West Side Rag Updated Lt. Gov. — Former UWS State Senator

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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The West Side Rag Updated Lt Gov Brian Benjamin

Several candidates have declared for the Democratic nomination in the 30th Senate District‚ including Maria Danzilo and Brian Benjamin. Regardless of who is elected‚ however‚ one thing seems clear: a politician who wants to improve the community must make the district's problems a priority. While he may have a modest amount of experience in public office‚ he is an accomplished lawyer‚ whose legal skills are unparalleled.

Maria Danzilo

The candidate for NYC City Council District 6 has announced her candidacy: Maria Danzilo‚ who has lived on the Upper West Side for over 40 years. She is running on a platform focused on improving street safety‚ reducing crime‚ and helping the city recover from the pandemic. As a member of the Upper West Siders for a Safer Street group‚ she has been an outspoken opponent of the temporary homeless shelter.

Brian Benjamin

Former Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin is a native of Harlem and is an ardent advocate for affordable housing and the preservation of the borough's character. He helped establish a mentoring program at a Harlem high school and is an alumni-elected trustee of Brown University. Benjamin is listed as a director at Canada-based Nextpoint Acquisition‚ and his stock is currently valued at $75‚000 to $100‚000. He is currently receiving a $120‚000 salary as a state senator and has a vested interest in a local startup. The Democratic-leaning Hochul has teased the selection of State Senator Brian Benjamin as her lieutenant governor. During a recent town hall‚ Hochul said she would select a New York City resident with roots in Western New York. Benjamin represents the 30th District‚ which includes parts of the Upper West Side and Harlem. He was born in Harlem and grew up in the neighborhood. He later earned a bachelor's degree from Brown University and went on to earn a master's degree at Harvard Business School. In the past‚ Ben Benjamin has supported various criminal justice reform initiatives. He sponsored legislation to close Rikers Island‚ and he also supported the establishment of a rainy day fund for New York City. Additionally‚ he has endorsed a bill to divest the New York public pension fund from private prison companies. While the state comptroller has yet to sign it into law‚ he has tweeted support for defunding police.

Cordell Cleare

In the general election this fall‚ Harlemites will choose a new state senator. We've profiled several candidates for the position of Lt. Governor and have interviewed Cordell Cleare‚ West Side Rag's current district leader. He was a state senator's staffer before becoming a district leader himself. Here's what he had to say. As a community organizer and tenant leader‚ Senator Cleare has been active in addressing issues that affect the neighborhood and the city. He served as Chair of the New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning‚ which fought to protect children from the dangers of lead paint and ultimately shaped the Childhood Lead Poisoning Law (2004)‚ which is now the national model. In addition‚ Cleare has served as Board President of the Community Education Council in Community School District 3. As a member of the Senate‚ Senator Cleare will continue to fight for fairness in housing‚ education‚ healthcare‚ and the distribution of business opportunities. He will also continue to push for economic justice and the development of quality schools for the black community. In addition to these issues‚ Senator Cleare is also committed to ending gun violence and promoting social equity. While his agenda is broad‚ he will use his voice to make New York a better place for all of its citizens. Since 2010‚ Cordell Cleare has been active in Harlem politics. He has served on the Harlem Community Board and the Michelle Obama Democratic Club. In addition to housing‚ Cleare's campaign is centered on ensuring that affordable housing in Harlem remains available for the community. As a state senator‚ Cleare will work to improve tenant protections in Albany and convert hotels and basement units into residences. On the June election‚ Cleare finished fourth‚ but she seemed to have a good chance of qualifying for the general election.

Cordell Cleare wins Democratic nomination for 30th Senate District

The Manhattan Democratic Party has endorsed Cordell Cleare for the 30th Senate District. Cleare received 57.4% of the vote to beat rival Athena Moore‚ who garnered 42.6%. The party thanks its members and all who participated in the race. For more information‚ visit the official website of the 30th Senate District Democratic Party. Its website has detailed the candidates and their backgrounds. Born and raised in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem‚ Cordell Cleare has served his district in several capacities. He is currently the chair of the Senate Women's Issues Committee. He also sits on several committees‚ including the Black‚ Puerto Rican‚ Hispanic‚ and Asian Caucus. He chairs a subcommittee on housing and is a member of the Cannabis Task Force. In addition to serving his district‚ Cleare has introduced a wide variety of legislation. Among the Democratic candidates‚ Dickens has ties to both the Democratic Party leaders. She also hosted a birthday fundraiser for former Rep. Charles Rangel‚ who is still influential in the area. Dickens also has deep roots in the Harlem community and represents the city council. He is expected to win the election‚ but must run again in 2020 to keep his seat. The 30th Senate District will see two vacancies in November. Republican Justin Fecteau resigned in July and Democrat Cordell Cleare is running for the seat. However‚ the district has historically been competitive and is therefore a must-vote race. In previous elections‚ Cleare defeated Republican Bradford Hill by six percentage points to thirty percent. He has since been elected Ken County Treasurer. The Democratic nomination for the 30th Senate District is a key step in the race for the seat. This race will be decided on November 8th‚ and is expected to be a close race. The Democratic Party is confident that Cleare will win the seat‚ which gives the Democrats a chance to increase their margin in the general election. Nevertheless‚ if he does not win the election‚ he may face a challenge from a Republican candidate.