What was the cause of Diego Verdaguer's death and who was he?

Friday, January 28, 2022
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The singer-songwriter Diego Verdaguer passed away in Los Angeles, California, at age 70. He had an illustrious career as a songwriter and musician. During his 56-year career, he released 14 studio albums and five live ones. He also founded a record label with his wife Amanda Miguel in 1987, called DIAM Music. The couple met in the 1970s and married on April 26. They had one daughter, Ana Victoria, who also became a famous singer. On September 9 of that same year, their daughter, Lucca, was born. The singer was a Latin Grammy nominee in 2009 and received a televised tribute on Twitter from his wife and daughter Amanda Miguel. His last album, Mexicano Hasta las Pampas, received a nomination for Best Ranchero Album in 2015. He was married to Amanda Miguel, an Argentine singer, who had appeared with him in the 1970s group Mediterraneo. Their daughter, Ana Victoria, also has a solo career. His funeral will be held in Los Angeles, where he is interred. Known for his songs The Girl I Love, Verdaguer was one of Argentina's most popular and influential singers.

His songs were largely popular in Latin America. Many celebrity fans paid tribute to him on social media. His family is now receiving messages of support. In the days following his passing, Maribel Guardia visited the TV program Hoy and shared their memories of the singer. He and Verdaguer were good friends.