What we know about the subway shooting in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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What We Know About the Subway Shooting in Sunset Park Brooklyn

We're still not entirely sure What happened in the Sunset Park Brooklyn subway station‚ but it appears that at least 16 people were shot. The suspect may have had an ideological or political motive‚ police say. The name of the deceased victim has been linked to a U-Haul van. The FDNY confirmed that the injured were taken to Maimonides Hospital‚ while survivors were transported to NYU Langone.

16 people were shot

At a news conference‚ New York Police Chief of Detectives James Essig described a heavy-set Black man who had thrown two smoking canisters onto the floor of the Manhattan-bound N train. The suspect had also worn a surgical mask and a green hooded sweatshirt. It was unclear whether he was a lone wolf. In an official report‚ the man who was killed posted dozens of videos to YouTube where he riffed about recent events. He blamed Black women for causing violence among Black people‚ and cited the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine as evidence of white genocidal intent. The shooting began in the subway car where the suspect was traveling. After a lengthy standoff‚ he donned a gas mask and opened fire on commuters. He also tossed two smoke grenades onto the floor of the train. Officials are investigating whether cameras in the station were working. The news of the attack brought shock to local residents. The neighborhood was virtually locked down after the shooting and police and fire trucks were circling Fourth Avenue. The nearby high school was also locked down. Students could be seen peering out of the windows. Subway service was suspended in the area. One resident complained that getting to work was difficult because subway service was suspended. It also caused a major delay on several lines. The suspect was in the subway car and fired shots as the train approached the station. At least 16 people were wounded‚ including a gunman. At the time of the shooting‚ the police found a Glock 17 nine-millimetre handgun‚ a gas mask‚ and an explosive device. The suspect remains at large. The NYPD has launched a manhunt for the shooter.

suspect may have been motivated by an ideological or political motive

The suspect in the shooting has yet to be identified‚ but he wore a green construction mask and a gray hooded sweatshirt. According to the chief detective‚ the suspect opened two canisters and filled the subway car with smoke before shooting. Though the motive remains unclear‚ it is believed that the shooter may have had political or ideological motivations. The incident unnerved New York City and prompted increased police presence. The New York Gov. Kathy Hochul urged residents to stay vigilant‚ and transit officials ushered people to other trains. The subway shooting occurred as the city prepared for the Boston Marathon. Police will increase patrols throughout the city‚ including the subway system. In addition‚ authorities have issued a manhunt for the suspect. As the investigation continues‚ police have released a photograph of the suspected gunman. The suspect is 62 years old‚ and authorities are asking the public to contact Crime Stoppers if they have any information about him. The suspected gunman has rented a van and has an address in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. It's unclear if the van was connected to the subway shooting‚ but investigators are looking into any connections between his address and the crime. Investigators recovered a handgun and three ammunition magazines in the area of the shooting. The van had been rented in Philadelphia several days ago‚ close to the Sunset Park subway line‚ and the van was still in the vicinity of the crime scene. A U-Haul van and a key were recovered from the scene‚ but the link to the shooting remains murky.

victim's name linked to U-Haul van

The New York City Police Department has released a statement about a shooting in a subway in Brooklyn‚ and a U-Haul cargo van was connected to the case. The suspect is a man described as 5ft 5 inches and of heavy build who had rented the U-Haul van‚ according to NYPD sources. However‚ the details of the connection remain hazy. A man wearing a gas mask opened fire in a Brooklyn subway car Monday morning. The shooting injured ten people and left several others wounded. Police recovered weapons from the scene‚ including a gun‚ ammunition‚ a hatchet‚ gasoline‚ and the keys to a U-Haul van. The U-Haul van was rented by a man named Frank R. James‚ 62‚ who had been linked to the Brooklyn subway shooting. The alleged shooter‚ Frank James‚ has an address in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. Investigators also found the keys to a U-Haul van at a subway station. The van's license plate number was the same as the one of the van the suspect had rented. While no one has been arrested yet‚ NYPD is seeking a person of interest in the case. They have also launched an investigation into the suspect's social media posts. The police are searching for Frank R. James. Police say he has several addresses in Philadelphia and Wisconsin. They want to identify whether he was a witness to the shooting. The suspect's name is also linked to a U-Haul van rented in Pennsylvania and is a person of interest. The New York Police Department's bomb squad is on scene investigating the crime.

police identify a person of interest

The investigation into the slain man is not over yet‚ but the police have identified a person of interest. He has addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. Investigators believe he may have used a rented van to enter the train system. Videos of him have been posted on social media‚ with many of them expressing harsh bigoted views of New York City mayor Eric Adams. The suspect is a man of African-American descent‚ who is described as 5 feet 5 inches tall‚ and wearing a green construction vest. The suspect also wore a gray hooded sweatshirt. The motive for the shooting is still unknown‚ but authorities have noted that the incident is not being investigated as a terrorism case. A senior federal law enforcement source said he did not believe the suspect was acting alone‚ but the attack is still a concern for New York City. The person of interest has been identified as Frank R. James‚ 62. He rented a U-Haul van in Philadelphia‚ where he lived before the shooting. A key to the U-Haul van was also found in the suspect's possession‚ along with a Glock 9-millimeter handgun‚ three magazines of ammunition‚ a hatchet‚ and a bottle of gasoline. Police are now trying to determine if there is a connection between the man and the subway shooting. A malfunctioning subway camera at 36th Street station hampered investigators' search for the shooter. The camera may have captured the incident. Another tip led to a U-Haul van parked outside an apartment building on West Third Street‚ five minutes away from the Kings Highway station. A man with this address is being sought‚ but the city's transportation agency says there is not enough evidence to confirm the identity of the suspect.

23 people were injured

The suspect in the deadly subway shooting is identified as a five-foot-five Black man with a green construction vest and a gray hooded sweatshirt. The motive for the shooting remains unclear. The suspect's address was also found at the scene‚ as were the keys to a rental van. The motive for the shooting remains unclear‚ but the suspect is believed to have acted alone. In a video statement‚ the Mayor said that the shooting started as the N train pulled out of 59th Street station. The suspect's identity is still unclear‚ and police are urging the public not to approach the scene without first getting the full facts. According to authorities‚ surveillance video from inside the station is not available‚ but preliminary investigations indicate that the camera system malfunctioned. MTA officials have told reporters that there are almost 10‚000 cameras on the MTA system. However‚ only 600 of these cameras were working when the attack took place‚ and despite the extensive surveillance‚ the suspect may have tried to hide his identity. The suspect is a Black male‚ five feet five inches tall‚ with a beard and a gray hooded sweatshirt. According to the New York Police Department‚ at least 10 people were shot Tuesday afternoon. Six people were injured in other ways. Five of them are listed in critical but stable conditions. Meanwhile‚ a shelter-in-place order has been issued for schools within a one-mile radius of the shooting site. President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland were also briefed on the shooting. The incident began at around 8:24 a.m. at the 36th Street station. As it continues to unfold‚ passengers were scrambling to get out of the subway station. The shooter was a Black man wearing an orange and green construction vest‚ and he carried two extended magazines of bullets. According to the police report‚ the gunman was armed with two Glock 9mm pistols and a magazine of more than 150 bullets. Several witnesses reported hearing as many as 15 to 30 shots.

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