West Indies crush England by 10 wickets to pile pressure on Root

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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England are facing a lot of pressure after they lost the Ashes series to the Windies 4-0. Joe Root said after the game that he wanted to stay as captain but a few key decisions have to be made‚ and the latest defeat will make that difficult. After the debacle in Australia‚ he will have to decide if he is still the right man to lead the team. Despite the defeat to the tourists‚ England still have a chance of getting revenge against the West Indies. Having won the first two tests‚ Root and his team will be keen to do so this time. The in-form Joe Root is likely to lead the side and will need to get the team off to a good start. Moreover‚ the experienced fast bowlers Stuart Broad and James Anderson have been troublesome for Indian batters. They will want to stay alert when they are bowling. Fortunately‚ England skipper Joe Root is in good form. This is a big game for the ROOT of England's batting order. Earlier‚ England were dismissed for 120 in the third Test in Grenada and the tourists scored a mere 28 runs to win. The win was the first for the West Indies in 11 Tests. Kraigg Brathwaite made 20no and Joe Root made a well-deserved 67‚ but the West Indies' second innings collapse was a major blow for England. As a result‚ they won the series by ten wickets‚ and the pressure on Joe Root as captain will increase. Joe Root‚ the world's most effective batsman‚ has failed to inspire England's team. The team has been unable to score a century in any of the last 17 tests. In this series‚ Root must lead a team that can win. The batting line-up is the ROOT of England's batting order. The captain has to take responsibility for the batting woes. The captaincy debate is continuing. While Root is the best batsman in the world‚ he has never looked like a natural leader. His team is not a very creative or innovative team. The pressure on Joe Root is mounting. Nevertheless‚ his team will have a chance to make a big impact in the series. So‚ it's worth putting the spotlight on his performance in this Test. While England's captain Joe Root has never looked like a natural leader‚ the batting has never been his strong suit. Despite being the world's best batsman‚ Joe Root has been a poor leader and has earned a reputation as a mediocre captain. Fortunately‚ he's not the only one to blame for England's recent batting woes. The captain Joe Root is a natural leader. However‚ he has never looked like a natural leader. He has a reputation for being unimaginative‚ and he has been blamed for England's batting problems. But he is not to blame for this loss‚ and England's captain has a huge opportunity to win this series. So‚ he should stay calm and keep his head and focus on his game. The third Test against the West Indies was a tough one for England. They had been dismissed for 120 in the first innings‚ and then the opposition scored 28 runs. They eventually won by 10 wickets and continued to pile pressure on Root. Then‚ they lost the fourth test too‚ but England still has an in-form skipper. Hence‚ it's important to note that the in-form captain‚ Joe Root‚ will be the ROOT of the batting line-up and will be keen to end his streak of scoring fifties. Despite their inexperience‚ the West Indies are still the world's best batting team. But their captain hasn't been a natural leader‚ and he has a reputation for being unimaginative. They have a reputation for being a dull and uninspired captain‚ but that's not the only reason. So‚ don't blame Root. It is the captain who should take the responsibility.