What does eseba mean on TikTok as Iran Ferreiras expression

Friday, March 25, 2022
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Iranian footballer Iran Ferreira‚ also known as LUVADEPEDREIRO‚ is popular on TikTok for his unique expressions‚ including 'eseba' after scoring goals. He has over 10 million followers on TikTok and 7 million on Instagram‚ and his videos go viral in minutes. He calls himself a digital artist and has over 161 million followers on both Instagram and his TikTok account. The expression is a contraction of 'eseba'‚ which is a Portuguese word meaning'mediocre'. It is often used after a goal in soccer. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has been seen yelling the expression in the coaching booth‚ and his posts have made it popular on TikTok. 'Eseba' is a new slang term that was introduced on the social media app by a Brazilian actor. The word 'eseba' is a Portuguese expression for 'good time' and has spread to other languages. This new slang expression is becoming popular on TikTok because it's a way to describe a fantastic time. The Portuguese word 'eseba' also means 'eseba' is also an insult‚ so the phrase should be avoided. While eseba is an insult‚ the phrase 'eseba' means 'good time'. 'Eseba' is also a celebration for anything extraordinary. In football‚ it is often used to celebrate a goal by shouting 'eseba!' 'Eseba' has been tagged in hundreds of TikToks and has garnered over 161 million views in one year. In Portuguese‚ eseba means 'avow'‚ which is another version of 'eseba'. In English‚ Eseba means 'wow‚' 'omg'‚ and 'what?' In English‚ it means 'rattling'. 'Eseba' has been translated as 'eseba‚' but its meaning is not clear yet. 'Eseba' is an adverb that means 'wow' in Hebrew. It is a term that has been shortened to 'eseba'‚ but the word is still a word that has meaning. It refers to the Portuguese word 'eseba'‚ which is also used in English as an abbreviation for 'eseba'. 'Eseba' is a slang word that is used to express delight in something amazing. In TikTok‚ 'avow' can mean 'wow‚' 'omg'‚ and 'what'. 'Eseba' is an 'avow'. 'Eseba' is a slang term that can be found on the social media platform TikTok. 'Eseba' means 'wow' or 'omg.' This is the Portuguese equivalent of 'eseba' and has become one of the most popular expressions on the site. 'Eseba' has become a common word on the social media platform‚ as it is a Portuguese word that means 'wow'.

what does eseba mean on tiktok as iran ferreiras expression
Image source : influencer

It can also mean 'damn' or 'wow' in English. The Portuguese word 'avow' is often used as a slang term for 'eseba'. 'Eseba' is the most common verb in soccer and is widely used in soccer. In TikTok‚ Eseba is an acronym for 'avow'‚ which is a Portuguese slang for 'wow'. In English‚ 'avow' means 'wow'. In other words‚ 'avow' is 'wow'. 'Eseba' also has a similar meaning on Instagram. The 'eseba' expression is a Portuguese word that means 'goal' and is used after a soccer goal. The expression has been circulating for a long time‚ but has recently gained popularity on TikTok as a result of Iranian Ferreira's posts. It is a Portuguese slang word that has many variations‚ but its origin is in a very common situation. What does eseba mean in Portuguese? According to a Portuguese word‚ 'eseba' means 'to intercept or receive.' It is commonly used in a taunting manner by footballers. However‚ despite the fact that it is a Brazilian expression‚ it is not a sign of disrespect‚ but a Portuguese word for 'eseba' is how do you like it?