Khan Describes Being Robbed at Gunpoint While Walking With His Wife

Were you surprised to hear that a star boxer was robbed at gunpoint while walking with his wife? In a new Instagram video‚ Amir Khan explains what happened and says he and his wife Were lucky to be safe. The robbers ran off with Salman Khan's watch‚ but the boxer is still pissed off. A police investigation is under way‚ but the Met cautions that the case is still at an early stage and that no arrests have been made yet.

Amir Khan's watch was robbed at gunpoint

Amir Khan was attacked at gunpoint in East London last night‚ and his alleged attackers made off with his PS72‚000 watch. The boxer and his wife‚ Faryal Makhdoom‚ Were walking along a street when they Were stopped by two thugs. They Were filmed on video demanding the watch from the boxer‚ while Amir was reassured by his wife that he and his wife Were safe. The timepiece was made by Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller‚ and it ranged in price from a few grand to hundred thousand dollars. The police responded to the incident and released the serial number of the watch on social media. The watch was reportedly stolen from a man in his 30s in High Road‚ Leyton. Two males Were allegedly armed with a firearm and threatened the man‚ who surrendered the watch. Both suspects then fled without incident. The incident happened on February 22‚ and both men Were left distraught. Amir Khan had previously been the victim of an ambush by armed men while in London with his family.

Amir Khan was robbed at gunpoint while walking with his wife

Amir Khan was robbed at gun point while walking with his wife in East London. The former boxing world champion was accompanied by his wife‚ Faryal Makhdoom‚ when he was robbed of his designer watch by two hooded men. The suspects then fled‚ leaving the couple with nothing. According to Khan‚ he was wearing his watch‚ a $41‚000-plus Franck Muller Vanguard Chronograph. The attackers Were wearing masks and Were armed with a rifle. The suspects threatened Amir and his wife with the firearm and stole the watch‚ a watch worth around PS72‚000‚ studded with 719 diamonds. The attackers left the scene after a brief police investigation. The attackers then fled in another car‚ but not before Amir was hit. Following the attack‚ Amir Khan has issued a statement on Twitter apologizing for his misfortune. He has been out of the ring since the incident. He last fought in February‚ but lost to Kell Brook by a technical knockout in the sixth round. The boxer was booed by fans in Manchester last week after refusing to agree to a fight with Conor Benn.

Amir Khan was robbed at gunpoint in London

The former boxing champion Amir Khan has spoken about being robbed at gunpoint in London. Khan was out with his girlfriend Faryal when two men jumped out of their Mercedes and demanded money from the couple. The boxer was in a diamond-studded watch. It was only hours before he was robbed‚ but he's still shaken by the experience. According to police‚ the robbers‚ two males‚ both aged in their 20s‚ approached the man and threatened him with a gun. The men made off with the man's watch. A police search is underway‚ but no arrests have been made. Amir Khan last fought in February‚ losing to Kell Brook. He has won 34 bouts and only one loss. Since then‚ the Bolton-born boxer has fought just twice and declared his retirement from the sport.

Amir Khan was robbed at gunpoint while fighting

Amir Khan has spoken out about being robbed at gunpoint while out with his wife Faryal in Leyton‚ east London. Khan said two males held a gun to his head and forced him to hand over a luxury watch. His wife was standing next to him when the incident took place. The watch was worth PS72‚000 and the robbers fled in a car. According to a post on Khan's social media accounts‚ the muggers sped off with the watch he was wearing. The couple Were on their way home when the incident happened. Khan had previously been shopping. Amir Khan shared a photo of himself wearing a flashy rose gold watch studded with 719 diamonds. He was at a charity bash. The Bolton-born star and his wife have been married since 2013 and have three children. Amir Khan is also a former Olympic silver medallist and was a WBA and IBF light welterweight champion. He was recently beaten by fellow British fighter Kell Brook in February‚ with the latter winning in the sixth round. Khan had fought 34 times‚ with 21 knockouts. He has stepped away from boxing due to this incident‚ but his promoter says that he's determined to return to the ring. The boxer was attacked by two men in Leyton‚ London‚ in a street while out with his girlfriend Faryal. They jumped out of a Mercedes as they left the Sahara Grill. The men then took the two men by surprise and robbed Khan and his girlfriend. Amir was able to shoot and knock out one of them‚ while the other managed to flee on foot.