What did Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp texts say? Messages

Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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What Did Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp Text Say?

The latest controversy surrounding the text messages between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard has made headlines‚ and the famous actors have responded to the controversies by saying they weren't really friends. The actors even joked about 'burning' and 'drowning' the actress‚ referencing a Monty Python scene. Here are some of the more intriguing quotes.

Paul Bettany's text messages with Johnny Depp about his ex-wife Amber Heard

During the fourth day of his defamation trial‚ Johnny Depp alleged that his ex-wife was jealous of WandaVision star Paul Bettany and used to bully him‚ making his son cry. The trial‚ which is expected to last several more days‚ also heard Depp's testimony about how Heard belittled Paul Bettany in texts. The alleged abuse claims against Depp came after a trial in which Bettany testified that he and Heard used drugs as a way to cope with the breakup. Bettany was cross-examined about his relationship with Heard‚ and his text messages with Depp were used as evidence in the trial. Among other things‚ Bettany joked about burning and drowning Heard. While Depp denied the charges against him‚ his attorneys claimed that the claims against him are based on false and misleading statements. Heard's attorney had tried to discredit Depp's claim that Heard cut off his finger with a broken vodka bottle during an altercation. But Depp's attorneys argued that the inaccuracy of the claims was based on a Monty Python sketch‚ and that there is no evidence of physical abuse. The article's authors sought to discredit Johnny Depp's libel lawsuit by using the actor's drug and alcohol use to cast blame on Heard. They cited text messages between Johnny Depp and his friend Paul Bettany‚ which showed the actor wanted to kill Heard. However‚ the messages were read aloud at the trial‚ and he pleaded not guilty. In his cross-examination‚ Johnny Depp said very little. Heard's lawyer introduced a series of audio clips and read out some of the most vulgar texts. The actor replied by saying that he did not read the messages and did not know What they said. Heard‚ meanwhile‚ criticized the negative articles‚ calling them dreck and hit pieces.

Reference to Monty Python scene

It seems that the relationship between Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany has come to a strange turn. It's been revealed that Depp sent a cryptic text message to Bettany‚ referencing Monty Python's famous burn the witch scene in the film Holy Grail. Although the texts were meant to be a joke‚ they've garnered considerable attention‚ especially among fans of the film. The texts between Bettany and Depp were written during a time when Depp and Heard had a close friendship. One of the text messages read Let's burn Amber! - a reference to Monty Python's Holy Grail film‚ which features a scene about drowning and burning witches. While the texts between Bettany and Depp were allegedly private‚ the actress said they were inspired by the Monty Python scene. While the texts were based on a Monty Python sketch‚ the actor later said he was ashamed of the comment‚ and apologised for sending the joke to Bettany. As for the Monty Python joke‚ Depp said he is ashamed of the incident and blamed it on his irreverent humour. It also pointed out that the texts were private and personal‚ and he had no intention of revealing them to the public.

Jokes about 'burning' and 'drowning' Heard

After being accused of groping Amber Heard‚ Johnny Depp defended himself in court by denying any abuse. The Hollywood actor's attorney‚ Sasha Wass‚ grilled Johnny Depp over past behaviors and about text messages with Paul Bettany‚ the actress from the Avengers and Wandavision movies. Bettany read the texts to Johnny Depp and found several examples of offensive jokes about Heard. In interviews‚ Depp denied attacking Heard and said that his texts were simply a coping mechanism. He said he had sent the texts to Bettany as an attempt to make things funny. While he denied that he had attacked Ms Heard‚ he has apologized for his irreverent language. In his court testimony‚ Johnny Depp admitted in court that he had an 'affair' with Heard in 2014‚ while they were filming Pirates of the Caribbean. The actor also admitted to drinking and using drugs. He also admitted to sending a letter of contrition to Heard‚ which he reportedly sent in November. The actor claimed the accusations have hurt his career and have cost him the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The text messages contain 'crowning' and 'burning' references in the context of an affair between Ms Heard and Johnny Depp. The texts were sent to Ms Heard's agent after she discovered the recording of their conversation. However‚ Ms Heard did not respond to the text messages in a positive way. The actress' lawyer said that the messages were a reflection of her destructive behaviour. 'Suicide'‚ she added‚ was a recurring theme in her texts to Bettany. The two stars exchanged countless texts praising each other's good looks‚ but it was the latter who struck back‚ as she was'suspecting' of a potential affair. The trial began on 23 March and had been delayed by the global coronavirus crisis. The NGN lawyers claimed that Mr Depp had delayed the trial because he was a coward. In the meantime‚ Mr Justice Nicol rules that portions of the evidence should be heard in private. Ms Heard's lawyer‚ Kate James‚ is allowed to give evidence during the trial.