What is the best way to tell if I have a cold or flu?

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Respiratory Virus COVID-19

While the effects of the respiratory virus COVID-19 have not been fully understood‚ they do have some similarities with the common cold. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever‚ cough‚ muscle aches‚ and loss of smell and taste. Patients may experience up to a week of symptoms if they are infected with COVID-19. While there is no known cure for the common cold‚ typical treatments can include rest‚ fluids‚ and over-the-counter medications.

What is the best way to tell if you have a cold or flu? Because symptoms can overlap‚ experts recommend testing to find out what your illness is. Cold viruses are caused by the following:. Flu cOVID-19 and COVID-19 can be spread in the same manner -- by droppings from infected persons' noses and mouths. They can be spread even before the person becomes aware they are infected. It takes a while before someone suffering from any one of these illnesses starts to feel sick. Although some people with coronavirus do not experience symptoms‚ it is still possible to transmit the virus. As an assistant researcher at the University of Maryland School of Public Health‚ Kristen Coleman says that both COVID-19 and flu symptoms include fatigue‚ cough‚ and tiredness. COVID-19 symptoms include loss of taste and smell. The common cold‚ however‚ is milder and can cause a stuffy nose or sore throat. Flu symptoms are often accompanied by fevers.

Video: A doctor explains the difference between COVID-19 and flu.

Although there are some false claims online about the virus merging to cause a new disease‚ it is not true. It is possible to have the flu as well as COVID-19 simultaneously‚ some people calling it flurona. Coleman says that a co-infection can cause severe symptoms or even worsen them. We can expect more cases of influenza co-infections as the number of flu cases continues to climb in the weeks and months ahead. Because there are many symptoms that can be caused by each type of virus‚ it is important to test. Coleman points out that although at-home flu tests are not as common as COVID-19 but many pharmacies can test for both. It can be helpful for doctors to prescribe the correct treatment. Some laboratories might be capable of screening samples for common cold virus and other respiratory viruses. Coleman states that most laboratories are not equipped to screen for common cold viruses‚ particularly during an increase in COVID-19. The spread of viruses is reduced by getting vaccinated. It is recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that it be done. Get a flu shot and COVID-19 booster at the same time. ______ In this series‚ the AP answers your questions regarding coronavirus. Send them to [email protected] Learn more: What is the reason for so many people being vaccinated with COVID-19? Are there any COVID-19 home tests that can detect the omicron version? Can your pet get COVID-19?